Free Gas In Your Tank

Free Gas In Your Tank

ATTENTION: If You Drive A Car And Are FRUSTRATED And ANGRY Over Fuel Costs, READ THIS!

“Discover The TOP-SECRET Fuel Strategies That Put An Extra $2215.00+ Worth Of Gasoline In Your Tank for FREE!”

(GREEDY Oil Companies Hope You Never Discover This!)
Dear Fellow Driver,


Are you sick and tired of staggering fuel costs, record oil industry profits, energy speculation and over-inflated gas bag politicians who do nothing about it?

Like millions of other Americans, you are probably fed up with the government’s failure to control energy costs and its clear indifference to the effect it has on the lives of everyday citizens.

The key word here is Americans. Of course we’re used to fraudulent political hacks and big oil executives spouting endless excuses and blaming the problem on foreign oil dependence.

Why? Because we’re used to it, we’re also well versed in adapting to and overcoming the shortcomings of the losers we send to Washington. Americans always find a way. We used 142 billion gallons of gasoline in 2007, almost 16 million gallons per hour.

That’s a lot of fuel. How much did you use and much could you have saved if you knew how to extend you mileage? You don’t have time to wait for the next great breakthrough. You need a breakthrough today.

Fight Back Against These Greedy Oil Companies!
If you are as sick and tired of literally throwing $100s of dollars down the drain as every other driver is in this country then it’s time to FIGHT BACK!

Now you can have it your way and cruise with confidence, driving as much as you like and no longer have to throw your money away stuffing your money in the oil companies pockets!

Big Gas Guzzling SUV
Your Hummer
Your Musclecar
Your Classic Car
Your Luxury Car
Your Pickup Truck
Your Off-Road Vehicle
Your Six Passenger Sedan
Your Big Overweight Gas Guzzler
Your Performance Sports Car
Your ATVs And Motorcycles
Your Big Gas Guzzling RV
and all the other all-American fossil-fueled toys and eco-nightmares you have always enjoyed!

The best and most comprehensive guide to fuel saving strategies available
No need to knock over a filling station or siphon your neighbor’s tank tonight
Save 100?s and possibly 1000?s of dollars in fuel costs
Here’s how you can quickly and dramatically increase your gas mileage and regain the unlimited freedom you have always enjoyed.

Suppose you had a way to easily implement dozens of free and low cost fuel conservation remedies that would not only guarantee your independence from foreign oil, but from the massive failed energy policies that have been a long standing hallmark of American politics.

We’re all looking for that elusive magic bullet that will raise our fuel economy and lower our costs.

Well now you can do even better. What if you not only had a magic bullet, but an entire arsenal of sure-fire fuel saving strategies guaranteed to stretch your mileage and keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket?

And we’re not talking about the same tired old secret strategies spouted daily by the talking heads on the evening news special reports.

No! We’re talking about ongoing fuel strategies and little known tricks you can easily merge into your daily routine. Once you start using these secret strategies, you’ll find yourself enjoying the process of cheating the oil companies the same way they’ve been cheating you since day one.

Why spend $15,000 to $30,000 dollars or more buying a brand new gas pincher or a hybrid with less power and comfort when you can make significant increases in your existing vehicle’s fuel economy without sacrificing the lifestyle you love?
How much would that be worth to the lifestyle you have always enjoyed?

Why should you have to sacrifice your lifestyle for the inadequacies of incompetent bureaucrats?
At last! All of the top fuel stretching strategies used by top mileage professionals and so called “hypermilers” in one place. And more!

Maybe you’re still skeptical, but consider this. If you don’t make a change to adapt and overcome, nothing will happen and you’ll find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into the fuel mileage quagmire.

The fuel you’re already buying offers greater range than you’re currently getting, but if you keep on driving as usual, you’ll only succeed in getting the same old tired results. It’s time to make a move.

Get Over 140 Surefire Gas-Saving Secrets Right Now!
Which of these powerful secrets could you use to keep your share of the freedom you have known all your life?

23 ways to reduce your rolling resistance besides raising tire pressure
24 ways to reduce aerodynamic drag
12 easy ways to reduce engine drag
46 easy driving style secret strategies to save gas
20 lifestyle secret strategies that save gas
17 tools you can use to increase your mileage

Most of these secret strategies can be implemented for little or no money and they are actions that keep on giving mile after mile. Before long, many of them will become second nature to the way you drive and you’ll find that they really don’t alter your lifestyle or slow you down one bit.

