Car Buyers Plan - How To Beat Auto Dealers At Their Own Game

How To Beat Auto Dealers At Their Own Game

How To Beat Auto Dealers At Their Own Game

Attention All Car Buyers - Car Buyers Plan gives you the inside scoop about how to save thousands of dollars on your next vehicle purchase.

Written for Car Buyers in the United States,Canada and the United Kingdom

From: The Desk of Charlie Rollins
Location: Dealer Discount Land

Dear Car Buyer,

I wrote Car Buyers Plan at the request of a persistent friend after saving him loads of money over the years,with tips and advice about how to negotiate with auto dealers. I will explain how it all began and then tell you exactly what Car Buyers Plan is all about.

My friend of 22 years Bob Taylor wouldn’t let up. Every few weeks he would phone me up and start banging on about writing a book for car buyers about how to best save money when purchasing a vehicle.

Bob knew first hand that the information I had was powerful because over the years my advice had saved him many thousands of dollars on his own purchases.

About eighteen months after I retired from the auto industry I gave in and agreed to write car buyers plan. In more than two decades I had worked my way from the bottom to the top of the automotive dealership business so I have a very thorough understanding of how the industry works.

In the late 1980′s I started out as a sales trainee at a huge General Motors dealership and in the two decades that followed I held the following posts:

  • Award winning new automobile salesperson;
  • Sales Manager of large prestige auto franchise;
  • Head Finance Manager of dealership;
  • Proprietor of auto auction business;
  • Sales Trainer and Training Manual Author; and
  • Contracted Auto Manufacturer Consultant.

I supply the brief resume above not to show off or with the aim of impressing you but to let you know I have very detailed knowledge of my subject.

When I first left the auto business, friends would approach me for advice with the hope of saving a few dollars when they upgraded their cars. As word got around that my free advice was saving people thousands of dollars my phone began to run hot. That was around the time that Bob started to suggest I should write a book or an inexpensive guide about how to save money and negotiate a purchase.

I resisted Bob’s idea at first but he convinced me the idea had merit by purchasing and downloading three different car buying guides and leaving them on my office desk. I read them all from cover to cover and could tell that none of the guides were written by authors with real industry experience. At first I didn’t really get why people were writing on subjects they didn’t fully understand. Bob has quite a lot of online business experience and he filled me in. Bob explained that Internet Marketers often wrote Ebooks on a huge range of different topics and sold them because they knew how to write convincing sales pages. With regard to the books that I read I could immediately tell that the authors were only talking in broad detail.

Of the three guides that I read some of the tips and hints for auto buyers were handy but I could tell that there was a real void in the marketplace for the kind of detailed plan I could write for car buyers.

Why You Need Car Buyers Plan

Car Buyers Plan is written in simple to understand language but gives you the knowledge that only an insider can provide. I know that you are thinking there are many free websites online that give you detailed information about buying your new or used vehicle. Some of these sites have great information but think for a moment about their real agendas.

The majority of the well known car advice websites make their revenue from advertising placed on their websites by the large global automotive companies and local auto dealerships. I will say more about that later but do you think these guys really have your “the consumers” interests at heart?

The Truth is They Can’t and They Don’t

Since accepting Bob’s proposal to write Car Buyers Plan I have become a real consumer advocate and although I still have a business interest in running a finance company I have no direct links to the retail auto business.I write without fear or favor and have written Car Buyers Plan with only one thing in mind and that’s your wallet.

For a tiny investment, Car Buyers Plan gives you a detailed buying strategy that can save you thousands of dollars. When Bob starting educating me about online businesses and Internet Marketing I decided I would invest some money and buy a few ebooks on a range of different niche topics. Most of my purchases failed to live up to the big promises made on the pitch pages. Initially when I entered my credit card details I felt a rush of excitement about the new knowledge I would soon have but rarely did the information match the promises made.

It’s my belief that many online information products available for sale are written by ghost writers or Internet Marketers who lack real knowledge about their chosen subjects.

