Get That Girl - How To Plan Your Ultimate Seduction Strategy

Get That Girl - How To Plan Your Ultimate Seduction Strategy

Do you believe you can get good at seduction in only 60 days?

Dear future seduction artist,

How long have you been in the seduction community?

3 months? Even more than that?

Do you feel like the results you are getting are good enough for you?

If they aren’t, continue reading!

It is common knowledge that in order to accomplish your goals you only need 3 things:

  • You need to know where you’re at
  • You need to know where you’re heading
  • And you need to know how to get there

You probably know exactly where you’re at

And have somewhat of a clue of what you want to achieve

But you’ve got no idea how to get there

I bet you’re probably learning random techniques

And finishing books without applying your findings in field


Do you feel it’s just too hard for you and easy for others?

I know it! I went through the same process when I started learning seduction

The only difference is that I didn’t let myself learn randomly

I created a system.

A step by step plan that gave me results from the first week of implementing it.

I hate working for something that will give me results in 30 days!

30 days? Are you kidding me? That’s just plain silly!

Why shouldn’t I get results straight from the first week?

So what did I do?

I designed a way of learning that got me maximum benefits in the minimum amount of time

This is the MED principle from Timothy Ferris, a well known life hacker

It means Minimum Effective Dose, the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome

Basically it’s a plan that hits every point where you may get stuck with a lack of direction or motivation

Using it, I was able to get *some* results at attracting women from the first week

And consistent results after the first month!


I created daily missions through which I would be able to learn 80% of the concepts and techniques that could be used in field

So that each day I had a clear target I could achieve

I learned the trick that made me able to achieve this target daily

So I could feel motivated by my daily success!

(HINT: It has to do with the MED principle)

Then I kept hitting the same problem, my plateau so to say

My first one was not feeling in the mood to approach

Then getting a lot of “Let’s Just Be Friends”

And even troubles meeting the girl AFTER she gave me her number

Getting the same problems made me feel demotivated

I thought this was the limit of what I could get from life

But that was not true,

I pushed it more

I tried numerous techniques to surpass my sticking points

And I won!

I invented a process that would pinpoint my exact mistakes

And help me correct them the following week

Than I improved it even further:

I created weekly reviews to check my progress

And a way to follow my path of improvements,

To be able to check how much I progressed

And where I was in my path to mastery

In my first month of using this system I’ve got numbers consistently

And on the second month I started ignoring calls from women

Because I had too many to choose from

Then I used this systems in my seduction trainings

… and guess what!

I was able to reproduce the results I got while following this system

In my students’ trainings!

They got numbers!

They got women!

They got results!

Now, after more than 2 years of research in which I actively optimized it, I’m releasing the system that does all these things for you

Check out what others think about it:

“The missions are a true path to success. You know where you’re heading, you have all the tools in front of you and most importantly, a motivated coach that brings you back on your feet whenever you fall of the track. I can tell you that the missions helped me enormously and I loved the motivation I got from ticking my completed missions, day by day. Neil Strauss was saying that seduction is like a game with many levels, you’ll have to pass them one by one and if you fail, you’ll start from the beginning. Thus, if you continue, you’ll learn each level so proficiently that by the end you can only win! After you’ll understand seduction, after you’ll have social intuition and the capacity to communicate with people, of understanding their desires and their needs, you’ll have the capacity to be proficient in any social circumstance. 

Before my private training, my approaches consisted of walking to the girl and freezing, I didn’t know what to do next, how to react if I got any other answer than the one I wanted, how to calibrate the discussion. Now I know what I’m after, I know how to calibrate no matter the situation, how to bait her, how to take a number and how to meet her for sure.” — G. (participant at one of my live seduction trainings and a student at my one on one online personalized coaching)

“I just finished my first one on one module and I’m very pleased. It’s not easy but Angelsin has the talent to motivate me and when I hit a plateau he’s always there to help me surpass it. The feedback he gives is very clear and he always knows what I’m doing wrong . When I started the training I just got out of a relationship and I was finished (both emotionally and physically). Now, even when I’m writing this testimonial I’m talking with 3 girls (one on the phone and 2 online) that I picked up on the street. I learned so much from Angelsin and his advice helped me tremendously. In just a month I arrived from being afraid to ask a girl the time to interacting with strangers without problems. I’ve got a lot of confidence now and each day is a real adventure for me. This training helped me change my life so much I just can’t believe it. I couldn’t imagine what I’ll become after the 3 modules and what adventures I’ll experience.” — C. (participant at one of my live seduction trainings and a student at my one on one online personalized coaching)


Let me tell you what this is all about:

  • daily missions that provide you with a clear path towards your seduction goal
  • progressive system that helps you step by step in getting good at seducing women
  • are you stuck? do you keep encountering a difficult situation?
  • you can easily identify it using the weekly review system
  • … AND surpass it in ONE WEEK using the sticking points system
  • find out how to log your approaches so you understand and correct anything that blocks you from getting laid
  • an entire chapter devoted to motivation and how to get leverage on yourself

All of this is packed in only one book

It’s the system I repeatedly use in my trainings

And do you know why I addictively use it?

Because IT WORKS!

I’ve looked at other systems and they are nowhere near the success rate my Seduction Strategy provides you!

Some of them give you a plan to follow (do x missions in x days to get a number)

Others help you find out what blocks your progress (sticking points correction systems)

But none of them integrate both of these techniques and more!

This book comes with a Risk-Free, Lifetime 100% Money-Back Guarantee. There’s absolutely NO RISK on your part.


Want a clear way to bedding more girls?

Want to get that girl you dreamed of all your life?

Want to increase your success rate by more than 300%?

Get That Girl - How To Plan Your Ultimate Seduction Strategy



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