Bait Her Back – How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Forever

Bait Her Back – How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Forever

If you’re a guy still wounded by your recent break up… then you need these powerful secrets straight from the horse’s mouth…

“Vanquish The Pain Of Breaking Up With Your Very Own Secret Weapon Giving You An UNFAIR ADVANTAGE To Get Her Back Into Your Arms Lightening Fast!”

Read on to discover how quick and easy it will be - once you have these powerful secrets…

  • How to “crack the code” of the female psyche - once you have these little known insights she’ll be as good as back in your arms!
  • The FATAL mistakes you must avoid if you want to win her back - and the remedies if you’ve already blundered.
  • Your simple three-step battle plan to get her back in your arms faster than you dared hope - yet as simple as ABC.

Dear heartbroken friend,

You deserve some good news, right now - so here it is…

It’s actually quite easy to get your girlfriend back - if you know which emotional ‘hot buttons’ to press.

Trouble is, we all know guys and gals are poles apart… their brains are wired differently… some claim they are from a different planet!

So what do you do?

Employ an insider to DECODE THAT FEMALE ENIGMA wide open.

And the perfect insider is… ME!


Hi… my name is Jenna James… and I’m a relationships expert… but - above all - I’m a WOMAN

… which means I know EXACTLY what goes on in the emotional maelstrom that is the female psyche.

So who better to help you get your girl back - fast… before she hooks up with another guy and it’s all over for you?

But let me be blunt…

The clock is ticking…

… so you can’t afford to waste even a minute, because guys will already be circling, like hungry sharks, ready to take your babe away from you for good.

You see, girls are twice as likely as a guy to date “on the rebound”. And it gets worse.

You won’t want to hear this, but…

… an extensive study of men and women’s sexual habits, recently, discovered that - over a comparable period - women had nearly TWICE as many sexual partners as men.

What’s more, women initiate more divorce proceedings than men.

And the reason is simple

… girls DON’T GET what they really crave from their guys, so they feel compelled to keep searching.

But - once YOU understand…

  • What your girl REALLY craves.
  • And how you can be certain she gets it…

then she’ll be back by your side lightening fast.

Because I’m here to give you the INSIDE TRACK on becoming a Zen Master in what women want and how to provide it.

Then you’ll quickly be able to use your new-found skills to have your girl practically down on her knees, begging your forgiveness and imploring you to take her back. I guarantee it, because

I’m betraying my sex here…

… by revealing the secret female psychological “hot buttons”‘ you need to press to trigger an amazing positive response from ANY woman.

And the best bit is, my formula actually works even better in your exact situation, where you’ve endured a break up, because her whole being will be aching to be comforted.

And it makes little difference to her whether you - or some other guy - provide that comfort.

So here’s just a tiny glimpse of the easy to follow, powerful, sure-fire techniques to get her back ultra-fast waiting for you inside my brand new program…


  • Why all is not lost (how even serial unfaithful lovers and even murderers can win back their lost love - once they know the trick) make a careful note of page 6
  • The 8 FATAL make-up mistakes you could be doing right now (do one of these blunders and your task will be harder… make two and it’s “Goodbye for EVER”) so zoom straight over to page 40 for the full heads up
  • Cracking the code of the female mind (the scales will fall from your eyes - once you have THESE secrets) read and RE-read pages 64 through 66
  • Why you mustn’t think your girl is different from the rest (she may be the only one for you, but it may surprise you to discover that - deep down - ALL women are motivated by the same, simple, remarkably few triggers) and you’ll learn what these are on page 45 and 61
  • The REAL reason she left (chances are high this isn’t the reason she said - so it’s vital you work out the real reason quickly) Be sure to get the priceless insights on pages 10 through 13
  • What a woman REALLY means when she says what she wants (talk the same language when you meetup) so don’t miss pages 41 through 43
  • What to do if she’s already fallen for another guy (don’t despair because this powerful secret is laughingly simple and never fails!) watch him hit the road fast - once you read page 48
  • Female psychological loophole makes her beg to be in your arms again (it works a little on us guys, but it’s a slam dunk when you use it on your babe) check out pages 58 and 59
  • How to arrange the vital reconciliation meeting (PLUS exactly what to say and what NOT to say) make a careful note of page 38
  • 3 copy-and-paste emails that win her back (the easy and safe way to get her to read, respond, and reply wanting to give you another shot) copy-and-paste pages 80 and 81
  • How to “cheat-proof” your relationship (so you can be sure when you arrive home she wants you and only you) check out this vital information on pages 44 and 71
  • Turning back the clock - for good (how to recreate that “just started dating” feeling and keep it going for good) astonishing secrets await you on pages 53 through 55
  • How to have the most EXPLOSIVE make-up sex - ever (5 tips that evoke animalistic urges from your woman) zoom right over to page 70

So just imagine how wonderful it will be…

when my secrets are YOUR secrets.

