ClickBank Affiliate Program – New Products 03-26-2011

Worlds most powerful software to develop & simulate roulette systems!
Roulette Optimizer is needed by every roulette player. Develop & Simulate successful Roulette Systems with ease. Millions & Millions of people are playing onlineroulette daily. Casinos are a Lucrative industry! Begin promoting Roulette Optimizer today!
Commission: 50, Betting

Starting Your Own Catering Business Ebook
Earn 70% Commission on every sale. Ebook covers every aspect of starting a catering business from home with little cost. Two upsells compliment Ebook in this growing niche.
Commission: 70, Business / Investing

The Inflation Threat: Understand, Survive, Thrive
With central banks printing money around the world, the threat of inflation is greater than ever. This original eBook looks at the destructive nature of inflation, and shows how individuals, businesses and investors have protected/profited in the past.
Commission: 65, Business / Investing

Simple Risk Analysis For Software Projects
It is a 13 page manual, supplied with two templates. The business intelligence is in a series of risk categories and associated questions, derived from real-world project experience. This is for business customers in start-ups and large corporates.
Commission: 40, Business / Investing

The Art of Privacy: Top Secret Level PC Security for Non-Geeks
Discover How to Use Top Secret Level Privacy Techniques for Your PC Without Becoming a Geek! The Art of Privacy is a guide to help mobile laptop users guard their privacy by showing Exactly how to set up their PC for maximum security with minimal effort
Commission: 60, Computers / Internet

Cake Decorating Business Secrets
Tap into the huge demand for cake decorating business info thanks to Cake Boss, Dc Cupcakes and other popular shows. Proven sales copy helps turn searcher’s passion into profitable business. Converts well. Upsells being created to meet demand.
Commission: 60, Cooking, Food & Wine

Comprehensive Candy Making
Learn to make candy in just 7 days.
Commission: 25, Cooking, Food & Wine

60% Commission Plus Recurring - Tom Bell’s Auto Power Blogs
Incredible EPC’s plus continuous earnings month after month for each sale. Cash Prizes For Getting Just 10 Sales or more. Go here for contest details and affiliate tools:
Commission: 60, E-business & E-marketing

Sean Donahoe’s Inner Circle - High Epc - Hot Recurring Income!
Powerhouse Passive Income! Promote this amazing membership site as it’s the Best Converting membership on CB right now. Converting like crazy, high retention recurring commissions! Go get all the affiliate details here:
Commission: 50, E-business & E-marketing

300 Internet Marketers
300 Internet Marketers
Commission: 50, E-business & E-marketing

The Affiliate Masterplan
Revealed! The Closely Guarded ‘Affiliate Masterplan’ That Has Enabled a Former Factory Worker to Generate Over 1 Million Dollars in Affiliate Sales
Commission: 50, E-business & E-marketing

Simple Affiliate Theme For WordPress
A powerful WordPress theme with simple controls to help you create high performing affiliate sites. Create landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, and even mini sites with ease. Earn 50% commission.
Commission: 50, E-business & E-marketing

Video Comisiones
Gana 50% Con Este Video-Curso
Commission: 50, E-business & E-marketing

The Secret Marketing Mind
The information in this e-book will prepare the read to embark on a journey that will take them to a place where they have longed to be. Generating an online - ongoing stream of passive income and being a successful person.
Commission: 60, E-business & E-marketing

The Secret of Squaring Up
There is no faster way to square up any building by yourself and be perfectly square than the method outlined in “The Secret of Squaring Up” by Charles L. Cummins, a master mason with over 47 years of experience. Guaranteed or your money back!
Commission: 50, Education

7 Steps to Reverse Diabetes In 90 Days
The Most Proven And Popular Step-By-Step System For Curing Type 1 (1st Medically Documented Case) and Type 2 Diabetes Available On The Net! Crazy-High Conversions! Check back for Huge Affiliate Tools. Massive Bonuses & Escape Capture
Commission: 60, Health & Fitness

Slim Down And Firm Up Your Body!
“Member Of The “Formerly Fat” Finally Reveals Their Secrets To Shedding Over 100 Lbs In Less Than 10 Months!” Great Niche Product. 65% Commission.

