eDiet101 Rapid Fat Loss Program - (weight loss)

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The Secrets of Fat Loss

You are fat for a simple reason - You eat the wrong foods at the wrong times.

Did you know that your body releases hormones that either help store the food as fat, or use the food as fuel and start the fat burning process?

To rid yourself of FAT, you must learn how to tap into your natural fat burning hormones.

You Will Lose Fat With:
No Hunger or Cravings
No Harmful Diet Pills
No Fad Exercise Equipment

It Is All Included!

  • NLP - Mental Secrets to Master Fat Loss (Including Emotional Eating) check
  • Overcoming Fitness Myths (Many Fitness Marketers Have LIED To Sell You Pills & Equipment You Do Not Need) check
  • Understanding Fat Loss & Metabolism & Using Your Natural Fat Loss Hormones To Burn Body Fat check
  • Muscle Building and Natural Hormone Production Including Natural Testosterone Production check
  • Little Known Body Changing Exercises Did you know one exercise that last 10 seconds can build more muscle than your entire current workout? check
  • Calorie Calculator - Fat Loss check
  • Calorie Calculator - Muscle Building check
  • Fat Loss Meal Plan The types of calories to eat in what ratio check
  • Muscle Building Meal Plan The types of calories to eat in what ratio check
  • Fat Loss Workout Plan & Schedule check
  • Muscle Building Workout Plan & Schedule check
  • Exercise Techniques And Photos check
  • Instant Access

Send us your before and after photos, and become a
FREE eDiet101.com Lifetime Member.

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