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Traffic Rockstar Annihilation - Become a Facebook Rockstar

Do You Want To Tap Into 500 Million Potential Customers And Become A Facebook Rockstar?…Well Now You Can With This Step By Step Video Series

From The Desktop Of: William Street

Unless you have been living under a rock we all know what is the is the single biggest internet phenomenon in the last few years…social media. More specifically one site that has grown into a monolith.

A site that has over 500 million users, of which 50% are daily users

A site that people connect on,share on, sell on, heck even make movies

about ! Most industry insiders think that facebook gets more targeted

traffic than the Big G itself ! Google.

So have you guessed the site I’m talking about yet ? Of course you have it’s…

Facebook is now the single largest site on the net and the most savvy internet marketers are using it to rake in MASSIVE PROFITS…every single day !

Facebookloves marketers and as I said they are already out there taking

advantage of the targeted traffic power of facebook to flood their own

sites piggybacking off the hundreds of millions of users every day.

So while you may be using Facebook daily for playing

games, talking with friends, giving status updates and joining groups, uploading photos,

videos and events, YOUR marketing competition is using social media to drive hoards of keenly targeted visitors to their sites and are making huge piles of money.

I mean c’mon, we have all used it for those things but have you ever

stopped to think, who posted that farmville link to get me to play in

the first place ? Or why? It’s money of course.

Social Media Isn’t Just For Fun Anymore !

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Website Risk Guide - Perfect for Any Online Business Owner

Discover the simple steps you can take to protect your online business and secure your future income

Affiliate or merchant, beginner or veteran - I’ll teach you how to identify risk factors affecting your business and the simple steps you can take to eliminate the dangers

My Website Risk Guide will show you:

  • How a change in the law brought down many big USA marketers
  • How relying on any external website for your traffic is like a ticking time-bomb
  • Why your competitors should be the least of your concerns
  • How you can identify all of the major single points of failure for your online business
  • The simple steps you can start implementing today to protect your earnings for tomorrow

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the risks affecting your online business? Ever though about what would happen if you suddenly lost all of your Google rankings or your PPC account was suspended? Have you considered the consequences of your server going down for a day? These are just a few of the many risks your online business faces every day.

Perhaps you have already experienced one of these unfortunate events, if so you will know the pain, time and financial impact they can cause. At worst they can result in a near meltdown of your online business, even entire incomes can be lost, yet we nearly always fail to indentify and take action against these risks until it is too late.

How ‘at Risk’ is YOUR Business?

The results of this quiz provide an estimation of the amount of risk your online business faces. Results are only indicative and should not replace a proper risk management strategy.

Making your business a long-term income generator

There is one thing we all want from our online business - a secure, long-term income right? If you are already working on your business full-time then you will be well aware of that ever present fear that something may go wrong and put your financial security at risk.

If you are still working towards being able to run your business full-time as your only source of income, then you know that you cannot take that step until you are absolutely confident that your income is both secure short-term, and sustainable long-term.

Although the Website Risk Guide will not show you how to become a millionaire (in fact it is not about making money at all), it will show you how to protect the earnings you have now, and any income you generate in the future.

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Discover How To Actually Make Money Online

Earning money online does NOT have to be a difficult process. In fact, it’s actually quite simple.
And all it requires is a few easy steps. Whether you’re a novice, or someone with experience
under their belt, this system WILL enable you to generate a monthly income from the internet!

The information in this system is being used every single day by only a handful of people who
does not want anyone else to discover the secrets whereby you can make tons of money online.

So how do they do it? What is they’re secret? Here it is…

They have their own products which they sell online! Now before you think this is what everyone else is doing, let me assure you, there are far less people selling their own products than people promoting someone else’s product …there are hundreds and thousands of Affiliate Marketers out there, eager and ready to promote YOUR Product. Why?

Because they are good at it, some of them are brilliant and they make a living out of promoting other people’s products. Unfortunately, affiliate marketing is not for everyone!

