Gym Workouts - Maps to Success (ebook)

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BEST SELLER Gym Workouts eBook

Achieve your physique & sporting goals! Whether you’re new to training, a personal trainer, or a seasoned athlete, Gym Workouts - Maps to Success provides the proven guidance to take your (& your clients) training to the next level (even the top!).

Ever wonder where your training’s going or why you’re not improving? Wonder no more. This easy-to-follow eBook (pdf format) features progression process maps (for various goals/ physique endeavours), periodization plans for 10 sports*, articles, advice, & over 170 weight training gym workouts. Gym Workouts - Maps to Success is the training book you’ve been waiting for!

Very early reviews:
“Excellent. This is the no-nonsense guide I’ve been waiting for!” Cosmo156
“The best workout book of the year, no, correction, the decade” Personal Trainer, UK.
“5 out of 5. When’s the next book ready?” Matt
“It’s like having your own life-long personal trainer, but only paying for one session.” Gaz

Typically writing on behalf of others regarding gym equipment and supplements, I’ve been asked to write books on gym and diet related subjects for as long as I can remember.

Although I’ve enjoyed reading some excellent novels (not gym related), I favour reference manuals (DIY books, car guides etc.) to pick up time and time again (& the simpler, the better).

With the above in mind, coupled with the most common theme I’m asked for advice on being gym workouts, for which there’s a serious lack of clear & concise literature, the concept to produce this book - Gym Workouts - Maps to Success - was borne. This book was already more than just an idea - for years, as reference, I’ve recorded successful gym workouts for all sorts of physique and sports disciplines – whether these have been planned far in advance, or made up on the spot. Periodizing the training of athletes, I began placing all of these workouts within process maps to quickly identify (or simply remember) a sensible transition from one cycle to another & whether it was successful.

Everyone follows a set process of events in order to perform any activity successfully – the same reason for me to refer to my DIY manual when attempting a new task around the home. Even in business, process maps are commonplace to easily illustrate which path should be undertaken in order to achieve a successful outcome. It seems fairly foolhardy for weight trainers to go on guesswork, often performing unbalanced regimes (favouring chest & biceps) or attempting to perform workout routines far beyond their capabilities and experience.

Gym Workouts – Maps to Success provides an easy-to-follow guide to help you structure your own gym workout routines and those of others, in order to improve your physique and/ or sporting performance.

*Sports featured are: Football (American Football); Basketball; Bodybuilding; Boxing; Ice Hockey; MMA/ UFC; Rugby (Union); Soccer; Track - Sprinting; Triathlon.

NOTE: Upon purchase, this eBook (pdf format) is sent direct to your given email address within 24 hours (most likely sooner!).

If you would like to purchase Gym Workouts - Maps to Success in ePub format, rather than PDF, please contact me, as we are currently in the process of making an ePub version. Likewise, if you would like to buy this publication in paperback, please let me know. Prices to be advised.

ALSO NOTE: Many industry retailers follow the Gym Professor website. If you’re one of them & would like the opportunity to resale this book, please contact me with your company details and I shall reply with the affiliate information (commission, links, images, banners etc.).

GD Star Rating
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Gym Workouts - Maps to Success (ebook), 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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