Bulk Video Creator - For Effective Youtube Marketing

Bulk Video Creator - For Effective Youtube Marketing


Simply select a folder which contains your images (e.g. pictures of your product), a folder containing various mp3s (e.g. background music) as well as an image which shows your web address/logo. From this, the software will now generate as many videos as you wish with your advertizing (watermark). Each video is different and therefore won’t look cheap or mass produced.

You can also achieve a full-time income

with this tool and Youtube

Be part of the extremely promising
Video Marketing Business and download now
this unique intelligent Youtube Marketing Software for a very reasonable price.

Many of my customers earn a four- to five-digit amount a month by using this tool.
Think about affiliate/CPA marketing etc.
The niches are endless!

I’m sure you realize that I could actually sell this product for hundreds of dollars but because I also want to give people with lesser financial freedom the chance to get on board, for a limited time only I offer you Bulk Video Creator for

Creates unlimited unique videos in bulk from your image folder (just select your image folder in the software)
Produces intelligent image sequences so that virtually each successive video will show as many different images as possible! This means per batch of videos the Youtube thumbnails and video content will vary to maximum effect. This is extremely important - no other software offers this service!
Optional: Adds random sound/music from your folder with mp3s to each video
Adds a watermark to each video (e.g. your website URL/logo/promotion text): supports *.png files so you can easily create cool semi-transparent watermaks  with e.g. photoshop, gimp,…
Each image only gets used once per video
The images will maintain their aspect ratio
Adjustable quantity of images per video
Adjustable length (seconds) of each image appearing in video
Adjustable quantity of videos produced by software
You can select the video codec which will be used to generate your videos: xvid, wmv or mpeg4 v2
Adjustable video bitrate
Adjustable dimensions (width/height)
Optional: you can select a static image which will be shown at the beginning and/or end of your videos. This image could e.g. again show your advertizing text/website
Adjustable length (seconds) of static image being shown
Optional: transition effect between images (crossfading)
Very easy to use - logically constructed interface without visual distractions

More and more people are realizing that Youtube is ideal for advertizing their products, services, affiliate programs etc. Youtube Marketing is booming; not surprising, considering the …

… 2 billion daily video views …

The most effective way of advertizing your products is uploading videos and inserting your web address, which will lead to your product or affiliate product. Youtube is especially relevant for affiliate marketing.

It’s a numbers game; the more videos you upload,
the more people will notice your product
and the more profit you can make.

The sky ist the limit!

Here’s the problem:

It is incredibly time-consuming to create videos in bulk which have varying content and can therefore be uploaded in bulk so that Youtube Users won’t
get frustrated by many blatant duplicates
and even demand for said duplicates
to be taken off the site.

Now there is a brilliant solution
to this problem:

I created an extremely powerful tool that automatically generates thousands of unique videos from your images and adds watermarks to them. These watermarks can show your website address or any other content.
Random music will also be added if you want to.
Everything at the PUSH OF A BUTTON!
This software is going to help you
enormously in increasing
your profit!!

It’s The Best Bulk Video Slideshow Generator
Available For Effective Youtube Marketing!

There is no other application like this on the market. I have seen some poor attempts at similar software, all of which by far didn’t offer the necessary range of operations and were also much more expensive than this product I am offering you.

During my many years as a successful Youtube Marketer I have been able to gather a lot of experience, which I have been integrating into my software. Hence, this is not a mass product that won’t live up to your expectations. Rather, this is a cleverly programmed tool with logical functions which has been designed by someone who knows what will work within the realm of Youtube Marketing and what will not. I myself use this software everyday in order to maximize my profit.

You’re probably asking yourself why I am selling this program and not just using it for myself to avoid competition.

The answer is simple: Youtube traffic is so huge, with niches so diverse, that there is enough profit to go around for everyone! By buying this product you will make a decent profit and I will too by selling this software. Therefore it is a win-win situation.

After a while the price will gradually
increase to $139, then to $199.

Example Videos:

Watermark; Promotion at the Beginning:

Watermark; Promotion at the End:

I would absolutely understand if you don’t believe me. Why should you? There are too many providers that promise big money - which they can’t keep -
with fake earning statistics. I hate this way of proceeding and will therefore spare you the so-called Earning Proofs and empty promises. Neither am I saying that you’ll be rich over night. I am just showing you a realistic way to earn good money online using my technology.

One-Time Payment
This is a one-time payment.
Once you’ve paid, you own the software forever.

Immediate Download
You won’t have to wait for days for the product to arrive in the mail. Instead, after you order, you’ll be taken directly to another page where the software can be downloaded right away.

My Personal Guarantee

Compatible with:
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

My aim in business is to always deliver what I promise and never leave a customer dissatisfied. So, if you don’t have success with ‘Bulk Video Creator’, simply email me within 60 days and I’ll issue you a full refund.

Your purchase will appear on your bank statement under the name “CLKBANK*COM”


This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by YouTube, nor have they been reviewed, tested or certified by YouTube.

Bulk Video Creator - For Effective Youtube Marketing

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