So, is creating your own product going to be difficult? It doesn’t have to be! That is why we’ve created the Step by Step Instructional Manual that will show you exactly what to do. Have you ever heard the saying, “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It “? We have a better saying for you…

Yes, following the simple steps outlined in this guide is all it takes to be on your way to making money online the easy way. But you must follow all of the steps to see any kind of positive result.

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True Work From Home System - Home Online Profits

“Finally Revealed - A Single Mom’s Secret To Earn $97-$217 A Day Working From Home”

(while spending just 30-45 minutes a day on the internet)

Well, hold on to your seatbelt because I’m about to tell you exactly how to do it, RIGHT NOW”

“And if you read every word on this page, you WILL finally know how to make an above average income WITHOUT setting one foot out of your home”

From the desk of Jenny Williams,

Stay At Home Mom & Entrepreneur

Dear Friend,

There are 2 things that I can promise that are going to happen to you today:

Promise #1: You’ll discover NOT just some secrets, but access to”MY” personal system to succeeding at making a ton of money with a legitimate work from home opportunity.

Promise #2: You’ll also discover how to take that success that I’ve experienced and transfer it to YOUR success….Just by working half an hour a day at home, so you can start seeing money in your bank account like this…

Read What Our Members Are Saying!

“I signed up a few weeks ago and would like thank the team at Home Online Profits for a fantastic product. It is so detailed that I feel the need to let everyone know how great this opportunity is and its been one of the easiest ways for me to earn a decent living online. I am thrilled that I came across this system, It is great when you can go from crawling to running in a matter of days!”*
- Kyle B, San Jose CA

“I have started making from day one with this system. I decided to give it one last try at making money online when I came across home online profits. Now I have more free time and more money to spend thx to Jenny and her team!”*
- Jemma C, Phoenix, AZ

“Finally a system that doesn’t ‘assume’ that you already have a strong foundation in internet marketing and just gives you the bare taste of the latest fad. This takes solid information and gives it to you in easy to understand and follow bites that literally take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process. Well worth the investment and has been proven to work better than anything currently available. “*
- Alexis A, Cedar Rapids, IA

“I can never thank you enough for what you have done for my life! I’ve read articles from other companies promising success in internet businesses before, and I tried some of them because I had nothing to lose. None of those companies ever came close to providing me with the success you have given me. There should be more people out there like you. Thank you for saving myself and my family, especially during these hard times. I would recommend anyone to give your program a try. “*
- Marissa M, Fort Wayne, IN

So why am I making these promises to you?

Well, just like you, I’m sick and tired of my email Inbox being filled week in and week out with “supposedly” the best work from home “opportunities”…..And then a few weeks later, receive another email from the same folk trying to sell more of “the secrets” to working from home.

If you’re like me then you’re probably thinking to yourself that if they would have supplied “the secret” the first time like they promised, then there would be no need to sell another product, now would there?

Well, TODAY, you can finally say to yourself…

ENOUGH with the false promises, ENOUGH with the deception, ENOUGH with the lies…

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Profit Siege System and Software

From: Steven Rounds ‘Ex PayPal Guy’

I don’t know you.

You don’t know me. Yet. But one thing you and I both know. Somehow you found this page because you want out.

Out of your current financial situation.

Out of living paycheck to paycheck.

Out of struggling to pay the bills.

Out of the 9-5 grind.

Out of long rush hour traffic.

Out of your job.

Out of whatever is holding you back from making more money a month than 99.999999% of the rest of the world makes in a year.

You’re in luck if any of the above is YOU.

Because you somehow just landed on the one single page online that has the answer to all of those problems.

I would know.

Because I created the only software that actually forces you to profit in world that doesn’t involve gaming Google with autobloggers or spinning endless articles into a massive web of worthless content that nobody cares about.

This software taps into a little known but ASTRONOMIC source of traffic that only the most elite Super Affiliates know about and literally makes you make money.

How much money?

The beauty is…

The software works for you.

You’re not glued to your computer 24/7 manning the ship to be in the money.

Once you install it and turn it on, it does ALL the work for you.

So you’re free to go out and eat or shop… free to be a lazy couch potato… free to get addicted to video games…

Free to do whatever you want.