I am an Automotive Industry Specialist Not A Fake

As soon as you download and begin to read Car Buyers Plan you will instantly see that I know my subject. Over twenty years of selling, managing,training and dealership finance has me very well placed to guide you in each step of the buying process.

In car buyers plan you will learn the following things and much, much more

  • The best time to negotiate your purchase;
  • The four main closes and how to combat them;
  • How to calculate car finance and re-negotiate the offers;
  • How the dealer finance office works;
  • Why GAP insurance is very valuable if you are financing a car;
  • How to avoid all possible finance scams;
  • How to Get Dealerships to bid for your business online;
  • What questions to ask on the phone to force real anwsers;
  • How to check you are getting a fair price on your trade in car;
  • The key questions to ask the dealer finance manager;
  • How to take control during the test drive stage;
  • What questions to be ready for and how to anwser them;
  • How to disarm salespeople and take control of negotiations;
  • How to avoid the extra options scam; and
  • How to avoid the excess fees scam.

Download Your Copy Today

Be armed with the key facts…

Most “How To Buy a Car Guides” Only Teach You The Basics

I dig a lot deeper and actually explain the psychology of the dealer sales process and how auto dealerships use very specific step by step strategies to set you up for the sting. In Car Buyers Plan I supply you with the actual words to use when you begin shopping for your car. Words you can use in person, online and on the phone can determine the success or failure of your car negotiations.

The funny thing is that the techniques I am about to share with you will work all over the world. The big global automotive brands use the same methods and selling systems in most markets around the world. I have personally worked closely with companies that have trained dealer sales and finance staff in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada and throughout the Asian regions.

Imagine Knowing Exactly What Dealer Staff Are Going To Say - Word For Word

Some of the deals that car dealership finance staff get away with should be illegal. I share my top six finance questions with you to ensure you are never ripped off again. I also explain exactly how to calculate your car loan repayments and how to work the numbers backwards. This guide is truly a dealership finance managers’ worst nightmare but I also explain why they are happy to do a percentage of no profit deals each month to make quota.

In my time working for auto manufacturers, I have written training manuals for both sales and finance staff so I have literally put the words in their mouths. When you know exactly what they are going to say and even more importantly how to respond, it makes negotiation easy.

Understand How The Modern Auto Dealership Works

In Car Buyers Plan I provide you with links that give you a deep understanding of how profitable each department in an auto dealership is. When you understand the process it gives you greater leverage in your personal negotiations.

Could a customer satisfaction survey score really be worth more to a dealer then the profit in a deal?

The big global automotive manufacturers pay their dealer networks huge annual bonuses to achieve high customer survey scores. The end of year bonus is made up by achieving a number of different components and when you understand the system you can use that to your advantage.

In the USA auto dealerships lose money on a percentage of new cars they sell and that’s a fact supported by the National Automotive Dealers Association annual report. Other dealership profit centers like Service and Finance take up the slack and are very profitable. When you understand the best way to communicate with a dealer your purchase price can fall by thousands.

Download Car Buyers Plan Now

Charlie I have read enough and I want a copy of your book.

A Complete Action Plan

I am not a big fan of buzz words but I quite like the word “blueprint” as it conveys a total and complete plan being on offer. Car Buyers Plan is a blueprint for the car buyer. The plan that I have written for you gives you an understanding of how dealerships work but also the words to say and the actions to take to maximize your discount.

Like all industries the auto industry has a language of its own. Car Buyers Plan provides you with the questions to ask and the terms to use.

Communication in negotiating anything is so crucial and when you ask a question the right way it means you get the response that you desire.

Charlie’s RIP OFF TIPS

We have you armed and ready for the following tactics:

  • Credit score interest rate upsell rip off;
  • Unessesary option upsell rip off;
  • Extra Fees and Charges rip off;
  • Negative Equity Upsell rip off; and
  • Finance loan structure rip off.

With All The Free Information Available Online, Why Do I Need Charlie?