Health and nutrition: this is unique!
Dear visitor, we are so proud to give you the chance to try something Original. enjoy the powerfull of 360 degree system to navigate and transform your query as you like. information of: Food, Vitamin, Disease, Diets..etc. you can try it for free.
Commission: 35, Health & Fitness

The Instinctive Weight Loss System
The Ultimate Weightloss Product for the CB Marketplace. Expect high conversion due to strong premium content and branded experts. No restrictions on the use of keywords in your campaigns
Commission: 30, Health & Fitness

Elimina en 30 Dias la Caida de Cabello
En este curso aprenderas los tratamientos naturales para la caida de cabello, solo utilizando rectas caseras podras tener el cabello que tenias antes.
Commission: 50, Health & Fitness

Abdos Sculptes
Un programme realisable chez soi sans machine pour des abdos en beton ! Ce livret vous propose des exercices pour developper des abdominaux impressionnants quel que soit votre niveau et peu importe ou vous vous trouvez.
Commission: 50, Health & Fitness

How to gain lean muscle super fast and naturally
If you’d like to gain Lean Muscle at lightning speeds with minimum time invested, then this might be the most important site you’ll ever visit.
Commission: 25, Health & Fitness

Hcg Diet System Pro
Lose Weight Quickly And Easily Without Having To Worry About Nasty Side Effects. All Revealed In This Complete Step By Step System
Commission: 50, Health & Fitness

How to Boost Your Metabolism!
Learn how to boost your metabolism! A guide on changing your lifestyle to turn your body into a calorie burning machine!
Commission: 25, Health & Fitness

Storytelling at its Finest - 75%!
Earn Big Bucks promoting unique product. Authentic Irish Storyteller. There has been nothing like this since, Darby O’Gill and the Little People. Mp3 Exclusive. Not sold on or any other online bookstore. Affiliates Make Money Here.
Commission: 75, Parenting & Families

Secretos Para Organizar Un Baby Shower Exitoso
Como Organizar Un Baby Shower? Descubre Los Secretos Que Usan Los Expertos (y Que Ninguno Se Atreve A Revelar) y Aprende Como Organizar Un Baby Shower Perfecto Sin Gastar Mucho Dinero!
Commission: 50, Parenting & Families

Car Buying Secrets Revealed - Huge Conversion Rate, 60% Commission
Former Car Salesman Teaches You How To Buy A Car With Calm and Ease and Save a Ton of Money! This is a No Bs Ebook Written By An Experienced Car Salesman, Not a Marketer! Extremely Low Refund Requests, and Very High Conversion Rates!
Commission: 60, Reference

UK’s Top Expert Explains How Everyone Can Afford A Better Car
This guide is Awsome! There are 30 million cars in the UK and every one has to be financed! Every affiliate should join as everyone on every list is a potential buyer. Graham Hill is The top expert and this is the only guide available in the Uk!
Commission: 50, Reference

10 Pasos Fundamentales Que Le Ayudaran a Mejorar Su Autoestima
10 Pasos Fundamentales Que Le Ayudarán a Mejorar Su Autoestima, es el resultado de mis batallas y experiencias personales. Son capitulos cortos, tecnicas probadas y ejercicios practicos al final de cada capitulo para ayudarte a mejorar tu autoestima.
Commission: 50, Self-Help

Improve Your Dating Video Program
A hungry crowd of men who are desperate for help can make you a lot of easy sales. Help these men meet women and make 75% commission with a high-converting offer. Passionate market with hot buyers. Affiliate page at:
Commission: 75, Self-Help

How To Pick Up Girls Bible
Best eBook on How To Pick Up Girls! If you have a dating blog or adult oriented site, sell this great converting eBook! 9 Banners, Huge Keyword List, Sample eMails & 50 SEO Articles available on our affiliate page. Full eMail support 100%! 75% commission!
Commission: 75, Self-Help

Veolay Light Cms
Veolay is a Light Cms for Web Designers & Developers. Veolay can convert any static website into an online content managed website within a few seconds. No programming needed.
Commission: 28, Software & Services

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