Whenever you want.

And this will never fade.

It will never burn out.

It cannot get overrun by too many people.

In fact.

It’s only going to get bigger and BIGGER.

And it’s definitely not like anything you have EVER seen before.

It’s not:

Honestly, if you LIKE spending a lot of time and money just to make NO money, then this isn’t up your alley.

This is REALLY for someone who is serious about making a lot of money and having the time to enjoy it.

You see, I used to work for the leading online payment processor in the world…

… or, you may know them as PayPal®…

PayPal Insider Profit Siege - ProfitSiege System and Software

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Google News Success

“Google News Success e-Book” Will Make You the
Next Daily Kos or MediaBistro ? Generate
THOUSANDS of Unique Hits Per Day!
Have Your Site On The Front Page
Of Google In Seconds!Many
Times Over.The More
You Publish,the
More You

Don’t waste your time and money on other “tip sheets” that don’t deal with

the nuances of Google’s ever changing requirements!

Saturday, February 19, 2021
From: Angus Morley

Google News Success is the secret to your news success.

  • Tell you where to find FREE aps to boost your Google presence
  • Explain in step-by-step instructions how to use permalinks to ensure long lasting presence in searches
  • Demystify search engine optimization (SEO) with a single click
  • Solve your business organization problems so that Google accepts you as a news source from your very first application

Google News Success

We are able to offer you “insider information” at a fraction of the cost that membership clubs will charge you for the same product.

  • Set up a news website from scratch in less than a week using all FREE software
  • Find sources for unique news content at zero cost to you
  • Protect your online presence by giving you a privacy policy template that will safeguard your business, meaning you won’t have to hire (and pay) for a lawyer
  • Understand how to implement Google’s AdSense in a way that will not preclude you from being a Google-approved news source

Want more? Google News Success comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. You cannot lose on this incredible deal. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the information about how to become a Google news source, simply ask for your money back within 60 days of buying our book.

We have a limited supply of the e-book that we are providing, So don’t miss out on this opportunity, It WILL NOT LAST !

Order Google News Success today and you’ll be on your way to being one of the most trusted news sources! >>Click to Continue>>———————————————————————————————-


The Search Engine Empire

Dear Website Owner,

Like you may have, we started our first Websites with very little… ok NO prior knowledge of … well, ANYTHING related t0 SEO. We were just happy to actually tell our friends that we had a website… no matter how ugly it was.

As I’m sure you know, the time required to just learn the basics of getting your domain registered, getting the site hosted and figuring out how to edit the content etc. is huge in and of itself…

It takes time, but eventually we all realize… Search Engine Traffic is the BEST type of traffic you can get!

Just LOOK at the top websites in the World (below.) See all of the sites I circled? Those are Search Engines!

That’s right, out of the top 20 Websites in the World, NINE of them are Search Engines. That’s 45%!

It doesn’t take a genius to realize if you own a website you need to learn SEO!

But listen, there is also a bit of harsh reality… some bad news. Search Engine Traffic doesn’t just start flowing to your site because your site is good…

Top Search Engines Reserve Top 10 Rankings for Select Websites!

You aren’t alone if you own a website, or websites, that aren’t a part of that “select” group. As a matter of fact, there are MILLIONS of websites that the Search Engines just won’t give good rankings to.

And you know what? At one point, a while back, neither of us had a single website that the top Search Engines would give top rankings to… we know, it SUCKS!

That’s when we both got fed up! We were going to figure it out one way or another!

We went to the source… top SEO blogs, newsletters etc. and not only did we follow them, we actually established relationships with some of them… we picked their brains… we got the knowledge!

You know what though? It wasn’t enough. Our heads were FULL… even overloaded with all kinds of excellent SEO tips, techniques and advice, but we still didn’t achieve top rankings because although we had the knowledge, we didn’t even know where to start.

That’s when we got serious! That’s when we TOOK ACTION!


I don’t know if you’ve experienced a great deal of failure doing something, but it’s a horrible feeling. Working so hard on something… spending so much time… believing so much in something, only to fail, then fail again, then again, then again…

We both went through this very sad, painful… depressing stage.

