Dear Writer,


The secret to beating writer’s block is literally at your fingertips.

If you’re serious about your fiction writing, then you owe it to yourself to read through this letter and see if this opportunity is right for you. (You might even like to print this letter out for ease of reading.) I appreciate that it’s a long letter, but I need to give you all the information about this amazing block-busting secret.

I’d like to ask you this: Do you find that although you really badly want to write – indeed, you almost need to write, the desire is that strong – but still, you’ll do anything rather than write?

Does your heart sink at the prospect of sitting down at the keyboard? Do you immediately think of the laundry you need to do? Or the e-mail you were going to send to a friend? Or the walk you promised your dog?

Are you prone to sitting blankly at your computer, absolutely willing the ideas to come, but feeling like your brain is made of mush and there’s this solid block between you and the ideas you just know are in there somewhere?

If this is your experience of writing, then you need to know that it isn’t your fault. It isn’t some character defect or lack of willpower. I will explain below exactly what is causing it, but for now, just know this:
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