The Dream Body Program - Get the Body of Your Dreams in 8 Weeks Flat

The Dream Body Program - Get the Body of Your Dreams in 8 Weeks Flat

Hi there. My name is David J. and welcome to DreamBody. In this program you may be wondering how can something in the computer screen help you. Well being a personal fitness trainer for ten years, I can reveal some of the shortcuts, secrets, tips and tricks to achieve your Dream BODY in 8 weeks flat.

Like I said, I am a personal trainor that does personal fitness sessions an hour at a time at a gym. Now in those sessions, I have seen so many people wanting their dream body but just didn’t know how and my one week session wasn’t enough to make a difference. I wanted to help everyone but I couldn’t. But NOW I can.

I have created the Dream BODY program to help you get your Dream Body within 8 weeks flat! What does the program include? Well it includes everything you need to get your Dream BODY.

Why You Need this Program?

In this present modern world people tend to experience  a lot of health problems

due to unhealthy eating, lack of exercise and a hectic lifestyle. Not because

they don’t have a choice but because it has been ingrained in their life to be like

this for many years. If you want to have a Dream BODY, the first thing you need

is the desire to have it. That’s the first choice you have to do because, after all,

it is you who can personally benefit from it.

If you lack the desire, to achieve, to have your Dream BODY come true, then without

hesitation I would like to discourage you from purchasing this program because it

won’t work. To tell you frankly, it won’t work because you don’t have the motivation

to succeed and to have your Dream BODY come alive.

To have a Dream BODY first is to have the desire, yes that’s the first step and rest

of my Dream BODY Program will just simply work on your life like a daily routine

until you achieve your Dream BODY in 8 weeks flat. After the desire then comes the

motivation, the patience and the effort to achieve that GOAL– to have your

Dream BODY come alive and it would be you yourself would testify that Dream BODY

program really works!!!

You too will realize that the money you have spent on this program is worth your

time and effort because you will achieve your fitness and weight loss goals within

8 weeks flat without compromising on your health.

Be fit physically and enjoy a healthy life. Act now and choose wisely…. before it

is too late. Get your Dream BODY come alive with YOU as the main result.

The 5 Dream BODY DVDs:

DVD1 Bulking Up

- How to Crack the Genetic Code that limits 97% of all

people trying to gain muscle

- How to Break Through Muscle Building Plateau that

can sometimes last for up to 7 weeks

- Learn About the 7 Critical Anabolic Factors that can

transform your muscle gaining results

- Top 10 Tricks the Pro’s Use Between Workouts to

aid recovery by over 74%

- Unlock the #1 Best Kept Secret of Olympic Coaches

DVD2 Weight Loss

- Easy Way to Eliminate 23 Pounds Fast in record time!

- Simple Facts You Need to Know about Diet,

Exercising and Lifestyle that will become habits and

help you stay in shape for life

- Secrets to Drastically Speed Up Fat Burning by

boosting your metabolism by over 60%

- Special Formula to Eating the Right Foods at the right

time to give your body the nutrients it needs,

when it needs them most.

DVD3 Your Diet and Right Foods

- The Myths About Dieting that you have WRONGLY

been taught that are damaging your health

- The simple reasons Why Some People stay

overweight for life – and how you can stop this

happening to you

- Radically Rethink What It Takes to be thin

vs. being fat

- Why Food is NOT the Enemy – and WHAT the real

Enemy Is!

- 10 Idiot-Proof Rules of Dieting and Fat Loss that are

easy to follow and will keep you healthy for life

DVD4 The Gym

- The Training Routine that will EVEN Work for Skinny

Guys to help them build muscle fast

- How to Earn INSTANT RESPECT from the Gym Guys

who will share their secrets and support you along

the way

- Use the Right Rest Periods Between our Gym Reps to

allow for proper Muscle healing

- Know the Scientific Method for Ranking Exercises so

you can do what works best for you

- Practice Time-Tested Exercises that builds Muscle

and can be done anywhere!

DVD5 Be a Confident Dater

- Know the 10 Rules to Be An Amazing Dater – and

take the confidence from out of the gym and into

your relationship

- Know the Exact Formula of how to start a

Conversation with any girl

- Get Involved and be Part of the Crowd that has the

Women you want to meet

- How to Use Positive Imagery and Self Talk to portray a

powerful message to your Ideal Partner


but wait…

SIGN UP NOW and for a limited time receive these

6 bonus products  FREE!!!

How to BOOST your Metabolism (Book)

- What You Need to Know About Metabolism

- Anabolism and Catabolism

- Metabolism and Weight Loss

- Tips, Techniques, ans Strategies for Boosting

- Common Metabolism-Boosting Myths

Generating the Proper Mindset for Health and Fitness

- Why Do Most Health and Fitness Programs Fail?

- Determination and Motivation- Your Most Important Allies

- Selecting the Right Program

- Starting Slow

- Target the Right Parts of the Body

- And More!!!

Jogging Guide (Book)

- Jogging to Lose Weight

- Choose and Create Your Own Joggin Trail

- Chose Proer Clothing for Jogging

- Is Jogging Healthy for Everyone?

- Is There A Right or Wrong Way to Jog?

- And much, much more

Journey to A New You (Book)

- Motivational Thinking

- The First Step

- Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?

- Set Realistic Goals

- Do Not Deprive Yourself

- And More!!!

Sleep Like a Pro (Book)

- Cut Down Media Time before Hitting the Hay

- Physical Exercise for Better Sleep

- Use Foods to Sleep Better

- Jump on the Power Nap

- Better You’re Sleep with Visualization

- Plus More

Vastly Increase Your Energy Levels in 7 Days (Book)

- What’s the Problem?

- Start Thinking About What Changes You Need

- The Physical Side of Getting More Energy

- Macro Managing Your Diet

- The Mental Side is Important Too

Confident Mind – Confident outlook

The right way of working out and dieting gives you self confidence. What is the right way of carrying out these things? The right way of losing or gaining weight is not only to follow the correct dieting habits and working out in correct form but also to involve the presence of brain as well. A stronger mindset… Read more of this article

Healthy Lifestyle

Your health is in the hands of your lifestyle. A healthy life style solves many problems and throws away many pains of life. It’s never too late. If you are not you want to be, make your lifestyle better. One of the important factors that determine a specific lifestyle is the nature of your job. Age and gender also count a lot. They may role either as supporting factors… Read more of this article

Weight Loss – The Right Diet

The diet for loosing weight should be healthy and safe. A well balanced, healthy diet is the necessity for losing weight yet staying healthy. The basic diet remains the same which should be taken under all circumstances whether gaining, loosing.

The Dream Body Program - Get the Body of Your Dreams in 8 Weeks Flat



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