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“Why Does One Partner Always Want More Intimacy Than The Other?”

“What’s the Number One Problem in Most Relationships?”

Somebody… always wants more SEX

Statistics overwhelmingly show that sexual satisfaction among partners declines the longer a relationship goes on.  Sadly, it happens silently and often without discussion; causing resentment, frustration, lack of intimacy and often infidelity.  Even worse, the vicious circle of not having enough sex brings around only more celibacy.

But It Can Be Fixed!

And it may be easier than you think.

Help your partner, help yourself

It doesn’t Matter if You Are Male or Female

The TRUTH is that in every relationship , one person wants IT more!

And even in relationships with a ‘routine’ sex life, chances are high that sexual
satisfaction is not a mutual thing.

You might not be talking about it with one another, but the feelings are there!

Which partner is frustrated in your relationship?
Are you getting IT enough?
If not, have you asked yourself, why not?

The answers may not be sexual at all.  In fact, since men and women are such different thinking creatures it is only natural that the subject of sex be one that is often misconstrued and misunderstood among couples.

The keys to sexual balance….where you are getting IT as often as you like CAN BE UNLOCKED.
All you have to do is unlock the secrets?

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