I’ve spent 30 years in the automotive testing industry and people are constantly asking me how they can get better mileage. I tell them forget about offshore drilling, bio-fuels, gimmicky products and empty political promises.

There’s no need to talk the talk as long as you can walk the walk. I finally decided to put all my hard learned fuel mileage strategies in one easy to read package that everyone can use to put an end to gas crisis woes. Use these killer gas mileage secret strategies to put those big oil profits in your pocket instead.

There’s no BS here! No magnets, clothes pins on your fuel lines, weird air swirl blades in your air cleaner, elixirs in a bottle, electronic fuel processors and other vaporware.

These are no bull, straight, honest and easy-to-do secret strategies that can add up to real bonus mileage and can help you beat the oil companies at their own game. Think of this as your own special Gas Guzzler Rebate Kit.

It’s Time To Stop Feeding More Money To The Oil Companies!

Take back all that hard-earned cash the oil companies and speculators have picked from your pockets over the years.

So what’s the cost for all of the little known secrets of high mileage professionals?

You might think I’d be asking a hundred dollars or more to reveal the holy grail of fuel savings and there’s no doubt it would be worth it based on the effectiveness of this information. In fact, your total investment for all of the best fuel economy secret strategies and strategies amounts to less than the cost of a single tank of gas.

That’s right; if you are one of the first 500 smart investors to capitalize on this amazing deal, your total cost is only $37 if you order now. And you’ll also get an amazing free bonus if you order before midnight tonight. After that the investment goes up to $59.

Remember, all of the secret secret strategies are completely downloadable right now!

And they’re displayed in quick easy to read bullet points. You don’t want to read a book; you just want the secrets and they’re only minutes away from your eyes. Before you leave the house again you can learn dozens of ways to increase your mileage and save money over and over again.

No inflated BS shipping charges like you see on those late night infomercials where the shipping cost nearly equals the product cost and the cost of the sell up feature and additional shipping practically triples what you thought you would pay when you made the call!

This product is a straight download that shows up immediately with no hidden charges.

Before you go to bed tonight you’ll become a fuel economy wizard just itching to stick it to the oil companies. You won’t be able to sleep because you’ll be too excited about putting all of these great secret strategies into practice first thing tomorrow.

These secret strategies are a one time purchase that costs less than a tank of gas and will last a lifetime. The cost is a drop in the bucket compared to what you’re losing and what you stand to gain by putting these secret strategies into action as soon as possible.

You’re not taking a chance; you’re taking the first critical step to fuel economy independence. Get your share of energy freedom now and foil the oil companies who are already plotting more ways to pick your pocket at the pump.

Special Free Bonus Feature!

And that’s not all! As a bonus for acting now, I’ve done all the research and carefully cherry picked the top dozen mileage-maker products that you can use to reinforce your new fuel economy strategies. I believe these are the top tools you can use to supplement your mileage program and you can get them all right here through our special arrangements with the manufacturers.

Our 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
I use these secret strategies myself everyday and I have always been satisfied with the results. That’s why I have complete confidence in offering you a complete 100% money back guarantee. I am willing to accept all the risk. If, after 60 days of applying these strategies day in and day out, you don’t feel that your mileage has increased and your expenses decreased, I’ll promptly refund 100% of your money.

TOP-SECRET Gas Saving Strategy Guide That Can Save You $2215.00+ A Year Starting Now!

$97 Only $37 For The Next 500 321 204 121 People

Order Using Our Secure Ordering System
P.S. – This offer could be pulled at any time. Act right now and you can download the FREE Gas in Your Tank Handbook completely risk free. But you’d better act fast because only the first 500 get the FREE Gas in Your Tank Handbook at the astonishingly low investment of just $37.


Your mileage may vary depending on how skillfully you combine these secret strategies and how well you utilize them. The example shown was based on a Dodge Ram SLT 4×4 1500 driving 24,000 miles at 10MPG, and using these strategies increasing that fuel efficiency to 13MPG and a saving of about $2215.00 a year. This book makes no absolute promises or guarantees as to specific mileage increases using these secret strategies. It is simply a collection of proven secret strategies collected from knowledgeable professionals who pursue fuel economy strategies on a daily basis. Results on individual vehicles may vary widely and you should be aware that even one quick spurt of acceleration or an unexpected steep hill can erase many of your gains so drive accordingly. When applied judiciously, these secret strategies will increase your mileage and save you money!

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