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Google Local Customer Magnet


If you’re a business owner wanting more sales, or clients, in 2011 you must read this free report. Google has created a simple new tool that’s still well under the radar and it will do wonders for your business. Best of all it only takes about 20 minutes to set up, you don’t even need a website and it’s completely FREE!


09/01/2011. For Immediate Release.

From the desk of Henry Francis. London, England

google places for business. google maps for local business

Hello fellow business owner and a happy new year to you.

We all know, 2010 was tough on the High Street, and this year looks like being no different.

But incredible as it sounds, and seemingly against all the odds, while many local businesses are going to the wall, other shops and service providers seem to be doing extraordinarily well.

What’s their secret? Let me tell you.

But first consider these 3 important facts:

The internet is now the most popular method of finding local services and products.Traditional Listing Directories like The Yellow Pages are dead in the water. Nobody’s using them anymore. Period!

Google is the dominant force online and up to 97% internet users now search on Google for local stores and service providers. The results they find have revolutionised shopping behaviour forever!

Putting your business in front of potential customers at precisely the moment they’re looking for your products or services can have a serious impact on your cashflow!

How Google Has Changed The Local Market Forever

By completely re-inventing the way we find the things we need online. Making it simple and attractive for us to get all the information we need from the comfort of our own desktops, without ever setting foot out the door.

And because people searching for local services or products online go on to become serious customers who spend real money!

Fact: Recent research from Google shows that up to 85% of people who find a local company or store online, go on to do business with them

Up to 85% – That’s an incredible figure. Is it one you can afford to ignore?

Google Local Customer Magnet - Google Places, Google Maps

(Incidently. It’s a statistic that frankly dwarves even the great Yellow Pages, in its heyday – sometime back in the 70s)

Now I expect you’ve probably worked most of this stuff out for yourself. But if you stick with me for a couple more minutes, I’ll tell you exactly how to harness the immense power of a brand new Google service,specifically designed to help local companies just like yours.

A little known secret that’s still well under the radar of most businesses. And one that could have a seriously beneficial effect on the number of customers calling you or walking through your door.


Most People Still Don’t Even Know It Even Exists!

First off, you need to know that this is a quick, easy and most important ABSOLUTELY FREE method for local businesses to let Google send them new customers forever.

It’s a brand new service that costs nothing to set up and maintain, and one that allows even the smallest shop, tradesperson or service provider to dominate the growing local search market, leveraging Google’s incredible reach to attract countless new customers with almost no effort at all.

Use this FREE system and the sky really is the limit. You could be selling to ravenous new customers as soon as next week.


Fact: 93% of people conduct some kind of research online, before buying locally. (By the way, if you’re a local service provider, like a plumber for example, you could expect that figure to be even higher - somewhere closer to 98%)

Just about everyone uses Google these days. And to help the world’s biggest search engine provide better quality results, for the billions of people searching every day for local products and services, Google needs your help. That’s why they have quite literally created a free mini-website for every business in the world.

That gives you a really easy opportunity to showcase your business (no matter what business), and give it a first page ranking on Google.

See off your competition even if they’ve spent thousands on the latest all singing, all dancing websites. (You’ll only need an email address to get started)

Best of all, the only thing you have to do is tick a few boxes and enter some basic information like your opening hours and postcode.

It won’t cost you a penny and will surely be the best free advertising you’ve ever done. Seriously!

Because you’ll be showing off your business to local people searching for exactly the products and services you provide, at precisely the moment they’re looking for them.

In a nutshell, it works a lot like this…

A guy gets in his car and drives to town. As he’s parking up he thinks to himself, ‘I need to buy a hammer’. Stepping out of his car he sees a new hardware store right in front of him. One with a large message on the window reading ‘Special Offer On All Hammers Today’.

What would you do if that guy was you?

I think most of us would do the same…You see Google already dominates the way we find the stuff on the web. And now it plans to bring that same awesome global search power right into your town centre and local shopping mall.

And it’s a move that will surely mark the end of inferior competitors like Yellow Pages, and those flabby overweight business directories you probably throw in the bin, every time one gets squeezed through your letter box or left on your doorstep.

(By the way, speaking as a professional consultant to small and medium sized companies, if you’re still paying for inclusion in things like Yellow Pages you may as well be burning your cash, unplugging your phone and locking the doors. It’s official, they just don’t work!)

OK. Here’s How It Works

Take a look at 2 the pictures below…

Recognise them?

As an internet user I’m sure you do.

What you see is the new way Google displays results for locally searched products and services.

In this case the search was for ‘Computer Shops in London’, but it could be for any type of shop or service in any town or city in the world.

The result would look roughly the same.

