How to Read Fitness Research

How to Read Fitness Research



how to cut through hype like a razor blade and create the very best programs for fat loss, muscle gain, and athletic performance” 

Now is your chance to take back the power to determine fact from fiction by reading, understanding, an applying cutting edge research

Dear friend,

I don’t know about you, but I am fed up with the state of the fitness industry. With every internet marketer creating a gimmick to sell their next product, misinterpretations of research by so-called-experts and the media, and made up rules that seem to govern every nutrition and exercise plan, I just can’t take it any more.

If you are like me, you’re looking for some clarity in the confusing world of fitness and the only way to find it is to go straight to the original research and find out for yourself. That is where this product comes in. The goal of this product is to allow you to stop being spoonfed by the media and the gurus that populate this industry and think for yourself. I want you to finally be able to cut through the complexity of original reseach to get at the REAL FACTS.

No longer will you be sold products based on pseudoscientific explanations that are complete nonsense. No longer will you be confined to the strict rules that seem to define most fitness and nutrition plans because you’ll have insider information that allows you to break free from many of the rules that are absolutely FALSE.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t.

Just look at what some of the brightest minds in the industry have to say about How To Read Fitness Research

“This Product is an Essential Study…”

Mark’s lecture series is great review for guys like me, and essential study for folks who are less experienced or familiar with the concepts. I’m very impressed with how he presented complex topics in an unintimidating & engaging way.

The information is solid & thorough, without losing the critical principles among the details. It’s very practical, and in the end, that’s what’s most important for the non-lab-bound folks. I don’t give a thumbs-up to just anything, and I’d recommend this product without hesitation to those seeking a well-rounded course on the basics of critically evaluating fitness research.

Alan Aragon

“I Wouldn’t Just recommend it. I Would Make it Mandatory.”

“How to Read Fitness Research” is a desperately needed product, one that I’m personally very glad to see someone with Mark’s abilities and background taking on first-hand. Mark simplifies a very difficult topic and makes it accessible to anyone without formal training in research and statistics, while at the same time managing to present a complete and detailed course that would match (and often surpass) any offering from a college-level program.

The truth is, the demand for evidence-based techniques and approaches in designing safe and effective training and nutrition programs continues to grow, and anyone that doesn’t have the skills and abilities to read and interpret the evidence is going to find it increasingly difficult to compete in the constantly developing environment of exercise science. I wouldn’t just recommend “How to Read Fitness Research” to anyone in the health & fitness community, I would make it mandatory!

Jonathan Fass, PT, DPT, ART, CSCS

“How to Read Fitness Research is a Must-Have Product “

With respect to fitness, nothing is more important to achieving results than taking an evidence-based approach to training and nutrition. Unfortunately, many people have a limited knowledge of how to read and interpret relevent research.

If you fall into this category, Mark Young’s “How to Read Fitness Research” is a must-have product. Mark has done a terrific job in explaining the various aspects of a research paper as well as providing insight into its limitations. The package is presented in a very user-friendly manner that is easily understandable by the layperson and fitness professional alike. Highly recommended!

Brad Schoenfeld

What Will This Product Do For Me?

With this product you will finally be able to slash through the hype and understand what does and does not work based on the best available research. More importantly, you’ll be able to determine WHERE to get research, HOW to stay on the cutting edge, WHICH studies are worth reading which aren’t, and how to make sense of all the scientific jargon that prevents most people from attempting to read research in the first place.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to take the knowledge straight to the gym and create the very best programs for fat loss, muscle gain, performance, and even rehabilitation. If you’re a strength coach or trainer you’ll leave your competition in the dust as they tinker with the fad of the month and your clients flock to you because of the incredible results you’re able to produce. Every. Single. Time.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast and you just want to get leaner, stronger, or just look good naked (let’s be honest, we ALL want this) you’ll never have to risk purchasing another gimmicky product again because you’ll know how to spot a one a mile away. You’ll save money AND be able to create your very own programs to look, feel, and perform better! How awesome is that?!?

In short, I’m going to walk you through every single step of the research process so you know where it comes from, how it is published, where to get it, and how to integrate it into your training for a fraction of the price I paid to learn this in my SEVEN years of university and the time it took me to implement this in OVER A DECADE as a strength coach.

