How To Be A Happy Small Dog Owner

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How To Be A Happy Small Dog Owner

How to choose the right small dog
for yourself or your family … and how you
can prepare yourself and your home for a
lifetime with your new little friend …
by a 60 year old grandmother who learned
the hard way!  

Yes, and it’s taken me 40+ years of dog ownership and experience as well as lots of up to the minute research, to be able to put together for you this really effective


How to Be a Happy Small Dog Owner

My name is Gloria and this is my story and why I think you need to be aware of all the mistakes you could make if you don’t have someone to guide you.

I got my little dog from a friend, didn’t make sure he was socialised, and in fact he was much too young to be separated from his mother who didn’t have the opportunity to teach him lots of things.

AND I got him for the WRONG REASONS. I got him because

he was cute

my partner was lonely while I was out at college, and

my friends wanted to find a home for him

I got into all sorts of trouble over that little dog.

* Next time around I followed all the advice I have set out for you in

How to Be A Happy Small Dog Owner

My next dog is bigger because I live in the country and have lots of space – but all the same rules and preparation apply to whatever size dog you are looking for.

And now I really am a happy owner of a happy dog.

If you are going to be a first time dog owner (or even a second or third time dog owner) this could be the most important book you ever read. All aspects of care and preparation are set out for you in this guide, so that you will have a happy and stress-free life with your new little friend.

Imagine how great it will be when you
own a happy little dog

… when you take him out walking in the local neighbourhood or park and strangers come up to you and admire your great-looking little dog, and compliment you on how well-behaved he is. You will be surprised how many new friends you can make. A cute dog or puppy acts like a friendship magnet.

Think about what a great message you will be giving to your friends and family, especially children, about the importance of connecting with animals and the love they give us.

Imagine being curled up on the couch with your little dog at your feet (or on your lap if you prefer) feeling safe and secure because if there are any strange noises outside he is sure to hear them and alert you to any possible dangers.

Experience the joy of sharing your life with a happy little dog who gives you unconditional love and for whom you are his special person, the one he looks up to – you can tell him anything you want he will never pass it on to anyone else.

Imagine when you wake up each morning, your little friend, wagging his tail, so pleased to see you and so eager to please you.

In “How To Be A Happy Small Dog Owner” you will

Discover the vital steps to prepare yourself for a long and happy relationship with your little dog

Begin to understand relationships between dogs and humans

Realise how a dog can add to your quality of life, reduce stress and even improve your social life

Know how to go about choosing the right little dog for yourself or your family

Experience the pleasure of stepping into the world of dogs as you explore the history and behaviour of the nine adorable little dogs previewed in this book

Learn the different options for purchasing your puppy

Wherever you buy your puppy, be prepared to ask those important questions you must ask in order to understand the temperament and background of the breed

Avoid costly mistakes that could cause you to end up with the wrong dog for your lifestyle

Know what you must do to make sure you choose and train a little dog to play gently with any children in your life

Avoid mistakes many new dog owners make by not being prepared with everything your new little friend will need BEFORE you bring him home – a check list of items is provided

And much, much more …

Who should buy this book?

Anyone who finds the whole maze of information on the Internet and elsewhere too time-consuming or confusing to sift through – there are more than 160 small dog breeds to choose from

Anyone who is contemplating buying a dog for the first time

Anyone who has had a less than happy experience as a dog owner

Anyone who knows someone else who would benefit from some guidance as offered in this book

Anyone who wants to improve their knowledge even if they already have a small dog

“So how much will I have to pay for this great little book?” you may be asking. First of all I was going to sell it for $47 due to all the knowledge and work involved.

But, I really want people to buy it so that they will know the right way to interact with their dog. As a dog lover, this is really important to me.


That’s why I am offering it to you today for the very low price of
only $27

You’ll get instant delivery of your digital ebook (PDF document)
even if it’s 2:00 a.m!
If you are not completely satisfied with “How To Be A Happy Small Dog Owner”, please contact me and I will immediately refund the purchase price. So it’s risk free, 100% guaranteed for 60 days.
When you purchase “How To Be A Happy Small Dog Owner” you will also receive as a FREE GIFT a copy of my new report


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at home – and save money (value $7)

Here’s what the experts are saying about How To Be A Happy Small Dog Owner

Order your copy of “How To Be A Happy Small Dog Owner

For The Low Price Of
Only $27

Simply click the button below to order and you’ll get instant delivery of your digital eBook

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