Weight Loss is All About Honesty With Yourself

This is going to sound really strange, but I think these workouts and change in mentality because of the Fat Diminisher System (and a few other things) are making me think like a guy.

I am like, right I need to do this item of stuff when I get back to England. And I need to do this many push-ups. And I missed some calories here, I can fit in here, or I went over budget here so I will scale back tomorrow. Crazy stuff.

Thigh-ShapingToday I hit the 40 pounds total lost from the first time I used MFP, and most of that is from the Fat Diminisher program for sure!

I have been feeling a bit like a fraud this week. I try to stay at deficit and most days I do. But the Cheetos have been calling me with their siren song, and I have been fudging the portion sizes a bit this week.

Seems like every time I turn around at work someone is bringing in cookies, or a potluck, or a “working lunch” at Los Azteca’s restaurant. It has all been rather hard on my willpower. Tomorrow I have a potluck for “Boss’s Day”.

I made a cheesecake with fat-free cream cheese, Splenda, and fat-free cool whip. And I Used my canned cherry sauce made with Splenda, and a can of lite cherry pie filling to top it with. One of the other supervisors warned me “None of that healthy crap Carmen”. So I just won’t tell her it doesn’t have a ton of calories.

Hopefully, there will be something I can eat at the potluck. I need to get back o basics here and get back to exercising so I can reach my goals. We can do this ladies. Go Venus!

When I find myself drawn to food that won’t help me reach my goals I ask myself do I need this? Am I hungry or bored? Then I read the ingredients which usually turns me off. Next I empty the bag or box into the trash. There’s something therapeutic about dumping the contents out of the bag or box into the trash can. Then I toss the bag/box into the recycle.

I have a very hard time wasting any food so for me actually to toss it in the trash is a huge statement. I’m sending my subconscious the message that I value myself too much to feed my body unhealthy food.

As for potlucks, I only bring what my body deserves. This way I know that I will have a healthy meal no matter what happens to be there.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and power through the obstacles. You can do this!
Yes, this program is all about honesty with yourself. We all know exactly when we are funding the portion sizes, and we know when we aren’t eating the perfect meal. It’s all about accountability to yourself and just getting past the off days, weeks, or months.

Also wanted to share some success pictures! Here are me and my niece picking raspberries today, and my brother and me. He’s not Adonis..but I will convert him yet…but he does have his own success story recently of losing 100 pounds!

You and I have been here a long time Pixie. We are human; it’s going to happen. None of us can do this perfectly 100% each and every day. It’s not fraud; it’s just what it is…human. Jump back on when you can and save the day or week! You know exactly what to do.

It’s only fraud if you lied about it to us or worse to yourself. You know what happened, and you know how to fix it. Swim a little harder sweetie just kidding. Tread water for a while and then have at it full bore again.

As for clearing those closets and buying goal jeans – excellent move. That’s my kind of motivation. I now fit into my original goal jeans but have a new pair now in a size I didn’t even dare to dream of before!

I wear a loose top over them, so the muffin top is my secret reminder to make better choices. And it’s a gloriously tangible measure of success – someday you realize there’s no muffin top anymore! Keep striding on, you’re doing great!