“Will Teach You What Works and What is Simply an Unethical Attempt at Marketing”

With “How to Read Fitness Research”, Mark does a great job of teaching someone without an advanced academic background how to critically analyze research. The media and so-called “experts” falsely site research studies as a justification for their outlandish claims. This will equip the average fitness reader with the knowledge they need to decipher between what works and what is strictly an unethical attempt at marketing.

Kevin Neeld

“I Insist That All Fitness Professionals Pick Up This Resource”

As a fitness professional you have an obligation to both your clients and fellow professionals to make science-based decisions and provide science-based answers to fitness questions. The best way to be science-based is to distill your understanding from mounds of research, which can be a daunting task.

Mark’s product makes the process as clean, simple, and painless as possible by showing you how to locate literature of interest, how to critically examine the information within, and how to understand its application to your work. I highly recommend, in fact, I insist that all fitness professionals pick up this resource for the good of their clients, their self, and their field.

Carson Boddicker

“This Product Will Change the Way You View the Fitness Industry “

Mark Young has created a simple and easy to read way to understand research. In an industry that can often be full of fad diets and “quick” fixes, Mark gives priceless tools on how integrate quality research into your practice. From tips on how to access free journals to understanding statistics there is something for everyone. Whether you are a strength coach, manual practitioner or work out enthusiast this product will change the way you view the fitness industry.

Conor Collins BHSc, RMT, DipSIT, ART

So What Do You Get In The How To Read Fitness Research Seminar Series?

How to Read fitness research consists of 4 seminars detailing every single detail from how research is collected to how implement research in your training to bring about the absolute best results for fat loss, muscle gain, athletic performance, and rehabilitation.

How to Read Fitness Research - Seminar 1 Cover

Seminar 1 – The Purpose and Process of Research

Find out why research actually matters.

Discover why relying on textbooks for knowledge will leave you relying on antiquated information.

Learn how research is done and why the process of publishing may affect what you get to read.

Find out how studies are funded and how it affects the results you use to design your programs.

How to Read Fitness Research - Seminar 2

Seminar 2 – Acquiring and Reading Fitness Research

Stay on top of research by having the most current updates delivered right to your inbox.

Discover the top journals you MUST read to stay on top of your field.

Save hundreds or thousands of dollars by learning how to get your hands on studies for free.

Learn the most important part of a paper. It probably isn’t what you think.

How to Read Fitness Research - Seminar 3

Seminar 3 – No Snooze Statistics & Research Design

Discover the difference between experimental and observational research.

Understand correlations and why you should always be cautious of their use.

Learn the biggest mistake most people make when reading fitness research.

Learn to simplify and understand the complex jargon associated with research.

How to Read Fitness Research - Seminar 4

Seminar 4 – Interpreting and Implementing Research

Learn why CONTROL is one of the most important elements of a study.

Discover the biggest things you need to ask yourself when comparing reseach to the real world.

Find out how to apply the information in research to your programs.

…and much more.

How to Read Fitness Research - Seminar Notes

Complete Seminar Notes

Need notes? No problem.

Included in this package are the slides from each and every presentation so you can follow along and take notes as you learn the secrets of how to interpret and apply research to your training and nutrition programs.

But wait, that’s not all. I will also include these awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1 – PubMed Video Tutorial

If you’ve ever struggled with finding research, this video tutorial is quite literally the answer to your prayers. In it, I’ll take you on a brief tour of the single most powerful online resource for finding research and show you which search terms to use and how to set up your search to find the exact information you’re looking for.

Bonus #2 – Understanding Muscle Hypertrophy Research

If you’ve ever wanted to spend the better part of an hour in a room with one of the world’s leading muscle hypertrophy researchers then this interview is the next best thing. For 40 solid minutes I put world renowned researcher Dr. Stuart Phillips on the hot seat with questions about muscle protein synthesis, anabolic signalling, and muscle hypertrophy. If you want to learn to read research on how to gain muscle, this is the absolute BEST place to start.

I am giving you every single resource to acquire, read, interpret, and implement fitness research

With this information you can create results beyond levels you could have previously imagined. I mean sure, you could go out and buy a statistics manual, but then you would probably…zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh sorry. Nodded off there. And that is pretty much what you’ll get when you read this kind of manual. Blah.

Instead, I’ve done the grunt work for you. I did seven years of university, volunteered in research labs, created a study, read thousands of other studies, and spent over $30,000 for my trouble. Then I went on to spend the last 11 years training people and implementing the research.