But then, long after most people would have quit… just before WE were about to, we got to the point where we had found SO MANY WAYS to fail at SEO that we actually started to find SUCCESS!

Our page 10 rankings were actually page 1 rankings!

Our #9 rankings were closer to 1′s, 2′s and 3′s… we starting actually making money from this new traffic… we actually… FIGURED IT OUT!

You may have guessed what that triggered… confidence!

I don’t know about you, but when I find success I start thinking about how I can leverage it and that’s what we both started doing.

Instead of low competition, low paying niches, we moved to some of the most competitive phrases in the world!

Guess what happened?

Search Engine Empire - Your SEO Struggles are OVER

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The Rapid Backlink System

Attention : If you’re struggling to get a constant flow of backlinks to your sites then make sure you read EVERY WORD as you’re about to:
“Discover My No1 Secret On How I Get A Never-Ending Flood Of Quality Backlinks From Thousands Of High PR Sites With Only 60 Second’s Work!”

BEST PART: I Guarantee, Once You’ve Applied What I’m About To Show You, You’ll Be Able To DOMINATE Any Keyword In Any Market In Just 28 Days Flat!

…Don’t believe me? Here’s what happened after deploying the Rapid Backlink System to just one of my sites

Thursday, February 3
From:  James Scholes

Okay, this is what I’ve got…

I’m gonna reveal a system I’ve been secretly using to summon a near infinite amount of “Quality” backlinks to my websites …And all in less than 60 seconds too!

And yeah, you read right…

…I did say ‘near infinite’ places to drop your backlinks on. Infact I’ve yet to run out of “IP Unique” sites to drop my links on. This is all because my system you’re about get just keeps on giving and giving!

But that’s not all:

…EVERY backlink you get will ALSO be:

Do-Follow - Meaning you get link juice from EVERY link pointing back to your site.

Anchored - You’ll be able to Keyword stuff your backlinks to your heart’s content, therefore FORCING your sites further up the search engines.

High PR - Although not every site will have a high PR homepage, you’ll still have a infinite supply of high PR sites… just have to dig a lil deeper that’s all.

“This is How it Works… It’s as Easy as 123!
Here’s how it works…

There’re ONLY two steps to this incredibly powerful yet simple system you’re about to get.

The Rapid Backlink System - Traffic Automator System, SEO

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The Complete Guide To Search Engine Optimization | Road2SEO

You Have Discovered The Easy Way To Learn Search Engine Optimization Secrets, With Road2SEO You Will Make Money Quickly!

How would you like to be the NUMBER ONE listing when someone goes to a search engine?

Great, isn’t it? But, you may have been contemplating about the best way to get there. All said and done, you may have an idea about what SEO is about. However, wouldn’t it be great to learn SEO and become a pro? Ok, now there are many secrets that SEO pros may not want you to know. However, Road2SEO’s guide to SEO is quite candid on letting you in on all the secrets.

Through our SEO guide, you will learn how to PULL in traffic to your website. Not just occasionally, but on a constant basis. You will see how learning SEO is easy when you read our guide. Rest assured, this is not just another search engine optimization book that you can simply add to your collection. SEO is more than just a bunch of strategies with a few tips and tricks for good measure. In fact, SEO is an art that can be mastered over time and has the power to help you build a solid online presence. Read this SEO eBook and you will soon need to host your website on a better server to cope with the traffic to your website.

You don’t need SEO books to tell you that search engines drive an enormous amount of traffic to your site. However, what we can show you are the secrets to effectively elevate your site through these search engines. Here is an SEO eBook that not only helps you learn search engine optimization but also teaches you how to create a powerful pipeline that drives a steady flow of traffic to your site.

Through our SEO book, you will learn all about SEO strategies and the time it does take to produce results. Moreover, it is not about getting to the top the fastest. What is more important is retaining your website’s position in search engines and moving up to better placing over time. While there are plenty of strategies, you need to learn about those that are most effective, for which you need to get hold of our SEO guide.

