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Do you want to know what it feels like to throw 90mph? If so, you will know what it feels like after you learn from and train with 3X Pitching!

Before we get started here, I want you to go down to your closes convenience store and buy a lottery ticket. If you are not old enough, then get your parents or a guardian to take you to buy one. Tell them that it is for a good cause. I want you to buy a lottery ticket because I want you to understand how you are playing your pitching career. You are playing it like the lottery every time you are looking for that cheap and easy program, that you think is going to get you to 90, so scouts will notice you. You have a better chance of being struck by lightening….twice… before you win the lottery, or find that cheap and easy program to 90mph. Well, today is your lucky day and it doesn’t come on a lucky piece of paper. It comes with an opportunity to reach your velocity goals. I guarantee it!

This jackpot of pitching velocity is not an easy road to victory. From here on out it is going to take some serious focus, determination, blood, sweat and tears, to cash in!


Don’t blow this off like you are blowing off your career!

You don’t have the time or the luxury to walk away from this level of knowledge and this hardcore training program. Your career is too short to act like you got it made. Unless you are the hardest throwing pitcher in your state, then you have a lot of work to do.

You only get a few chances in your career to make a name for yourself and the fact that you are here, RIGHT NOW, tells me that you are not getting the job done or you are second guessing your ability to get the job done.

“Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit!”

I was 26 years old and completely out of the game of baseball, I still believed deep down inside that I would reach my velocity goal of 94mph. The reason I never let go of my goals, even when my window of opportunity was almost completely closed, was because I refused to give up or quit. I knew that if I didn’t keep my hopes alive, even against all of the odds, regret would eventually take me down. The only thing I fear is regret. I knew that it would be harder to live with the regret that I didn’t work hard enough to reach my velocity goals, than to live with the blood, sweat and tears of working to accomplish my goal of 94mph. Trust me, you don’t want to be that guy who is always saying, “I should have or I could have thrown 90, but my coach screwed me, or I hurt my arm, or I partied to much.” That guy is a loser in my book!

So why does everybody want to throw hard but only a handful can?

I am sure you already know this but velocity is like a drug. The day you can throw the ball past every hitter in the lineup is the day that you feel invincible. What pitcher wouldn’t want to feel this? This will also give you confidence that will get you to the next level, so velocity is king when it comes to dominating the game, making scouts notice you and this is why everyone wants to posses it. The reason only a handful of pitchers can throw hard, is because most pitchers only rely on their genetics to determine their velocity and those who do not have the genetics, just make excuses for why they can’t throw hard. Most pitchers that I meet, who think they do not need help with velocity, think that if they just throw long toss everyday, or not workout because it makes a body builder not a pitcher, then it is only just a matter of time before they start throwing hard. This is the recipe for regret! If you don’t act now to take advantage of the little time you have in your career to be a star, then regret is all you will have when it is over.


Let me show you how velocity can open doors!

You Will Remember this Story!

“Daniel Pitfield signs with the Spring Hill College Badgers for the new season.”

Daniel will be a starter this season and is a valuable addition to the team.Coach Frank Sims SHC

Daniel Pitfield never stopped chasing his dream, even after being cut every year from his high school Baseball team. After he graduated from high school, Daniel Pitfield trained long and hard for one more chance at his dreams. He was selected to play with AIST at the Prague Baseball Week Tournament in Prague Czech Republic. He beat the Czech Republic National team to win the Prague Baseball Week. ESPN pick the Prague Baseball Week as #7 of the top 10 Ultimate Baseball Experiences in the World. Coach Franks Sims was the head coach and was so impressed by Daniel’s ability, that he signed him to an athletic scholarship to play for the Badgers the next season. Daniel is currently a freshman starter for the Badgers……

Chad Wilkinson

American International Sports Teams

Taken from

What if Daniel would have settled, or been satisfied with never making his high school baseball team because of his poor velocity? He would have spent the rest of his life wondering…what if! Instead he committed to 3X Pitching and gained an amazing 10mph in 6 months. This is what got him the opportunity to show his skills in Prague, which earned him a very expensive athletic scholarship to a well respected college.

Listen to an audio testimonial from Daniel

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I called Daniel to check on him this season and we started talking about 3X Pitching and I asked him if I could record an interview.


From Sub to Standout!

“Josh Favaloro Signs with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.”

