Expinar Formula

Expinar Formula

EXPINAR FORMULA is the ONLY How-to Program of Its Kind!
Packaging your expertise, then selling and delivering it online, has never been this easy! Expert program-creator, Pamela Haack, takes you step by step through the process of gathering your ideas, framing and chunking your message and finally choosing how you will package your content using the latest online “vehicles” – teleseminars, webinars and video.
What if you could …
… teach people how to do something, and get paid for it?
… offer advice that would help others in their personal journey?
… reach dozens, hundreds or thousands more clients by creating an online service?
… make an impact with your message that would improve someone’s life?
… inspire and help others with your experience and knowledge? 

Gather and organize EXPERT content (learn how most people really mess this up!)
Learn Pamela’s SECRET TIPS for linking your content to what your customers, clients or students want and NEED (practically nobody is doing this!)
Discover how to find your style and inspire your audience (the KEY to great online programs)
Improve your energy level when you speak using teleseminars, webinars and video (some big dos and don’ts on this one!)
Learn how to conduct and record an audio program that you can sell – again and again and again (creating a passive income stream is so awesome!)
Discover the ins and outs of teaching your content through webinars (most people make this too complicated)
Create videos that match your personality and your message (there are so many ways to do video!)
Develop your own delivery style (so that your clients will LOVE you!)
Craft an inspiring, irresistible message that will dazzle your customers, clients or students (isn’t this what it’s all about?)
Learn how to package your teleseminar, webinar or video program on its own website or blog (this is where things really get fun!)

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