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Hermit Crab Care Secrets


You Are Not To Blame For Your Hermit Crabs Hostile Attitude, Biting Or Uncompromising Moods… 

“Discover How To Quickly & Effortlessly Transform Your Aggressive, Bad Tempered & Pincher Happy Hermit Crab
Into An Adorable, Friendly & Lovable Exotic Pet…”

Exotic Pet’s Expert EXPOSES Mind-Blowing Secrets On How To Double Your Hermit Crabs Life Span— You Will Discover How To Easily & Quickly Groom, Train & Breed Healthy Hermit Crabs In Less Than 2 Week, Guaranteed!

‘A truly enviable piece of writing’

“I just wanted to say that the ultimate guide for hermit crabs is a truly enviable piece of writing! I have read many other guides in the past but I must confess that this one is by far the best! What makes it unique is the fact that it is written by someone with vast experience in this field and that in its self adds more value to the book. Great work Scott!”

Jason, new Orleans

If You Are Really Serious About Grooming, Training, Feeding & Above All Nurturing Active & Healthy Looking Hermit Crabs, Then Please Read Every Word On This Page Very Carefully…I Will EXPOSE Some Never-Before-Seen ‘Insider Tricks’ That Will Make Raising Your Pet Much More Easy & Fun! Keep On Reading To Know What Really Works & What’s Just Hype…

From the desk of Scott Murray

21st August, 2009

Fellow Hermit Crab Lover,

Are you frustrated of being constantly bitten by your ever aggressive hermit crab?

Are the sores & constant itching caused by changing your hermit crabs salt water driving you nuts?

Do you feel you are the worst hermit crab owner in the world?

Do you wish that you could find an easier way to train, nurture, breed & bond with your ever hostile hermit crab?

For most hermit crab owners out there the answer to all these questions is definitely YES…

I for one totally understand how frustrating, annoying & desperate most of you hermit crab owners must be feeling right now – From the annoyingly painful bits, the uncompromising moods (when your crab won’t eat or move out of its shell), the irritating salt water itching & sores right down to calibrating the delicate humility gauge…

Believe me, I have experienced first hand how frustrating, irritating & demanding hermit crabs can be and honestly speaking it doesn’t get any easier especially if you are new to the hermit crab owners club!

“Don’t Blame Yourself For All The Bad Habits & Unruly Behavior That Your Hermit Crabs Display! It’s Actually In There Wild Nature To Do That…”

You need to understand one thing though…

Any animal’s polite nature or good behavior solely depends on how well informed the owner is! There is ABSOLUTELY no way you are going to tame a wild beast without first understanding & respecting its natural habitat…You need to know the animal you are dealing with inside out; That is the only way you are going to effectively create a solid & respectable relationship or bond between you & your pet…

…the same principle also applies when training & breeding hermit crabs & I can guarantee you that there are no two ways about it! This Law Always Applies…

“You Think You Are A Bad Hermit Crab Owner Simply Because You Are Constantly Being Feed With BAD INFORMATION!”

The biggest problem with most hermit crab owners is that they totally have no clue with regards to training, taming & bonding with these exotic pets…

Most of us simply rush to the internet, click on a couple of websites or blogs & put together the little scanty information that we have hoping that it will solve all our pet handling problems!

Its because of this bad information that we tend to aggravate the already fragile relationship with these pets…We may think that we are resolving the standoff when in reality we are only making it worse…

Thankfully you couldn’t have landed on this page at a better time – In a few minutes I will reveal to you some ground-breaking expert advice that you can use to train, tame & above all eliminate all the wild & bad behaviors in your hermit crabs…

“You Will Easily & Effortlessly Transform An Aggressive, Irritated & Pincher Happy Hermit Crab Into An Adorable, Lovable & Friendly Exotic Pet In Less Than 2 Weeks, Guaranteed!”