Josh is a talented athlete. We are looking for him to pitch and play the outfield.Coach Gary Rath MGCCC

Josh Favaloro,  RHP  Northlake Christian HS (LA). He was named to Top Prospect List in the Baseball Clearing House Fall Louisiana Showcase. He was also first team all District his Junior year. He is going into his senior season.

When Josh started with the 3X Pitching program he was mid to high 70?s and was changing schools in hopes he would get a better chance to play high school baseball. By the end of the 3X Pitching program Josh was mid to high 80?s and his coach said he saw him hit 90 a few times. He is currently the Ace Pitcher at Northlake Christian High School for his senior season.

Josh was concerned about his chance to play high school baseball when he first started the program, better yet he never thought he would be playing college baseball one day. When his fastball increased over 10mph with 3X Pitching many doors flew open for him, and he is still reaping the benefits of the velocity gains today. This program gave him the boost that he needed to not only become the Ace Pitcher on his high school team, but it got him a scholarship to play college baseball, even before going into his senior year.

Listen to an audio testimonial from Josh

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I called Josh Favaloro because his season was getting off to a slow start with rain outs. I asked him if I could do an interview with him about 3X Pitching. He said no problem!

These are not the only pitchers to benefit from this revolutionary approach to pitching velocity. These type of stories show up almost every week in my email. Pitchers thanking me for showing them that they had tons more velocity in them and they are so grateful that 3X Pitching pulled it out of them. Yes, you also have hidden velocity in your body’s potential. It is waiting to be release. The problem is it is going to take some smart and hard work to get it out of you.…..The question now is, how bad do you want it?


Velocity will do more than just get your foot in the door…It will blow the door down!

Here are some of the benefits of high velocity:

  • It will keep hitters honest - Hitters will no longer anticipate your next fastball, they will fear it! This will make pitching a lot easier and way more fun.
  • It will set you up as the ACE – Your Coach wants his Ace to throw the hardest on the team and maybe even in the league. It makes him look good and it will win him games.
  • Scouts will pay attention – You will start seeing radar guns popping up at all of your games. Scouts will start communicating with you and getting to know you on a first name basis.
  • You will make the paper – They will call you the “Heater,” or the “Rocket” in the local paper, in reference to your last performance.
  • The letter K will become your favorite letter – When you are mowing hitters down you will be collecting K’s like it is going out of style. It will be so addicting that you will want to see how many K’s you can collect in one game.
  • Invites to play for allstar teams and invitation only leagues – Every team wants a flame thrower to show off with, especially the top leagues in the country.
  • You will become the team leader – Your new intimidating fastball will lift your team up and they will make you the new team leader. It is more valuable than having a homerun hitter in the 4 hole slot.
  • You will get paid – All Coaches in college and professional baseball are willing to pay lots of money for a hard thrower on the mound. College scholarship money of course!
  • You will get the girls – What girl doesn’t want to date the team stud? The guy who intimidates hitters with his explosive fastball. You will become a chick magnet! WARNING: BEWARE OF CLEAT CHASERS!
  • You will always have bragging rights – No one is going to want to challenge you at the plate, and if they do, a screaming fastball on their hands will definitely shut them up.
  • You will play this game for a long time – Throwing hard is a ticket to play in any league. Hard throwing pitchers are hard to find, so you will always be in demand as long as you can keep throwing the heat!


Here is a perfect example of what high velocity can do for a young pitcher like Zach. Here is an email he sent me a while back.


Zach is a great example of what 3X Pitching will do for you, if you follow through with the program. This isn’t an easy program because adding 10mph to your fastball will probably be the hardest thing you will ever accomplished in your life.

Every time in my career, when I tried to take the easy way out, it always blew up in my face. Not until I decided to grow up and be a man, and bust my butt to achieve my goals, did my life change for the better. I don’t career what anyone says about velocity, you can’t cheat science. 3X Pitching is built on science and it is proven that if you complete the 16 week program, your velocity will increase considerably, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Here is the science behind the program!

Adding 5 – 10mph to your Fastball is the result of pure science!

I never would have played professionally, after major rotator cuff surgery, if I had not looked outside of baseball to discover the science behind reaching your top velocity. Science is the only way you personally will reach your top velocity as well. The reason the majority of coaches and trainers do not understand the science behind velocity, is because the conventional wisdom in baseball will not allow it.


What is “conventional wisdom?” – Conventional wisdom are beliefs that are widely accepted but may not always produce the desired results.

