Hcg Diet Recipe Handbook - Enjoy Low Calorie Meals

Hcg Diet Recipe Handbook - Enjoy Low Calorie Meals


Now You Can Enjoy Mouth-Watering,

Simple, Low Calorie Meals And Lose

Up To 1-2 Pounds Per Day With:

“The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook”

130+ Scrumptious Low Calorie Recipes for the HCG Phase

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“The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook” eBook Now!

Here’s What’s Inside The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook:

  • Savory chicken dishes
  • Elegant fish and seafood entrees
  • Mouth-watering beef dishes
  • Appetizing salads and soups
  • Refreshing beverages
  • Delicious fresh fruit desserts

Each and every recipe has been perfectly constructed and designed to be 100% compatible with the very low calorie “HCG Phase” of the original HCG Diet protocol by Dr. Simeons. The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook is your perfect solution to add tons of variety, excitement, and an impact of exquisite cooking to your HCG Diet weight loss journey.

So, you’ve stumbled across the HCG Diet have you?
You may have gone ahead and read the controversial book by Kevin Trudeau entitled “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About”.. or perhaps you’ve read the classic “Pounds and Inches” by Dr. Simeons, the original doctor who created this unbelievable weight loss protocol known as the ‘HCG Diet’.

Have you reached that “ahh” moment where you finally realize that you’ve discovered the long sought after answer to losing weight and keeping it off for good? You’ve learned that using the HCG Diet, it really is possible to reset your metabolism and lose 1 pound per day with this breakthrough diet protocol.

However, you’re bored with your diet. You’ve finally learned the weight loss discovery of a lifetime for permanent weight loss, but going through another day of eating grilled chicken and lettuce for dinner is pushing you to your limits.

The recipes inside our ebook “The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook” are here to help you. Mouth watering, exciting and easy recipes which make being on the diet and every meal an absolute pleasure. These recipes have been handpicked by top chefs, and restaurant owners.. meals so delicious that you won’t want to share them with anyone who’s tempted to have a taste!

The best part about these recipes is, once you are done with the ‘HCG Phase’ of the diet, many of the recipes can be easily modified for the Phase 3 portion of the diet.. so the enjoyment doesn’t stop once you are finished with the toughest part of your diet journey.

Click Here To Claim Your Copy Of
“The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook” eBook Now!

Free Bonus #1:
HCG Diet ‘Phase 3′ Report

As a free bonus, I’m also throwing in a 9-page Phase 3 report which will aid you in maintaining and stabilizing your weight once you have completed the ‘HCG Phase’ of the diet. The report contains tips and guidelines which will help eliminate failure and enable you to be successful when jumping into Phase 3 of the HCG Diet.

Free Bonus #2:
Complete ‘HCG Phase’ Grocery Shopping List

We’re also including a complete grocery shopping list for your Phase 2 journey of the HCG diet protocol when you purchase your copy of the ebook. This will eliminate any confusion as to what you can or cannot consume when on the HCG phase of the diet. We also clearly state that if a certain food is NOT listed on our shopping list, you should not consume it! We are removing all the headaches and confusion out of the equation, as an added convenience for you.



Recent Feedback From Our Customers:

“I’m glad to report that I’ve lost a whopping 24 pounds in just 3 weeks following the delicious recipes from your ebook. I like them so much I still use them and I’m not even on the HCG Diet anymore!”

- Armie Timmins
Chicago, Illinois, USA


“This ebook is simply amazing! The recipe book is extremely detailed and jampacked with a LOT of different meal and food selections. This is the first time I’ve felt like there is no reason for Phase 2 to be dull and mundane. This recipe book is like a gift from the heavens :D

- Julia Springfield
Norfolk, VA, USA


“My son is in love with the southwest chicken tacos and he’s not even on the HCG diet! I swear, these recipes make the protocol much more easier and more exciting to follow. I made the chicken tacos tonight and they were AWESOMELY GOOD!! The only problem is I could’ve eaten a boatload of them if I didn’t stop myself, though. Thank you for your hard work and for giving us exciting recipes to eat on the diet. It is very much appreciated.”

- Astrid Clemens
Sydney, Australia


Click Here To Claim Your Copy Of
“The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook” eBook Now!

Here are some quick FAQs:

Q: Will anything be physically shipped to my address?

A: No, since this ebook is a digital download in PDF format, nothing tangible/physical will be shipped to your address, you will gain instant access to the download page once the purchase is made and you can start reading the book in minutes from now!

Q: What kind of software do I need in order to view the ebook?

A: Our recipe book is in PDF format, which requires Adobe Reader. You can download it by clicking here, free of charge.

Q: Do you offer any kind of a money back guarantee?

A: Yes, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee for all of our customers. Should you buy and download the book, read through it, and feel that it’s not for you, simply e-mail us and we’ll issue you a complete 100% refund, no questions asked. Plus you can keep the ebook and free bonuses.. they’re on us!

Q: Are these recipes all appropriate for the 500 calorie diet (VLCD phase) of the HCG Diet?

A: Yes, absolutely. All diets contained in the ebook have been specially designed and selected for people on the HCG Diet (Phase 2), so you do not have to worry about going over your required calorie intake level or consuming too little/too many calories while on the HCG protocol.

Hcg Diet Recipe Handbook - Enjoy Low Calorie Meals

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The hcg diet is a miracle in my eyes. I did the drop from Pro HCG diet and lost 29 pounds in 42 days and have kept it off for 4 months. This summer will be first time in 8 years I will be able to wear a bikini!


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Due to poor dietary habits, the frequency of overweight patients is increasing every day, resulting in a significant number ofcomplications associated with this disease, aging and premature death. There are also negative social effects and psychological.Overweight people are often teased and this leads to emotional problems not so easily expressed face


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