Don’t believe me? Go and give it a try yourself, I’ll wait for you.

In fact, why not try searching for your own service or the products you sell in your town?

Now search for your line of business in your home town. So if you’re a plumber from Gloucester search for ‘Plumbers in Gloucester’. And if you run a camping store in Denver try ‘Camping Store in Denver’.

Own a Thai restaurant in Perth? Try looking up ‘Thai restaurant in Perth’. You get the idea I’m sure.

And you’re probably beginning to see the sense in all this. So why not…

Bottom of Form

So Much for the Theory. Now Let’s Take a Look at Some Proof…


Company: Escova Progess Hair Supplies

City: London

Business Sector: Salon Supplies

Annabella at Escova Progress, a shop supplying hair and beauty salons in London, contacted me back in November 2010, requesting my services. She wanted to tap into the huge market for salon supplies in London, supplying her exclusive range of Brazilian hair products. a

Now Annabella’s business is relatively small, with no real advertising budget, and as such she’s traditionally found it difficult to compete against her larger competitors.

I was busy, and didn’t have the time to take on Annabella’s job. But rather than turn my client away, I offered her one of the early versions of my guide, The Google Local Customer Magnet, and told her to go give it a test drive.

Here’s part of an email Annabella sent me on New Years Day…

Wow, what a result I’m still in shock! After finally getting round to using the guide I can only say thanks Henry. At first I thought I must have done something wrong, because nothing was showing. But after about 3 days I noticed my listing appear as a flag on the Map, when I searched for ‘Salon Supplies in London‘.

‘You’ve made the guide really easy to follow, all I did was fill in the blank spaces. ‘I went back to make the ‘hidden’ edits you suggest too. And hey presto. The next day I was on top of the page and my listing is currently averaging out at around 93 hits a day.

‘We’ve noticed a big jump in sales that we’d never expect at this time of year, so it can only be from following your system to the letter.

Thanks again, have a great New Year and speak soon. Annabella

Now obviously I could have made all this up. And it’s true that I requested Annabella’s review of The Google Local Customer Magnet. So it’s fare to say that she’s been deliberately kind with her words.

But the fact remains regardless. Using The Google Local Customer Magnet, Annabella pushed her tiny one-woman store into the major league. Her shop now ranks number 1 on Google for the highly sought after search term ‘Salon Supplies in London

Need More Proof? Try This Simple Test…

Just go to Google and type ‘Salon Supplies in London. They will look like this showing Annabella’s tiny shop on top spot, above all the competition.

Really Polite Notice

The next generation of search is already here. It’s a change that is altering the way people exactly like your customers find the products and services they need online, at exactly the moment they want them.

When people can find you easily expect the phone to ring and customers to walk through your door.

This simple step by step system is not even complicated. Google’s done almost all of the work for you.

Google Places beats every other form of local advertising hands down.


Realise it or not around 34% of us now find local businesses and services via Google’s Local Search system.

Time to Break This Whole Thing Down and Get You Started.

It’s the Perfect Moment Too

Because Google completely redesigned its Local Search Offering at the end of 2010, making it simpler to use, and packing it with some fantastic new free features.

Effectively they levelled the playing field, giving every business, shop, tradesperson and service provider an equal chance to grab a top ranking on Google searches.

Now get this. Even though more than a third of internet users are now using this still under the radar system to find products and services locally.

But only 3% of businesses have taken advantage of Google’s biggest ever free offer, to showcase their products, or services in front of countless new customers and pay nothing for it.

That means a solid gold opportunity for every smart businesses person, to get ahead of the competition and boost sales right now. Before everybody else does!

But you’ll have to act soon, because the very real danger is that they could beat you to it, snatching valuable prospects from right under your nose!

That’s the reason 91% of business owners who receive this message sign up at this point.

But if GOOGLE Places is Free Why Should I Pay £29.99

Just To Learn How To Fill In A Few Blank Spaces?

Because with this easy to follow, step-by-step guide you’ll get it right first time and learn exactly how to create a laser-targeted ad that really works.

This guide will give you back your initial investment of £29.99 many times over, and probably pay for itself within hours of you buying it, because you’ll learn exactly how to:

Create a professional looking minisite that does exactly what’s required by GOOGLE to gain a top position in local search results. EXACTLY (That means everything)a

Avoid the simple pitfalls that could permanently exclude your listing from Google’s Local search results and see your business banned for life. (Seriously you must be careful)

Make a few basic additions to your listing that virtually guarantee top spot for your target market, regardless of how congested it is, or how much competition you have.

Add irresistible calls to action that get customers beating a path to your door 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each one primed and ready to purchase your goods or servcies.