There are pitching coaches all over this country who have different levels of experience, from the pro levels to no experience at all. The problem is not their experience but the information they are teaching you.

Coaches who use conventional wisdom to coach pitching mechanics cause more problems than good. The American Sports Medicine Institute says that arm injuries have gone up 700% in the past 10 years. The majority of high school and college pitchers have poor leg and core strength, along with poor mechanics. Here are some common coaching tips of conventional wisdom which may be the reason you are not getting better or staying healthy.

Common Coaching Tips of Conventional Wisdom:

  • “Get on Top of the ball.”
  • “Finish out front.”
  • “Bend your back.”
  • “Break your hands later.”
  • “Break hands and move into T position.”
  • “Elbows to the sky.”
  • “Lift your leg high.”
  • “Pull down to release.”
  • “Get your elbow up early.”
  • “Point your Glove”
  • and my favorite, when all else fails, “Just Through Strikes!”

The Pitching Mechanics that you have been taught, along with your training program, is making you WORSE!

If the above conventional wisdom phrases are all too common to you, then you have been the victim of conventional wisdom. This is why you have average to below average velocity. This is why you may experience chronic arm soreness or have had an arm injury. This approach to pitching will not make you better! It could most likely end your pitching career short of you reaching your goals.


What is the science behind reaching your top velocity?


What is inside 3X Pitching?

You are getting tons and tons of valuable information that has been put into a 16 week system. After you purchase this program you will look back to this day and see yourself as an uneducated pitcher, who was going nowhere in his career because of the lack of effective information. Here is the outline of information you will get:

  • Triple Extension – Learn the foundation of this revolutionary approach to pitching. This phrase comes from the Olympic Lifting world and it is the most effective way an athlete can build pure explosive strength.
  • 3X Mechanics – Learn that 3X Pitching is more than just Triple Extension. 3X is the foundation of this approach to pitching but built on top, is a complete scientific system to the mechanics of pitching velocity.
  • 3X Torque - Learn how 3X is the most effective way to generate core torque. The National Pitching Association has proven that 80% of velocity comes from this component.
  • The Power of 3X – Learn how 3X is the key to amping a pitchers power output. You will also uncover the case studies that prove the effectiveness of this approach.
  • 3X Precision – Learn how 3X Precision is the key to accuracy. 3X is more than just power pitching, it also gives the pitcher leverage to locate his pitches.
  • 3X and the Timing Factor – Learn how 3X can only be implemented into your delivery if you understand the timing of its following components. The timing factor is the final step in reaching your velocity goals with 3X Pitching.
  • 3X Examples - Learn those MLB pitchers who are perfect examples of 3X Pitching, so you can follow their careers and study their mechanics.
  • 3X Training – Learn how 3X can not only be taught, it must be trained before it can effect pitching velocity. It is the essences of power for the athlete but it must be trained to generate that power before it is effective.
  • 3X Recovery – Learn how building your foundation through 3X can enhance your body’s ability to rebuild itself.
  • 3X Injury Prevention – Learn how the mechanics of 3X Pitching trains an pitcher to become more efficient. This efficiency not only increases velocity but it prevents injury.
  • 3X Mindset – You MUST learn the mindset behind this revolutionary approach to pitching velocity before you can benefit from it. This is the fuel that is going to ignite your career using 3X Pitching.
  • 3X Velocity System – 16 week program of velocity drills. These drills include the well know 3X medicine ball throws and 3X target throws, along with some more advanced drills.
  • Fusion System – Multifaceted strength and conditioning program that focuses on modeling fast twitch muscle fibers.
  • Pitching Guidelines – Learn how to organize your in-season pitching workload to improve performance and prevent overuse and injury.
  • Nutritional Guidelines – Learn how critical it is to feed your cells and cleanse your system, to promote velocity enhancement and optimal performance.


How does 3X Pitching compare to other programs?

There is no other program that can compare to 3X Pitching because no other program trains power as effectively as the Fusion System. There is also no other program that trains the use of that power in the stride phase of the pitching delivery. Most programs only work on the throwing phase. That is after the front foot lands. This would include weighted ball training, resistance band training and even towel drills. Most programs also do not include the power focused lifts like the Olympic Lifts and Plyometrics. I would challenge those who have these programs to contact me and prove me wrong. This has not happened yet!

Is This Type of Training Dangerous or Risky?

