Beat that drug test

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Here’s my crazy story about drug tests…

OK, I’m going to confess the truth… I used to LIVE for weekend parties, but I lived in FEAR of drug tests!

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

My job used to stress me out bad, I always cut loose on the weekends.

Every Saturday and Sunday, I’d spend time on my friend’s boat smoking and drinking and trying lots of different stuff to the beat of the reggae music.

The joints came around, liquor was flowing freely, lots of stuff was going down. Everybody was laughing, dancing, eating and having a great time.

Partying was great, until Monday morning!

Has this ever happened to you—the surprise drug test?

It happened to me after one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had.

Picture this—you’re sitting at your desk, just getting back into the routine of Monday, when there’s a tap on your shoulder and you hear…

“You’ve been chosen for random drug testing. Follow me, please.”

Argh! What do you do?

Ever Been So Nervous About A Drug Test That You Started Shaking? I Did…

…and hot fear was flashing from my head to my toes! Know the feeling?

Would they find out? What would they do? Would I lose my job?

All those questions nagged at me as I followed the Test Tech to the bathroom.

And there I was, peeing into the sample jar, worrying and stressing about what I’d done that weekend.

I found out the hard way what failing a drug test means…

After I went back to work from taking the drug test, my manager came to see me. He wasn’t’ smiling. Oh MAN!

His face said it all.

“We need to go down to Human Resources and talk.”

FIRED! My worst nightmare came true. Can you believe it?

I lost my job to a drug test! This had to stop…

How would I pay my rent? Where was I gonna get the money for groceries? What about my car payment?

All that income, GONE because of drug testing, can you believe it?

I thought I had a right to privacy. I was wrong!

I had to get a new job, and that meant passing a NEW drug test. Groan! But I had to get a paycheck, so I started talking to lots of people that I knew who passed drug tests while using drugs.

And then I started researching drug tests…

I studied ways to beat drug testing and what I found was AMAZING!


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