Build lucrative lists of prospects, clients and happy customers who keep coming back. Plus extend your reach to the massive market for Mobile Search, with absolutely no effort – (I aready did it for you!)

And lots, lots more. In fact you get all the benefits of hiring a professional to do the work for you. And because I’ve been doing this for two years already, that means you’re in very good hands!


About the Author

I’m a commercial copywriter, with over a decade of experience writing for the internet. You know the stuff, corporate sites, web-page optimisation, email campaigns and marketing.

During the last two years I’ve shifted my professional focus towards Local Search because of the superb results it offers my clients.

And I’ve used these same techniques to help businesses of all sizes, from local tradesmen to international brands, gain a real commercial advantage online.

Since 2009 hundreds of small businesses, just like yours, have benefitted from my simple to follow strategies and effectively claim their FREE mini-site, to rank highly on local Google search results for their target markets.

My wealth of experience means I can now reveal a definitive and successful blueprint for getting your business into one of the coveted top 7 listings on Google Local Search results, before the end of the week.

And as I said before. When that happens your phone starts to ring and customers walk in the door. aaaaaaaaaaaa

It’s a job I typically charge between £150 and £200 a pop for, and it’s something I’ve learned to do well, even if I say so myself.

However, I’m a businessman after all and I can hardly manage my workload as it is, but for a limited time I can say…

Who Else Wants A Top Rank Listing In Local Google Searches?

Just about every small and medium business owner right?

The GOOGLE Local Customer Magnet Only Costs £29.99

(Compare that to Yellow Pages!)

Remember,  What I Said. Page 1 Ranking On GOOGLE

Because that’s exactly what I’m offering you here . The Google Local Customer Magnet is:

A simple, take you by the hand and lead you to the bank, step-by-step guide to creating powerful Google Places mini-sites for your own company or shop.

Re-written for 2011, to include the very latest features of Google Places and Google Maps. The Local Customer Magnet does exactly what it says on the ‘side of the box’.

Exactly the same, proven system I’ve perfected and used countless times over the last two years, to guarantee a Page 1 listing, even in the most competitive of sectors.

Worried About Too Much Competition or Not Ranking Highly In Your Field?

Forget about it! Most companies ranking well don’t even know how they managed it, let alone how to stay at the top. Use my simple and legitimate techniques to swipe the number 1 spot from them today!


Just Take A Look At What I Included:
Because competition for those free slots will only increase over the next few months, and grabbing a good position get harder, I strongly urge you to take up this offer right now, while competition is still low.Please Remember. No local businesses will be able to survive much longer without Google’s Local services.

Start using my simple technique today. Alternatively, use some other more complicated and expensive method, hire a professional, or go it alone. But please, get your business registered by Google as a matter of absolute urgency.

Why its worth every penny

The Google Local Customer Magnet is a very simple to use, point and click guide to building your own hyper-effective mini website for free, and automatically getting it ranked on Page 1 of Google immediately.

It’s basically Google Local on Auto-Pilot, with everything you need to get started right now. Even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning.


The Secret of Turning GOOGLE Into Customers Finally Revealed

With clearly illustrated actual real-time screenshots and easy to follow diagrams, it explains in clear English exactly what you need to include – and most importantly – how you need to say it.

This is pure gold for businesses everywhere. With my exclusive tips and tricks you’ll be ranking on Page 1 of Google in no time, with a free profit-pulling page that works wonders for your sales figures.

Remember, I’ve been in this since the start, and I really know my stuff. Getting hold of this much information, from any professional in my trade, is going will cost you a lot more than the measly £29.99 I’m charging here.

To make this as easy as possible for you, and to make your listing as strong as possible from the get-go. I’ve crammed absolutely everything I know into this and written it in plain English with no geeky language. But I’ve included plenty of exclusive ‘trade secrets’ you could spend years trying to figure out and still never perfect, including:

How choosing the right text will double, treble or even quadruple the number of new customers you could be opening your doors and answering your phone to.

How to lazer target exactly the customers you need at exactly the moment they’re searching for your services by speaking their language. (Confused? Don’t be, I explain it all)

Locating exactly the ‘keywords’ your customers use daily, to search for products or services you could be providing. (A simple to use, insider secret that will blow you away)

Managing the Google Dashboard to professionally edit your listings, with almost no effort. Add a couple of my top converting tweaks and watch visitor numbers sky rocket

Simple experiments, that are already set-up for you. They virtually guarantee a Number 1 ranking on Google, even if you don’t have a ‘real website‘.

How to send customers directions to your store, office or workshop on their mobile phones, at the click of a button! (Like leading them to your door Pied Piper style)

How to pack-in more finely tuned content than most real websites. Tip, the more you add the better you rank. (Perfect for niche shops and service providers like plumbers and accountants)

Convert casual browsers into profitable customers, with an offer they just can’t refuse. One that’s FREE and generates new prospects out of thin air.