If this question is a concern of yours, then you need to ask yourself how bad do you want to reach your velocity goals and how far are you willing to push it. The point is there is risk and danger involved in all sports, and working to become the best in a sport will force you to push your body’s potential. This means you are walking a fine line between safety and injury. This is why 3X Pitching covers recovery, nutrition and injury prevention extensively. Before you will start a drill or lift a weight, I recommend that you read these sections of 3X Pitching thoroughly, because those athletes who can stay healthier longer, are the more successful athletes. I promise that 3X Pitching will give you everything you need to know to keep yourself safe and healthy, even as you push your limit’s, or your money back!

What will 3X Pitching help me Avoid in my Career?

Most of the pitching programs out there are a waste of time and believe me I know, I tried most of them in my career. I was just like you, looking for that program that was going to give me that boost and help me to reach my goals. All I learned was how much time and money I had wasted when trying these program. Not one of these programs were developing me as a more explosive athlete. Most of these program only focused on the arm and the training programs were only helping me maintain what ability I already had. 3X Pitching is so effective in helping you reach your velocity goals because it is training you to become Bigger, Stronger and Faster. It is also teaching you how to apply this explosive strength into your pitching delivery, by taking a ground up approach to pitching, instead of the all arm or top down approach of other programs. Here are some points to recognize that 3X Pitching will help you avoid in your career.

  • The loss of time - In your career you only have a short window of opportunity to make your name and move on to the next level. Wasting your time with trial and error, in effort to add that 5-10mph to your velocity, that you need to get to the next level, is going to take a lifetime to uncover. I know this because it has almost taken me a lifetime to develop 3X Pitching, and I was only able to use it and benefit from it very late in my own career. Why waste your precious time, that you will never get back, trying to discover this on your own, when everything you need to know is here in 3X Pitching?
  • Frustration and Disappointment – Your confidence is slowly being broken down the longer it takes you to reach your velocity goals. Every time you try a new program or technique that doesn’t work, this hits your spirits hard. You can only mentally handle so much failure before you crack. Why continue beating your head against the wall, when you have found the source to all your answers here? 3X Pitching was developed by someone who was in your same position who was looking for the answers to reaching his top velocity. 3X Pitching is the answers that he discovered and help him reach his velocity goal of 94mph. 3X Pitching will do the same for you. I guarantee it!
  • Injury – Most velocity programs out there are what I like to call “Sac” Programs. This is the same as the “Sac” Fly in baseball. You have to sacrifice an out for a run. With these other Velocity programs you will have to “Sac” your elbow or shoulder, or even your career for more velocity. This is because they are built around the arm throwing the ball and 3X Pitching is built around the entire body working together as a single unit to throw the ball. With these other programs you may gain a few mph but your arm will pay the price!
  • Muscular Weakness – If you are spending all of your time making mechanical adjustments to gain velocity, and neglecting training your body to become an elite athlete, then you are growing weaker everyday. After you learn 3X Pitching you will discover that most of your mechanical problems were caused by muscular weakness. This is a problem with most young pitchers.
  • Bad Coaching – Baseball is full of bad coaching. I have witnessed it in all levels of the game. If you are waiting in your career for that great coach to turn you into a stud pitcher, then there is a good chance you will be waiting forever. Not only that but trusting your coaches with your career, could make you worse. 3X Pitching will educate you through science, on what makes up the hard throwing elite pitcher, then it will train you to become one!
  • Mediocrity - No body in sports wants to be average. This will never get you to the next level. For scouts to notice you, you need to stand out above the rest. This is no easy task and unless you have the genetics of Nolan Ryan, then you are not going to change your DNA without an intense and highly educated velocity enhancement program, like 3X Pitching. If you want to avoid mediocrity, then you have come to the right place!
  • Modeling more slow twitch than fast twitch muscles – If you are not in a program that focuses on high intensity throws and high intensity training, then you are making yourself slower on the mound. Most pitchers do not see velocity gains until the middle of the season, when they have thrown a high percentage of high intensity pitches, when challenging hitters. The secrets is how do we continue to keep our throws high intensity, even in the off-season, without destroying our arm? 3X Pitching has the answers and the program. This is why you will experience velocity gains all year round!
  • Not reaching your goals and dreams – Most young athletes have no clue what it is going to take to accomplish their goals and live their dreams. The reason is their goals and dreams do not come with a map or a 12 step program. 3X Pitching is that map or program to your goals and dreams. If you desire to ever accomplish your goals and live your dreams, then you MUST have a program that will take you there. In my experience, I never found that program, so I had to develop one for myself and it worked. What I learned was that I didn’t set my goals and dreams high enough. So put your goals and dreams way up there, because 3X Pitching will take you where you want to go! I promise!

