FlowGolf FREE Full Swing Training Series - Simple Fluid Golf Swing for Anyone

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FlowGolf Full Swing Training Series

“Are you ready to lower your scores and start playing effortless golf?”

Former PGA Tour Player Doug Weaver has the answers you’ve been looking for.

Improve your swing! Lower your scores! Enjoy the game!

In the FlowGolf FREE Full Swing Training Series you’ll learn;

How to diagnose what’s wrong with your swing.

How to maximize your distance - regardless of your physical ability.

The most common mistake most average golfers make.

How to get rid of your slice or hook.

How to automatically make your timing perfect every time.

How to gain complete control over the ball.

and many more full swing secrets.

Free Full Swing Training Series

The Flow Golf Full Swing Training Series will have you dropping strokes in no time. Former PGA Player and top ranked Instructor, Doug Weaver will guide you through each lesson with step-by-step instructions that are easy to learn and implement into your game.

Doug Weaver, former PGA Tour Player and Head Professional of the Palmetto Dunes Golf Resort is here to help you have more fun on the golf course.

Become more of a player on the golf course. Become more socialable and have more fun on the golf course by becoming less of a golf mechanic and more of a player.

Doug takes things that you already do in other sports - basketball, tennis, baseball, fishing, etc. - and bring them into your golf swing to make you more of a player and less of a thinker on the golf course.

Click the button below to order Doug’s Full Swing DVD and you can immediately download it to your computer and start learning how to have more fun on the golf course in 10 minutes or less. And get it right now for only $67 $37.

Take 60 days to try out Doug’s instruction and if it doesn’t work for you, just email us at info@flowgolf.com and we’ll refund your purchase. Simple as that.

This offer is all reward and no risk. Try it now.

FlowGolf  Full Swing Training Series

Why should someone choose Doug as a pro?

Doug’s students say his teaching skills are an effective, efficient and a fun way to get immediate results in their golf game. He keeps it simple and can answer the most complex golf question in a simple way. Doug is a holistic golf instructor that often cures two problems with one simple drill or suggestion. He builds confidence even as he coaches through the drills that are counter to bad habits. He easily boosts the mental part of the game as he properly adjusts the mechanical part of the game. The student will always receive more value than they expect in their lesson.

Why should they believe in Doug Weaver?

Doug Weaver has been committed to excellence in golf for 44 years, and been an Instructor for 17 years. As a player Doug took lessons from Davis Love II, Harvey Ward, Moe Norman, Dr. Richard Coop, Sam Snead and more. As a PGA Tour Player he played and practiced with Tom Watson, Paul Azinger, Nick Faldo, Nick Price, John Daly, Tom Kite and many more.

He has pursued understanding the game from a player’s perspective as he still competes. Doug has learned to be sensitive to short-term goals of better golf, and yet keeps his students on the path to long-term success in order to reach their full potential. When Doug studies the advancing of the game of golf he can process the information as both player and a technician. Doug has learned from the best instructors the way to alter the game to meet your specific needs. He can solve complicated flaws with simple applications. He prides himself on avoiding the paralysis from analysis.

Doug has found the truth about golf and he expresses it in his functional approach that achieves success in his student’s game with a blending of the physical, mental and the mechanical conditioning. His communication skills are appropriate and easily understood for a very wide variety of golfers everywhere.

FlowGolf FREE Full Swing Training Series

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Rate This Product
Rating: 3.7/5 (3 votes cast)
FlowGolf FREE Full Swing Training Series - Simple Fluid Golf Swing for Anyone, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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