Turn satisfied customers into a great sales team, without paying them a penny. They’ll be happy to work for you and tell all their friends, with this simple, push-button prompt.

How to strengthen your listing and make it invincible, with genuine reviews that your customers write for you. (You don’t even have to ask, they’ll just do it!)

How to build up a list of customers and prospects you can communicate with directly, selling to them again and again and again. (Like a private club they all want to join)

Exactly what to do if your business or service already has too many listings. How to use Google and ‘play the game their way’, in return for a free pass to the front page.

PLUS – You Also Get…

Stacks of my genius ideas for attracting more viewers to your listing. Viewers who become customers and clients that keep coming back for years. (I’m always coming up with new ideas. Some do nothing, but occasionally I hit pay-dirt. These are my sure fire winners. Feel free to pinch them all for yourself)

A Free updated chapter I just added on the next generation of Google search, which will be here by the end of 2011. (Tip. Grab these latest features now and Google will love you for it, handing you a Page 1 slot for free, just for trying them out)

THE BIG SECRET to grabbing and holding onto one of Google’s ‘Sacred 7? top listings, which is crucial to making the Local Search thing work for you. I’m going to show you exactly how to secure your place among that Top 7 elite.


Because That’s Where The Money Is!

Even in the most crowded of sectors, let’s say ‘Italian Restaurants in New York’, my straightforward techniques cut through the opposition like a knife through butter!

Because even when it looks like you have no chance of making the ‘Sacred 7?, the chances are that those guys haven’t got a clue what they did right.

I’ll show you exactly how to beat even your strongest competition. Step by Simple Step.

I’m so confident this will work for you that if, after 60 days, you’re still not showing at the top of Page 1 on Google, I’ll even give you your money back!


The Future of Free Local Advertising and Search Has Arrived. It’s Money For Nothing. Come Get Some

Google is very serious about its Local Search service and it’s not about to change direction any time soon. So we can take it for granted that other companies in your field are already signing up, possibly pushing you down the list and making our job harder.

The longer we leave it the harder it’s going to be. But at some point this will have to be done. So in all seriousness what are you waiting for.

(Believe me. This is so simple you’ll be feeling like an internet genius in just a few minutes and you’ll see the results immediately)

Warning. Before you make your purchase please consider this…

When the time is right success comes easy, but once that window passes things get tough again.
Today this is easy, but if you wait around, and this window of opportunity passes you by, in time you could really regret not acting now.

My personal guarantee to you is that by claiming your free Google Local slot, and letting me help you create a focussed and attractive, customer grabbing listing, you will notice an immediate increase in visitors, enquiries, phone calls and emails your business receives.

Now it really doesn’t get any better than that does it. In fact, if you fail to get this going first time around, and you’re still not convinced after the 60 days, as long as you can show me you tried, I’ll give you back your money. Plus you can keep The Google Local Customer Magnet, to try again later (Although it’ll probably be too late by then)

So Go Ahead, Try This Out Risk Free Right Now By Clicking Here

Don’t delay, this is the smartest decision you’ll make in 2011.I’ll talk to you again on the other side, when we can get started on your FREE LISTING.

Speak shortly.

PS. I know I said this was a real game changer before, but I really do mean it. Forget Facebook, Pay-per-Click and Twitter. Forget Local Listings Directories like Yellow Pages too. You just don’t need any of them with The Google Local Customer Magnet. Because by getting this thing right first time Google will do all of that for you, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

This is the one and only chance you’ll have to grab The Google Local Customer Magnet, so I do urge you to act now. Because no pushy salesmen will be calling, I’m not asking for your email address and I won’t be spamming you for the next ten years.

PPS. Remember. There is no such thing as luck, only information and timing. Because the simple truth is that timing is everything and your time really is now.

*Down By Law
Although this site, the products and services offered on it are absolutely legitimate, they are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google.

Google Local Customer Magnet – Google Places, Google Maps

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    This is beautiful! I really love the different article. What a great decoration! I think I should try one. If only I had more time.


  • enrico

    Hello James,

    Imagine my surprise when I see that you - probably the only affiliate out there (with the exception of that guy Chucky on WF) who I trust and respect right now - were pushing my Google Local Customer Magnet (wrote it myself, included lots of love, got pathetic sales)

    Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your effort plus…
    Not sure if you got my earlier email but I got a copy of your rapid traffic automator.
    Only problem is it doesn't come with a user guide

    Any chance of a link to the how to use page or some kind of instructions…

    Cheers, keep up the good work and if you're ever in Brazil do pop in for a chat…

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