The 3 Most Common Questions about 3X Pitching?

  1. Will I really gain 5-10 mph? Yes, if you commit yourself to 3X Pitching. I am so confident that this is true and also so excited to offer it to you, because of its effectiveness, that I am offering it to you risk free. If you complete the 16 week program of the 3X Velocity System and the Fusion System, and you do not add 5-10mph to your fastball, then I will give you all your money back. That is even a bigger guarantee than the 60 day money back guarantee that comes with the purchase!
  2. Am I too young for this program? No, but if you are uncomfortable with the lifts in the Fusion System, I recommend that you learn the lifts without any weight before you start the Fusion System. There is no evidence that proves lifting weights at a young age will cause any health problems. I just recommend that you start off slow and make sure you learn the mechanics of the lifts before you push yourself with the weights. This is the same advice I give to those who are starting out in any sport, and not just weight lifting.
  3. Is this momentum pitching or “Drop and Drive?” I get this question a lot! The problem is momentum pitching and “Drop and Drive” pitching only describe a style of pitching. It is not a complete approach to pitching like 3X Pitching. It doesn’t include a 6 component set to pitching mechanics, which is backed up by scientific evidence. It also doesn’t include a complete training program for training the pitcher through these 6 components and developing a bigger, stronger, faster pitcher. Those who ask this question really have no idea what 3X Pitching is and what it takes to develop the elite pitcher.


How can you Guarantee Me 5 – 10 MPH on my Fastball?

I can make this guarantee because this program was not developed to take your money. It was developed to help you reach your velocity goals and if it doesn’t do this, then I want you to at least get your money back. This is also because I was once in your shoes and I would have appreciated a program like this to do me the common courtesy, of reimbursing me, if the program didn’t work for me. So, purchase 3X Pitching knowing that your money isn’t at risk here. You only really pay for it, if it pays you back, by helping you reach your velocity goals!

What Equipment will I need for 3X Pitching?

Most of the equipment in the Fusion System can be found at your gym or health club. The equipment used in the 3X Velocity System that is required, is the 2lb medicine ball, a target, a glove and baseballs. The Velocity Starter Kit, that is included with 3X Pitching, has links to recommended sources to purchase the needed equipment, but if you already have the equipment, you will not need to purchase anything.

Ok, this program sounds legit but what is the Catch…Really?

Every program that promises you these kind of results must come with a catch….right? Actually 3X Pitching does come with a catch. The catch is if you don’t give 3X Pitching your best, then it will not work. This definitely isn’t a quick fix program that is going to give you these results, and I hate to tell you but a quick fix program that is going to give you 5-10mph doesn’t exist. 3X Pitching is an intense program that will take all of your best efforts to work for you. Yes, you will be require to bust your butt with this program. It will challenge you in every way possible, because if you want to reach your velocity goals, it isn’t just going to take you learning the 6 components to velocity, or just the joint integrity program, it is going to take a full fusion of things to make this happen. So don’t waste your time and mine, and purchase this program without the motivation that you are going to reach your velocity goals. You must have confidence that 3X Pitching will guide you there! This is why this page is loaded with information about this revolutionary approach to pitching velocity. I am giving you every piece of info I can, to make sure you are confident that this is the program for you, and if this isn’t enough, then here is my number. Please give me a call and ask me any question that you have. Seriously…..Call me (985) 377-9249!


If this Revolutionary Approach to Pitching Velocity isn’t enough….then I have some bonuses for you?

  • 1 FREE Pitching Video Analysis – I have charged up to $99 for a video pitching analysis. I will compare your mechanics to a MLB pitcher who I feel is similar to your build and who will help you identify your mechanical issues.
  • FREE One on One Email Coaching - Yes, you can email me anytime with any issue. This is a value of around $100/per hour, which I charge for private one on one instruction and training.
  • 50 minute Interview with the Legendary Jim “The Rookie” Morris – I have had pitchers say this is the best interview, about pitching velocity and reaching your goals and dreams, out there. They say this interview with Jim Morris, who was the oldest pitcher to make his Major League Debut at 35, and they did a movie about his life called “The Rookie,” is priceless. Every time I hear this interview I am blown away by how powerful it is! Jim Morris is an amazing person and motivational speaker!
  • 50 minute Interview with the Legendary Coach Gayle Hatch – This is another priceless interview with one of the Founding Fathers of Strength and Conditioning. Coach Hatch is the only coach ever to be inducted into the Weight Lifting Hall of Fame and the Strength and Conditioning Hall of Fame. His list of other accomplishments would fill more than this entire page. In this interview he talks about the history of strength and conditioning and how it has revolutionized sports and how it is the foundation of 3X Pitching! The value of this interview and Jim “The Rookie” Morris interview, is twice or even three times the value of the entire package of 3X Pitching.