That is a good question and I am going to give you a solid answer. In Car Buyers Plan I have a section called resources and in resources we list a number of free car information websites. We list information sites that are about car purchasing, financing and car valuations.

The main reason I have put links to these free sites in our guide is to help with preliminary fact finding and research.

The Good:

The good thing about free car advisory websites is that they are packed with information, videos and reviews on literally hundreds on manufacturers models. The advice websites also provide some handy general tips about buying cars and financing. Many of the free sites provide basic repayment calculators and general advice about car loans and leasing.

The Bad:

The advice is general advice and never really drills down on dealer selling tactics or negotiation strategies. In Car Buyers Plan we speak with insider knowledge and explain exactly what you should expect. If any of the free information websites wrote in the plain talking way that we do, their advertisers would pull ads off their websites.

You might be wondering how the free car advice websites make their income?

When you look up any of the well known free vehicle valuation websites or new car pricing advice websites you will see that they have a number of ad placements on their websites. The advertising is for large automotive manufacturers like Ford, Mazda, Toyota etc. Big global auto companies pay Google,Yahoo etc big money to run their advertisements.

When the free sites become well known, their advertising revenue from Google ad sense goes through the roof. The writers of content on the free websites have to always be conscious to give consumers general advice but to never be too critical of the people paying their revenue.

In Car Buyers Plan we charge you a small one time fee for real information with no spin. My years of selling, negotiating and training experience are all provided for you to learn and apply. We earn no money from advertising so we write without fear or favor.

My sole aim in writing Car Buyers Plan is to save you money.I have no advertising on this site or in the book so I never fear a phone call from Google Or Yahoo. Can you imagine one of the free car information websites explaining exactly how to calculate your loan or lease and the precise words
to say to the dealership finance manager. These strategies, when applied, can and will save you thousands over the life of your loan.

We reference many of the free websites in Car Buyers Plan because the amount of detailed information on them is great. But when it comes to tips on really saving money they don’t provide many.

The Ugly:

One thing that I believe the free information sites should be more upfront about is affiliate commissions. Nearly all the free car information websites have links to resources that you can use like finance, credit score, insurance etc. When you click on these links the website you are sent to has a long url (example) The company recommending and sending you to that site is getting an affiliate commission. If the link is a true and genuine referral, when you click through the company’s short url (eg) will be all you see.

So if a free information site has a choice between recommending a quality service that gives them no referral commission and one that pays them for each lead or a specific action taken,which do you think they will choose? Bingo - the one they make money from.

I have no problem with business partners paying each other a small commission for a referral. In the online world though this can be a murky and dirty undisclosed process. It is my personal belief that the free information sites should be made to proclaim loudly at the top of each page something like this:

“On this website you will find paid advertising for brands that we write commentary about. In addition you will also find X number of links to companies and online resources that we recommend. A number of these external websites that we link to pay us an affiliate commission”.

A disclaimer like the one above would at least have you thinking twice about why the free information website is referring you to the other party with such vigor. I also believe that the free sites often make life easier for auto dealers by using language like:

“You know you have gotten a great deal if this happens.

Standard costs like X are normal

Most dealers will quote X above invoice price”.

If all the parties involved are paying and getting little secret commissions then why wouldn’t they make life easy for each other?

The Auto Dealers Have a Plan and You need one too.

Download Car Buyers Plan Now

Only $29.95

Be Informed. Be Ready. Save Money!

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How To Beat Auto Dealers At Their Own Game

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lauren tyler January 27, 2021 at 10:05 am If you have experience with this product, or know something people might find important please feel free to share in a comment below. Let us know if you think this this product is a SCAM or The Real Deal.

This ebook is very high quality.I bought the book before I read your review page from Paygear and having boughrt hundreds of ebooks I rate this one right near the top.I have just finished writing the author Charlie Rollins a page long testimonial because his advice about car finance has literally saved me thousands today.The auto dealer said exactly what Charlie said he would and then when I asked my 6 key finance questions the deal just kept getting better and better.

Lauren Tyler loves Charlei Rollins.yeah yeah you rock xxx


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