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Quiltilated Window Shade


If you’re here you may have already heard about the Quiltilated Window Shade and how easily one can create something beautiful and practical at the same time. Friends and family will adore this unique shade as it will add beauty and charm to your home. Furthermore, its insulated design will help to fight off winter’s chill and summer’s heat.

In the early 1980s I made this shade as part of my work, but recently I realized with its artistic and pragmatic use anyone should be able to make this shade. Therefore, I wrote the “Basic Window Shade Instructions,” for the Quiltilated Window Shade. You are only moments away from crafting your very own Quiltilated Window Shade – just click the button on the right and purchase my detailed instructions for only $15.00.

My business partner and I developed the Quiltilated Window Shade in the early 1980s while sewing for Interior Designers. Eventually I closed my work room and headed in a different direction with my career. That was 30 years ago. Three years ago I retired from working in education and fell in love, once again, with quilting. Several months ago I decided to bring the Quiltilated Window Shade back to life. My shade is different from other window shades as I take it a step further by adding beautiful machine quilting to each and every shade.

I am now an avid piecing quilter who is also a long arm quilter. Through my quilting experience I have met so many wonderful people who like to sew and display their creations. The Quiltilated Window Shade gives seamstresses, quilters, and artisans that opportunity. Even someone new to sewing can make the Quiltilated Window Shade by following my basic shade instructions.

These instructions are easy to follow. I am available by email should you have any questions. I am developing supplemental material which will teach a variety of sewing techniques that can be used for your Quiltilated Window Shade. However, for right now, all you need to get started is the basic shade instructions.

When you’re finished making your shade, take a moment to send an email telling about your project.  I would love to hear about the shade you have created. Have fun, use your design imagination but most of all enjoy the experience!

Quiltilated Window Shade by Gloria Ayala

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Crickets Breeding Made Simple - The Secret of Cricket Breeders

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Several years ago my wife and I decided to breed crickets to ensure that our pet lizards were fed healthy crickets. Like most people, we jumped right in without knowing ANYTHING and made a TON of mistakes.

We went through 3 different sets of crickets. We purchased 50 at a time. We were completely lost when it came to making the final decision on everything from the size of the crickets to how long to breed them. In the end, nothing worked out in our favor.

SO… after that first experience we thought we knew everything when we started to breed our second set of crickets a few years later.


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