Imagine the sheer relief and elation of feeling her back into your arms… her hair brushing against your cheek, silky soft… that familiar fragrance that makes your senses reel… the sweet touch of her soft lips on yours…

… it’s all waiting for you.

So there’s just a couple of things I need to cover… and this is the first…

What’s your investment in the keys to
The Wonderful Kingdom Of Rekindled Love?

Because of my expertise in rebuilding seemingly hopeless relationships my fees run hundreds of dollars for a phone consultation and run into thousands for face to face consultations.

But I know from the emails I receive from all round the planet that heartache and break up know no geographical boundaries. So I’ve set out everything you need in digital format.

That means you can be starting on your mission to get her back less than five minutes from now - regardless of where you are in the world and whatever the time of day or night.

Because I’m determined that nothing will stand in the way of your upcoming happiness - and that includes the price.

But I must make something clear, right away…

Either you get her back - or
it doesn’t cost you a single red cent

That’s a measure of how confident I am this will work like gangbusters for you. So, if you follow the steps I lay out and still don’t get her back - simply shoot me an email for a fast, no-quibble refund.

Fair enough?

As I mentioned earlier, even my telephone consultations run from $200, for a half hour conversation, and upwards. But that wouldn’t be a good solution for you… and here’s why.

This is an emergency situation, where every minute counts.

So I’ve given you a wealth of information which you can dip into to quickly create your own rapid success plan, customized exactly to your personal situation. That would be impossible with a single phone call.

What’s more, on a phone call, you’d either need to scribble boatloads of notes and miss half of what I was telling you… or fail to take notes and forget even more.

So now, you can not only enjoy the fastest possible tailor-made solution, I’m also delighted to pass on to you the cost savings. So, instead of your investment being 200 bucks and upwards you can download the full program right away for less than 15 minutes of my time on the phone - just $97. But there’s more.

I’m only just launching this program, so you’re in the right place at the right time.

Because it’s the early bird that gets the juicy worm

So - provided you are among the first 50 lucky guys shrewd enough to grab this, your investment in the keys to the Kingdom will be LESS THAN HALF what others will be paying shortly - just $37.

But I do have a confession.

As I’ve told you, this program is brand new. And I expect it to be as well received as my other highly successful relationship products.

But, right now, I need feedback from good folks like you, shrewd enough to invest in my new program.

So I’ve slashed the price in half for the first 50 Early Birds to make it easier for you to check out the program. Then - when you’ve won her back (as you surely will) I’d love to hear from you. It’s that simple.

But if you are too busy making up, I’ll completely understand. Fair enough?

So what would be a smart move for you right now?

Either carry on licking your wounds and regretting the past, whilst the minutes and hours tick by… and the chances of getting her back grow slimmer and slimmer


Make the smart move and grab this (risk free) offer to get your girl back far faster than you dare hope.

Then, when you feel her soft lips on yours and once again smell that familiar fragrance that makes your senses reel, you’ll whisper a silent “Thank you. Jenna.”

It really is a complete no-brainer, isn’t it?

So I’m really looking forward to helping you get her back… fast,

Jenna James

P.S. You have my cast-iron guarantee: if you don’t get your girl back, I’ll refund every penny of your purchase. The only way you can possibly lose is by passing on this totally RISK FREE offer… remain ignorant of how to get her back - and so LOSE HER FOR GOOD.

P.P.S. There’s not a minute to lose because - right now - she’s ripe for a rebound affair with the first lucky guy who happens to be handy. So the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll have her back in your arms before she hooks up with ANOTHER GUY.

P.P.P.S. BE WARNED: because, right now, I’ve only just launched this brand new product in a blaze of publicity. So right now, there are hundreds of broken-hearted guys looking at this very same page. And many are thinking, “Hey, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for… A WOMAN’S REAL INSIGHT INTO WHAT MY GIRL WANTS ME TO DO AND SAY TO RECAPTURE HER LOVE

And they will be clicking the order button, below.

And every one that does moves it closer to the time when the limit of 50 Early Bird Half Price programs has been reached and the price instantly DOUBLES.

This is no time to procrastinate… apart from the fact you’ll hate yourself if you go away to think about it, only to come back and find you have to INVEST DOUBLE… how will you FEEL if you miss getting your darling girl back in your arms, just because you procrastinated?

Bait Her Back – How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Forever

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