So…you could pay $30,000 and give up 7 years of your life trying to figure this stuff out and then spend over a decade training people to put it into practice. You also could read a boring statistics textbook filled with examples that have nothing to do with fitness that’ll make you snooze faster than a bottle of sleeping pills.

Or you can learn every single thing you need to know about research in a few short hours with examples from fitness research that are directly applicable without boring you to tears with How to Read Fitness Research.

“Mark Has Included Some Freebies That He is Insane for Providing at No Charge”

To be a great fitness professional, you have to stay ahead of the pack, and the only way to do that is to be up to date on the newest research available. You can’t do that without understanding how to read a research paper and finding its true meaning.

Mark has developed a program to give you a Master’s degree level of understanding of how to understand and interpret research, all in a convenient and easy to understand format. Additionally, Mark has taken the guess work out of finding the most advanced research, plus provided some amazing freebies that he is probably insane for including for no charge!!If you’ve ever wondered how the best of the best find research to back up their claims and thought processes, your search is over.

Dean Somerset

“The PubMed Guide is Just as Valuable as the Seminars Themselves”

Coach Mark’s webinar series is an excellent piece to augment any personal trainer’s toolbox. Whether it’s aesthetic fitness or human performance you’re interested in, the principles of research are the same and this product does a great job of elucidating research complexities to the practitioner. The bonus PubMed guide you get with the product is in many ways just as valuable as the seminars themselves. Read it, watch it, learn it, get smart.

Sam Leahey

“This Product is Exactly What our Profession Needs”

Reading and understanding research is critical in the field of exercise science and personal training. Clients look to us for information on how to take care of their bodies and, as professionals, we have an obligation to provide them with the most current and up to date science available. Science keeps our field honest and allows us to better understand the methods we choose to use in assisting our clients in getting result.

Mark Young’s new product, “How To Read Fitness Research”, is exactly what our profession needs in order to better understand what science is saying and what it means to how we practice. I recommend this product to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of how to read and implement the information published in scientific journals.

Patrick Ward

What if I Don’t Like It?

My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m going to make a bold statement here.

I am positive that once you finish watching the How to Read Fitness Research videos your ability to read research will be incredible. More importantly, I KNOW that once you start implementing research in your training and nutrition programs the results you are capable of achieving will blow through the roof.

In fact, I am so convinced that you will love this product that I will GUARANTEE IT!

So go ahead. Download all the videos, download the notes, and download the bonuses now. Review them for EIGHT full weeks and if this product isn’t everything I said it is and more simply let me know, and I’ll personally issue you a refund and you can keep all of the videos and bonuses for your trouble.

This is pretty much like trying out a new restaurant, eating the food, and having two months to decide if the dinner was worth your money or not. It is actually a little crazy if you think about it. I’m assuming ALL of the risk.

If for any reason you aren’t happy with How to Read Fitness Research simply shoot me an email and I’ll issue you a refund with no questions asked.

So there you have it. Try it and if you don’t love it you can have your money back. Easy peasy. When you combine that with the introductory price I’m about to reveal, it is pretty much a no brainer.

* Learn where research comes from
* Discover who pays for research and why it matters
* Find out where to get research
* Know which journals to read and which are a waste of time
* Stop being confused with statistics and research jargon
* Learn to apply research to your programs for INCREDIBLE results
* And much more…

If I’m being completely honest here, many of my friends in the fitness industry told me not to create this product. They didn’t think it would sell many copies. And frankly, I kinda agree. Second rate trainers will not purchase this product. They’re content to offer second hand information that they’ve picked up from “experts” on the internet and no amount of sales copy is going to incite them to open their wallets to better themselves.

There are also a lot of fitness enthusiasts that are happy to just follow along with the trend of the month club and they won’t be interested in this product either. They’re happy in mediocrity and that’s fine with me.

If you’re content with being second rate or not getting the best results possible then you can click your way out of here now. This product is not for you.

However, somewhere I think that there are fitness professionals who are dying to be world class. I believe that there are trainers and coaches who understand the value of research and what it can do for them. I know there are people who DO want to understand and implement the most cutting edge research for their clients. I also know there are fitness enthusiasts who are not content with “good enough” results and who want to create the very best programs.

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