In a few minutes you will have access to some of the HOTTEST, MOST SORT-AFTER hermit crab care SECRETS that will allow you to:

Completely eliminate persistent bad behavior that constantly frustrate you

Completely eliminate the aggression That your hermit crab displays

Completely eliminate the desperation that makes you believe that you are the worst hermit crab owner

Create an unbreakable love bond between you & your hermit crab

Double or even triple your hermit crabs life by keeping it healthy, active & sharp

So just incase you might be wondering what hermit crabs are, here is your answer…

Hermit crabs are crustaceans, which mean they are actually related to a lot of the shellfish we eat, like lobsters and shrimp. Many people now keep these aquatic species as pets because they are less demanding, less stressful to maintain & very enjoyable pets to have around your house…

Now thanks to years of research, dedication & hard work raising & nurturing these aquatic creatures, I am going to REVEAL TO YOU the Insider Secrets on how to care for them & nurture these amazing little pets, right from the comfort of your home…

“Never Before Has Any Guide…Anywhere In The World…Revealed Such Intricate & Ground-Breaking Details & Secrets On How To Train & Breed These Fascinating Exotic Pets—This Is Truly The ULTIMATE GUIDE For Hermit Crabs”

…Well Enough Of The Pitch Talk! Let Me Introduce Myself…

My name is Scott Murray & I have being working for a major aquarium here in the U.S for over 20 years. During the last 2 decades I have lived, breathed, nurtured & extensively researched about various Aquatic life forms…I consider myself to be a exotic fish expert & rightly so, given how well versed I am on this subject!

I come from a fishing background as my father was a both a fisherman & an aquarium employee…I recall the first day that I ever visited an aquarium; I was really blown away by the magnificent sight of those Hugh hammer-head sharks & the cute looking yet extremely deadly jelly fish! I couldn’t help but promise myself that one day I would work in an aquarium just like my father…

After college I decided that it was time to put my head to something that I really liked…Working with exotic Aquatic species! About 20 years ago I saw a job opening at one of the Aquariums & without hesitation I put in an application! 2 weeks later I was offered the job & I have been working there ever since…

One of the most appeasing aquatic species I have studied & nurtured is the crab…more specifically, hermit crabs! These are really fascinating animals to work with & virtually anyone can enjoy having them as pets! They are the most interesting, fun and virtually care-free pets that I know of…now that’s a very Hugh bonus especially if you are extremely busy most of the time & spend less time at home!

“I Will Divulge Every Last Hermit Crab Secret That I Have Leant Over The Last 2 Decades—Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know About Caring For These Exotic Pets Will Be At Your Finger Tips With Absolutely No Strings Attached…”

1 frustrating thing that baffles most hermit crab owners as well as those who intend on having them as pets is the lack of concrete information about them…

There is a serious knowledge gap floating around about how to nurture these friendly little creatures! The little information that is available is very scanty & confusing! This is the main reason why most people decide to discard these pets; it’s because they find it very difficult to keep them when in reality these are the easiest pets you can ever have…

Fortunately, this is something you will no longer have to worry about! In this fool-proof hermit crabs guide I will ANSWER EVERY LAST HERMIT CRAB QUERY THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE…

“Discover The Quickest & Most Effective Secrets & Expert Advice That Will Allow You To Tame, Train, Breed & Bond With Your Hermit Crab In Just-Under 2 Weeks…”

I will reveal the exact SECRETS & TRICKS that I have been using to keep the aquarium crabs, sharp, healthy & active and you will be able to replicate these secrets, right from the comfort of your home!

Grab Yourself A Copy Of The ‘ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR HERMIT CRABS’ Right Now & This Is What You Will Discover Inside This Jam-Packed Guide:

Everything you should know about having a hermit crab as a pet– plus, the many great reasons why you should want to have this amazing creature as a pet!

Eliminate the biting, aggression & bad behaviors – You will be able to accomplish all this without breaking a sweat

How make your hermit crabs feel at home – I will reveal to you some ‘key locked’ aquarium secrets that you can use to hypnotically make your pets feel as if they are in their natural setting.

What you absolutely must know about your hermit crab’s traits & characteristics – failure to follow these tips could lead you to inadvertently harm your hermit crab!

How to protect & handle your hermit crab to ensure theirs and your own safety – These steps are extremely simple to follow and can be done even by a 5 year old! You have to see this to believe it

Important tips that you must considered before you buy a new hermit crab – follow these tips to the letter and your hermit crabs will probably even outlive you

The various types and sizes of hermit crabs – and how to select the one that is right for you … plus, how to quickly tell males from females!

Insider secrets on what to look for when selecting a hermit crab at a pet store– if you want to ensure you buy a happy, healthy crab here’s the signs you MUST look for!

How to keep your hermit crabs healthy & active without stretching them physically or mentally– I will guide you through this enjoyable process the same way a physician would guide his patient through their medical exercises

Insider tips on the types of food that you should give your hermit crabs for longer & healthier lives– I can guarantee you that you have never seen any of these foodstuffs anywhere before…This revelation is a first!

