Dog Training Without Stress eBook

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Dog Training Without Stress eBook

Dog Training Without Stress eBook

At Last… Dog Training Without Stress for You and Your Dog!
“Start NOW and Discover How to Quickly and Easily Train Your Dog Using Simple Science and a Step-by-Step System that Will Produce Successful Results That Your Dog Will Love, and You Will Too!
And it’s Guaranteed!”Dog training expert finally reveals how you can train your dog, young or old, Yorkshire Terrier or Wolfhound… and get astonishing results.. 

by Alexander (Sandy) Hastings

Dear Dog Owner

Let’s make this simple… and take it from where the need for dog training usually starts…

* You may have just collected your new pup and you know that good habits should start early along with all of the fun.

* Or maybe, you’ve had your dog for a while now and are finding it barks quite a lot, it jumps up at your friends or runs off when you go out with it.

* And however hard you try, all efforts to ‘control’ it – and however loud you shout, achieves nothing! Basically, your dog is doing its own thing and you’re seemingly unable to do anything to change things.

Do any of these situations ring true for you?

Of course, I could have added other issues here, but at least you get the idea. One dog that’s getting out of control and it’s starting to almost drive you crazy!

Are you just a tiny bit frustrated with all this, and just wish you could train your dog to do what you want it to do for a change?

Well, I have the news you’ve been waiting for…

But first, let me explain… and why should you listen to me…

I’m Alexander (Sandy) Hastings, and I know that having a dog around is really great! It’s a joy to have well trained dogs and I’ve had them for some 28 years now. And yes, my dogs (I have 6 of them!) are well trained…

But… it wasn’t always this way, that’s for sure! In truth, I admit that in the beginning I wasn’t good at training dogs – so I know the frustrations of out-of-control dogs!

I tried all sorts of tricks and techniques, but with no lasting success. And in those days there were no fancy video training guides - and pretty and as nice as some of them are, they wouldn’t have made a scrap of difference…


Because those I’ve seen don’t get to the heart and mind of the really essential scientific issues about dog training. And what’s more the ‘tricks’ we see are clearly being performed by already well trained dogs. What use is that to you?

So watching dog training videos isn’t the answer, so what is?

Well, my careful research into the science and psyche of dogs, and in truth we humans too, revealed some utterly amazing facts and information I didn’t previously know. Over time I tried them all and honed them to the extent that at last I had found exactly how to successfully train dogs.

Now for me dog training is a real pleasure… and now it can be for you too… here’s why…

In a nutshell, I have distilled all that relevant research and practical learning into a simple, yet effective step-by-step dog training system that your dog will thrive on… and you will too!
Introducing the ‘Dog Training Without Stress’ Simple Science Step-by-Step System to Train YOUR Dog – Whatever Kind You Own!

In this system, I reveal EXACTLY how you can successful train your dog. Period!

Dog Training Without Stress utilises science which has been around for decades but through my unique approach, you will achieve some amazing results in the first few days of training your dog. All you have to do is follow my simple step-by-step system and you’ll be a natural at dog training in no time! And above all, your dog will love what you’re doing for it… and you and your family will be relieved at the success you’ll soon be getting, so the whole family can enjoy their pet.

Yes, within minutes of reading this guide, you will have achieved the first stage to dog training success and heading for an obedient and attentive dog that everyone will love. (And other folk will be happy to be near too)

The book is laid out in an easy-to-follow format and includes my unique and highly recommended goal setting-like plan where I show you what to do and when. You simply follow it and when you’ve reached specific phases in your dog training, you jump to the next phase. There’s no guessing what to do next… just a simple system to follow, and that’s it.

Take a look at what this system ALSO includes:

• The fundamental fact that you must know about your dog and how it will dramatically lead to your dog training success.

• Be aware of old and less effective methods of dog training that are still taught today and how using the modern, recommended, simple scientific methods will be far more effective and reliable.

• How understanding the mind of your dog will change the ways you train it, and bring you the success results more quickly.

• Appreciate and apply reinforcement strategies in dog training… but get this wrong and you could undo all your good work to date.

• How to effectively deal with such issues as: uncontrolled barking, jumping up, food stealing, pulling on the lead, and chasing – whether planes, trains, sheep or starlings!

• Discover and apply mirroring and low-key behavior strategies to ensure a stress-free dog (and owner!)

• The essential and non-essential equipment and toys you need and how and when to use them.

• How to avoid your training being inadvertently sabotaged in an instant – know this simple strategy and your progress will be swift.

• How to effectively ‘socialize’ your dog so it always feels contented and stress-free.

• How to successfully translate your instructions to your dog so that it changes its habits, and what to do if your dog is a bit strong-willed.