3x Pitching in a nutshell!

A Dad contacted me because he is looking for a program to help his son break 90. He said to me in an email, “their is a lot of great information about 3X Pitching but their is just so much of it. Could you please describe why I should purchase 3X Pitching for my son in a nutshell?”

This was my reply!

Breaking 90mph is a serious challenge if it doesn’t come naturally. This is what 3X Pitching is all about. 3X Pitching trains pitchers to use their body as a single unit to generate the maximum amount of power that they potentially can create, then it teaches them how to take advantage of that power through the stride phase of the pitching delivery, to increase velocity. The Ace Pitcher Handbook is a 16 week program of velocity drills and a complete strength and conditioning program. The program takes a high level of commitment but it is guaranteed to help you reach your velocity goals!

3X Pitching Analysis

This is the type of pitching analysis you will receiving before starting the program.


I understand that by starting 3X Pitching today
for a ONE-TIME payment of $180 $67 I will get…

  • Complete 3X Pitching eBook – 82 Pages of priceless information, case study after case study proving the effectiveness of the 3X Approach to Pitching. Here is what else is in the book:
    * 3X Pitching Mechanics
    * The Power of 3X
    * 3X Torque
    * 3X Precision
    * The Timing Factor
    * Countless 3X Pro Examples
    * 3X Training
    * Speed Mechanics
    * 3X and Long Toss
    * 3X Strength and Speed Ratios
    * 3X Recovery
    * 3X Mindset
  • The Velocity Starter Kit - A short guide to everything you will need to be prepared to start the Ace Pitcher Handbook. It includes the equipment that is needed for the drills and exercises, along with the supplements to support your high intensity training. It also includes a mental preparation for this training commitment.
  • 3X Training Manual the Ace Pitcher Handbook – This is the complete 16 week training program of 3X Pitching. This training program includes:
    * 3X Velocity Components
    * 3X Velocity System
    * Pitching Guidelines
    * Fusion Strength and Conditioning System developed by Brent Pourciau and Chad Englehart, the strength and conditioning coach for the Washington Redskins. (This workout is an 8 Week Cycle and isolates Fast Twitch Muscle fibers for developing a Bigger, Stronger, Faster pitcher).
    * Nutritional Guidelines (What supplements pitchers should be taking).
  • 1 FREE Stream to the Comprehensive Video Training Library – This is 2 hours of videos you will need to learn the lifts in the Fusion System. The lifts and exercises are taught to you by Chad Englehart.
  • BONUS #1: 1 FREE Pitching Video Analysis – Send in your video for analysis to help get you heading the the right direction. This is a $99 value for FREE.
  • BONUS #2: FREE One on One Email Coaching – This in itself is priceless. You have 24-7 access to an high experienced and educated Coach to answer all of your questions at anytime. WOW!
  • BONUS #3: 50 minute Interview with the Legendary Jim “The Rookie” Morris – This interview has been called one of the best pitching interviews on the web.
  • BONUS #4: 50 minute Interview with the Legendary Coach Gayle Hatch – Learn from a legend and learn how he changed programs like LSU, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and more!


Yes, I am crazy! All this for only $67.
You better get it now, before I change my mind!


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Pitching Coach & Trainer

Brent Pourciau has been coaching high school, college and professional pitchers to reach their velocity goals for the past 10 years. He also has been working with coaches to coach their pitchers to do the same. His success in training pitchers to reach their velocity goals came first with himself, when he overcame a major rotator cuff tear to play pro ball and top out at 94mph, after Doctors told him he would never pitch again.

Ok, let’s get serious now!

