The Secrets to Getting Free Media Exposure

The Secrets to Getting Free Media Exposure


Learn the secrets to getting great media exposure on Tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites, and more! Co-authors, Chris Durst and Michael Haaren, have been featured on Cnn, ABC News 20/20, The Dr. Oz. Show, Tyra Banks Show, Cbs News, and more!

The Ultimate Guide to
“Getting Your Name on the Marquee”

How to Work with the Media to
Build Your Profile, Your Brand, Your Business


Welcome to where a passing mention on The Today Show can trigger $3,400 in website ad revenues, overwhelming servers and in-boxes….

Where a single appearance on a daytime talk show makes people recognize you in the grocery store and airport, and treat you like a celebrity…

Where a teeming marketplace – and the coming of the Great Flood 2.0 – forces you to learn to use the bullhorn, or perish.
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Co-Authors, Christine Durst and Michael Haaren KNOW THE MEDIA!
With no assistance from a public relations specialist, and never having spent a penny for promotion, they’ve wrangled media coverage in some of the highest profile venues in the US, including:




GETTING MEDIA EXPOSURE (For Free): How to Work with the Media to Build Your Profile, Your Brand, Your Business

75 pages of must-know information and proven methods for landing great media exposure.

Packed with insider tips from the authors’ 250+ media appearances – including The Dr. Oz Show, the Tyra Banks Show, CNN, ABC News’ 20/20, the Wall Street Journal and many more – Getting Media Exposure (For Free) is the ultimate guide for those who need to build their brand on a shoestring.

You’ll also find:

Examples of actual successful pitches to major TV, radio, print and online outlets
The competitive secret that takes you beyond working closely with the media
Links to the best free sources of TV and other journalists’ queries for interviewees
Tips on acing email, phone and on-camera interviews (including makeup, etc.)
Expert guidance to help keep you “in the news” despite turmoil in the media
A Media Action Plan to help you get coverage ASAP


With the spread of the Net, the marketplace is already flooded with competition. With China and other markets coming online, it’s about to get even worse. (As the authors explain, they call this the “Great Flood 2.0.”)

From bloggers to graphic designers, entrepreneurs, Realtors, writers, consultants and beyond – free agents of all kinds must work with the media to build their brands now, or be lost in the din.

Product Details:

  • Easily accessible PDF format
  • 75 pages of original content
  • Worksheets to create your customized media plan
  • Incredible low price of just $14.95!

The Secrets to Getting Free Media Exposure


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