It’s no wonder that my interest spiked the moment I notice the potential goldmine. I could safely say that at no other time in history, in no other arena, has there ever been an even playing field for small business and up and coming entrepreneur to compete with big business. I am here to tell you how.

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The SECRET To Making Really Big Money On The INTERNET


To Making Really Big Money



Having A Mentor
Teaching You…
Leading You…Step-By-Step


But rock solid knowledge, making you totally understand
everything you will need to know about making
big money on the internet…

Showing you the entire process,
with exacting Step-By-Step directions
all along the way.

READ ON…Thursday, January 13, 2011, 12:33 PM

Dear Friend,

I have some important questions for you.

Think carefully as you answer…
Have you ever wished that a true Internet marketing pro would take you by the hand and personally mentor you… step- by-step… guide you, teaching you absolutely everything that you will need to know, and understand, to become a total internet success yourself?
Has it ever worried you, knowing that 95% of the people who try to develop a meaningful Internet marketing income… fail to achieve it because of lack of receiving real professional guidance?
Does it frustrate you knowing that most of the “how to” success information being sold on the Internet today… is pure, self-serving, hype… only written to separate you from your hard earned money… written by people who have never actually done it for themselves?
Do you fear that you don’t have enough actual hands on knowledge, and therefore are not really capable of starting a successful Internet business for yourself. Do you find that you are reluctant to try, because you feel that you really don’t know how?
Does it really bother you that you just can’t see through all the hype, and conflicting information being thrown at you online… and can’t figure out who to trust, who really knows what they are talking about, and who is giving you the real information that you will absolutely need to actually succeed in an Internet based business?
IF YOU ANSWERED “YES” >>Click to Continue>>———————————————————————————————-

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If you’re a business owner wanting more sales, or clients, in 2011 you must read this free report. Google has created a simple new tool that’s still well under the radar and it will do wonders for your business. Best of all it only takes about 20 minutes to set up, you don’t even need a website and it’s completely FREE!

09/01/2011. For Immediate Release.

From the desk of Henry Francis. London, England

google places for business. google maps for local business

Hello fellow business owner and a happy new year to you.

We all know, 2010 was tough on the High Street, and this year looks like being no different.

But incredible as it sounds, and seemingly against all the odds, while many local businesses are going to the wall, other shops and service providers seem to be doing extraordinarily well.

What’s their secret? Let me tell you.

But first consider these 3 important facts:

The internet is now the most popular method of finding local services and products.Traditional Listing Directories like The Yellow Pages are dead in the water. Nobody’s using them anymore. Period!

Google is the dominant force online and up to 97% internet users now search on Google for local stores and service providers. The results they find have revolutionised shopping behaviour forever!

Putting your business in front of potential customers at precisely the moment they’re looking for your products or services can have a serious impact on your cashflow!

How Google Has Changed The Local Market Forever

By completely re-inventing the way we find the things we need online. Making it simple and attractive for us to get all the information we need from the comfort of our own desktops, without ever setting foot out the door.

And because people searching for local services or products online go on to become serious customers who spend real money!

Fact: Recent research from Google shows that up to 85% of people who find a local company or store online, go on to do business with them

Up to 85% – That’s an incredible figure. Is it one you can afford to ignore?

Google Local Customer Magnet - Google Places, Google Maps >>Click to Continue>>———————————————————————————————-

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Our mission here at Search Engine Submitter is to help your website to rank higher with the search engines by providing you with the very best in search engine optimization tools, strategies, and tips.
In the decade that Search Engine Submitter has been in operation, our search engine specialists have helped countless clients skyrocket their websites to the top of the search results, leading to drastic increases in traffic, sales, and profits.
It’s really quite simple: Search engines generate 90% of all traffic online, so the better your website ranks in their search results pages, the more of that free, targeted traffic you can draw to your site.
Our experienced team of search engine experts work tirelessly to create new articles, guides, and e-tools such as backlink checkers, keyword density testers, and pagerank verifiers, all designed to help your site rank as highly as possible with the search engines.
Put your trust in Search Engine Submitter, and relax knowing that your website is on its way to the top.