Yes, I did what very few have been capable of doing in baseball. My life has been nothing but an obstacle course. I was cut from my ninth grade team and the next year I trained my butt off and started varsity, we almost won state. I was born dyslexic and almost flunked out of college. I did what three well respected Doctors and the trainer for the Giants and Dodgers said I would never do, which was to pitch in professional baseball and throw 94mph after a rotator cuff tear at 18. I didn’t have the best professional career in the states but overseas I put up some better numbers. I am not Nolan Ryan or Roger Clemens but I would bet I could teach them something about how someone with poor or average velocity can add 5-10mph to their fastball. This is because I not only did it for myself but I helped many different types of pitchers do it in their careers. I love what I do and I am not going anywhere. I am not a marketer, I am a pitching coach and a pitching trainer. I also believe this and I have been told, that I am the best when it comes to velocity.

I am bragging about my coaching and training ability but when it came to pitching I was average. I always said if I can do this then anyone can. I know what it is like to suck. I know what it is like to struggle to the point of wanting so bad to quit. I know what it is like to hate this game. This is why I can coach and train pitching so well because I had to almost kill myself to become an average professional pitcher.

I added 10mph to my fastball post surgery!

I was shocked the day this happened. I will never forget. I was playing in a summer league in Los Angeles, California. It was a great league. The league had Bret Saberhagen, Todd Zeile, Jose Canseco to name a few. I was having a blast because I was striking out a lot of guys. I think I had like 120 K’s in 50 something innings. It got to the point that my teammates were telling me that I need to stop playing amature ball at 26 years old and go tryout for pro baseball. So I asked a friend to come and we both tried out at a Scouting Bureau camp. They made me pitch last because I was the oldest kid there. They almost forget about me. I had to wait almost 8 hours to pitch to the only scout who was left. He was with the Twins. I topped out at 94mph. The scout ran up to me and said congratulations son have you ever thrown the ball 94mph. I said no. I couldn’t believe what he just told me and the next few months was a great ride to pro baseball.

Here is me pitching to my childhood ideal Jose Canseco!

I love this game and the opportunities that I was given are priceless. I never would have had these opportunities if I didn’t work so hard to create them. I want you to have the opportunities that I had in this game and this is why I want to help you achieve your velocity goals. The benefit I get is reliving my good memories through helping you create good memories. This is why I put a guarantee on this program. I promise you that you will not find a better program on the web than 3X Pitching or a more dedicated Pitching Coach and Trainer than with me. What do you say? Let’s create some once in a lifetime opportunities for you?

You can call me at (985) 377-9249

Skype me HERE!

What People are Saying!

“Thanks for all you do Brent. I’ve gone from 68-70 MPH to 85-88 MPH in about ten months and I couldn’t have done it without you. I really appreciate it and hope I can repay you someday. Thanks!”

Drew Clement

Yahoo Answers

“the ace pitcher handbook is a really good guide, IF you already know what yur doing. it shows you the way to use more rotation with your hips and eliminates the all-arm throws that screw up young pitchers arms.i used it, im 14 and my fastball got 23 mph faster withing 8 weeks. it now tops off at 85 mph!” – John @ Yahoo Answers

Satisfied Father

“Brian hit 90 for the first time in late April. The drills must be working.”

- Bob B

I Tried Everything

“I have bought every program out there and this is the only program that I knew was what I was looking for when I first downloaded it. There is no velocity program like this out there. It is the real deal bro!!!”

– Ryan D

I Saw Results Quickly

“Only 1 month into 3x Pitching I gained 2 mph. It gave me the confidence to continue on and reach my velocity goals. I recommend this program to anyone.”

– Ryan D

Dont Waste Your Time!

“Dont waste your time with anything else. Wait until you start learn 3x. I thought I knew what I was doing. This stuff blew my mind and made me realize every other program I used was junk.”

– Joseph S

Before this Nothing!

“Before I started 3X I couldn’t get a look.Now I am throwing a lot harder my JV coach actually told me he expects me to pitch a lot this year.”

– Tristan B

88 and I am 16

“I went from 78 to 88 with this program and I am 16. Every showcase I went to at least 4-5scouts have talked to me. The more I 3x and separate my shoulders the harder I throw. It is awesome stuff.”

– Mitch G

I Hit 90!

“I hit 90! This program is the bomb!!! The Olifts are the key!!! If you don’t buy this program you suck….”

– Tyler G

Are these testimonials legit?

These testimonials are 100% authentic.

90% of these testimonials were completely unsolicited emails or messages sent to me from people who have used 3X Pitching. They are all unedited.

3X Pitching © 2011 All Rights Reserved. A Revolutionary Approach to Pitching Velocity.

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