• Dog ‘language’ explained and how you can create a secret language that only you and your dog will know!

• Body language and you. Understand what the dog sees and hears will dramatically impact on your dog training success.

• Discover how your perfect timing in the training of your dog is crucial to success. Get the timing wrong is precisely why so many dog owners attempt at dog training fail – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

• How your meal times can negatively impact on your dog and what three simple steps you can take to ensure you succeed.

• Learn the one-two method of delivering positive reinforcement that will ensure your dog is and will always be your best friend.

• The 10 Golden Rules that will make the difference to your dog training strategies and ensure you will be successful.

• … and much more…
You will see this step-by-step system covers a huge range of dog training strategies that both you and your dog will love to work with – and neither you nor your dog will view it as ‘work’ but 100% play!

This New Dog Training System is Set at an
Introductory LOW Price – But Not for Long!

This unique resource is the outcome of many month of research where I’ve discussed it contents with dog behaviourists, dog psychologists and vets – as well as many other dog trainers. Having established what the ‘experts’ said, I wasn’t satisfied to take their word for it…definitely not! I had to try-out not only what I’d discovered, but couple this information with my many years of experience with dogs and dog training.

I have spent thousands of hours perfecting these strategies in real life… with dogs out in the field and all the successful ones which I truly know work I now present in this new system.

You therefore have access to a phenomenal and comprehensive resource to help you train your dog and it’s based on science and real ‘live’ practice.

Clearly, I can not put a price on the time and money this has cost me to achieve, but you’ll appreciate it’s considerable. Because I am passionate about dog training, I want to make this resource available to as many dog-lovers as possible.

If I was using these exact systems to teach private clients, it would cost them an awful lot of money… in the region of $750 to $900, but this book is not going to cost you anything like this simply because having written it, I can offer it to people via an instant PDF download right here and right now.

Plus, I am making an introductory offer so I can get lots of testimonials to add to this website – and when they’re in, the price will be increased. The Special Introductory Price for this book is just $29.95.

Once you order, your book will be delivered as a PDF in a couple of minutes all from a download page that contains full instructions how to do it. A Free Adobe Acrobat reader will be required, but no worries if you don’t have one… we’ll show you how on the download page .

But wait… there’s more…

Your Dog Training Without Stress System
Comes with a FREE Special Bonus…

Because I care for dogs, I want to give you this FREE Special Bonus Report… here are the details…


First Aid For Your Dog

At times all living creatures become sick. When this happens, and it’s your dog, what do you do? A visit to the vet might well be needed, but often it’s possible to do a simple diagnosis yourself so you can decide.

This First Aid for Your Dog is a useful guide to checking your dog when it appears to be sick. It discusses the strategy to adopt, the items you should have ready when it happens and when it’s right to call the vet. Your evaluation will help your vet decide what you should do with your dog in time of sickness.

This Special Bonus Report (22 pages) Comes FREE When You Order Dog Training Without Stress

And what’s more…

Your Dog Training Without Stress System Comes with My FULL 60 Days 100% Money Back GUARANTEE!

I’ve packed a ton of key information you need to train your dog without you or your dog getting stressed… but, if you find when you’ve checked out this amazing book that it didn’t work out for you – which I’d be very surprised at, then I will refund the cost you paid without question, quibble or challenge. You don’t even need to give me a reason. Is that fair?

But I’m confident this will be the LAST dog training book you’ll ever need, but you are the judge….

Order the Dog Training Without Stress System for Just $29.95…

When you order, within a few moments you’ll receive the instructions of your instant download for the book … there will be no waiting as it will be sent immediately! The book will be in a PDF format for easy file download. And if you need a PDF Reader, full details will be provided, so it will be easy for you to start training your dog right away.

And one last thing I meant to say is this… in addition to the book and the free bonus report you’ll also receive FREE updates so you’ll always be in possession of the lasted edition.

I’m sure you and your dog are in for some great fun together… so I know you’re going to love it.

To your dog training success!

Alexander (Sandy) Hastings
PS Download Dog Training Without Stress at the Special Introductory Price of $29.95. It’s the simple scientific way to train your dog using a step-by-step system. (Note: the price will shortly increase to $49.95)

PPS. Order now knowing that I am taking all the risk. If you’re not completely satisfied that this book is helping you achieve what you desire for your dog and your life, I will refund you. But I’m sure you’ll find it astonishingly helpful.

PPPS. As soon as you order, you will immediately receive both the book and the free bonus. There’s no waiting. It’s an instant download – even if you order at 2am on a Saturday morning

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Rate This Product
Rating: 3.7/5 (6 votes cast)
Dog Training Without Stress eBook, 3.7 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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