How to mate hermit crabs – and how to take care of baby hermit crabs and ensure they grow up healthy!


Click Here To Download A Copy Of This Time Sensitive Guide

“The Ultimate Guide For Hermit Crabs Is The Only Comprehensively Written Hermit Crab Care Guide That Offers Detailed & Proven Instructions On How To Train, Breed & Tame These Pets—No Wander It Receives Such RAVE REVIEWS!”

‘Fantastic guide to read’

“Scott you are the best! You really hit the spot with this guide – Before I bought your book I had tried reading three other hermit crab care guides but they were all useless. I must say that my understanding of hermit crabs has totally changed ever since I bought your guide & for that I would like to thankyou. This is really a fantastic guide to read. Please keep up the good work…”

Stacy McKenzie, Ohio

“Your guide blew me away”

Scott, I only have four words for you…“Your guide blew me away…” You are the man! I really love your work please continue keeping us informed as a lot of people out there can really do with this kind of quality info!

Steve Peterson, Kentucky


“I Will Show You Exactly How You Can Achieve This Seemingly Impossible Feat With Your Own Hermit Crabs…Without Any Expert Help Or Advice!”


As Soon As You Purchase This Limited Edition Guide You Will Instantly Start Enjoying The Following Benefits:

Easy, enjoyable & very educative reading.

Extremely detailed step-by-step instructions on what to do & when to do it!

Latest insider secrets on how to care for your hermit crabs

Instant download upon payment – totally no hassles

Tips on how to keep your hermit crabs healthy

No expensive shipping costs

No waiting time for the guide to be delivered

Secure payment options

Top of the crop advice on buying hermit crabs

Proven Tips on how to land hermit crabs as a pet

Expert advice on where to buy healthy hermit crabs

Tricks on how to distinguish sick from healthy hermit crabs

Mastering hermit crab habits

Tips on how to Set up the isolation tank for molting hermit crabs

Tips on setting up hermit crab cages

Expert advice on how to feed your hermit crabs

Legit Tips on how to choose your hermit crabs shell

Getting to know your hermit crabs

How to distinguish a male from a female

Solid Tips on hermit crab breeding


Click Here To Download A Copy Of This Time Sensitive Guide

Don’t be fooled by other ridiculous guides on the market that claim to provide you with the quality & depth of information that this guide will offer you; this is simply because there is no other site or manual available today that can match or out class the ‘ultimate guide for hermit crabs’, guaranteed!

This guide has taken years to write & perfect! Everything I have leant, practiced & experienced during my 20 years of working in the aquarium is reflected in this fantastic piece of writing…

I am giving you a chance to own a copy of the hermit crabs HOLY GRAIL. and the best part is that I am offering it to you almost FREE-OF-CHARGE! It really doesn’t get any better than this…

Click Here To Download A Copy Of This Time Sensitive Guide

… And there is a whole lot more!


If you don’t agree that the “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR HERMIT CRABS” delivers everything I have promised and more, then simply get back to me with a refund request and I will cheerfully honor my guarantee for 60 days after your purchase!

…Now what could be fairer than that?

AND, if you respond right away & grab yourself a copy of this limited edition guide, you only pay $14…

…That’s $32 off the regular price – Now that’s a bargain

But remember! This is a limited edition offer which means that I am only selling a limited number of copies. Once that number has been reached, I will no longer be able to sell any more copies so hurry up & get yourself a copy before they run out…

Don’t wait another second! Get the secret insider information and change your life!

Get The Ultimate Guide For Hermit Crabs TODAY!

YES Scott, I am ready to try The Ultimate Guide For Hermit Crabs for 60 FULL days!

Have your credit card handy and click the orange button below.

Order Online By Safe, Secure Server!

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and it’s potential.

Add to Cart

To nurturing healthy & active hermit crabs,

Scott Murray
Author of ‘The Ultimate Guide For Hermit Crabs’

P.S. Remember that this is a special limited edition offer hence the copies might run out any time from now. For a limited time only I have decided to reduce the price from $46 to an insane give away price of only $14…That’s right…for only the price of 2 pints of lager you will Receive “The Ultimate guide for Hermit Crabs” & it will be yours forever!

Claim Your Copy Now!

P.P.S Also remember that there is absolutely no risk involved when you make this purchase. So grab yourself a copy of this limited edition special offer while it lasts! If “The Ultimate Guide For Crabs!” isn’t everything you were expecting, simply notify me within 60 days of purchase and I will refund your money immediately, no questions asked.

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