Bait Him Back - How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Forever

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Bait Him Back - How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Forever

For girls hurting from a recent break up…

“Discover How To Tickle Your Boyfriend’s Emotional Hot Buttons To Such A Frenzy He’ll Be Virtually Down On His Knees Begging You To Take Him Back PERMANENTLY!”

Read on for the key secrets, most women will never know, to effortlessly press the “reset” button on your whole relationship… leading to a deeper and more meaningful love life from now on…

Date: Friday, March 11
From: Jenna James

Dear heartbroken friend,

It’s said that suffering from a relationship break up is like having a loved one die, but perhaps it would be better if your loved one had died.

Sure, the pain and the grief would be more unbearable. But at least you could draw some comfort from the fact he had no choice but to leave you.

But he did have a choice to stay or go and he chose to go, which makes it worse.

Time is of the essence here because statistics show the longer you wait before acting, the harder it will be to get your boyfriend back.

Remember… right now he’s “on the rebound” and - if he hasn’t already done so - he’ll quickly find another girl and you’ll be history.

Want to know how I can be so sure?

Hi… my name is Jenna James, and I have a very good idea what you are going through, because I went through a similar awful experience nearly five years ago.

I know what it’s like to not bear listening to the music you both liked… or visit the same places you visited together… or watch other happy couples. It’s truly hell on earth.

In my case, I was devastated - but determined to get him back - fast - even though he quickly got involved with another girl (there’s a reason why this often happens very quickly after a break up, which I’ll explain later).

So I devoured everything I could find on the subject of relationships and break ups… books… articles… websites - and I even interviewed a psychiatrist friend.

This led me to become fascinated by the subject - particularly the marked differences between men and women… which is where virtually all our relationship problems spring from.

And so you won’t be very surprised to discover the emotional buttons for guys and gals are entirely different. So if you try to get your ex boyfriend back from your own perspective, you’re pretty much guaranteed to fail.

And all my hard work paid off, because I not only got my man back… our love was better and deeper than before and we were married within eight months of getting back together.

And it just keeps getting better all the time!

It’s often said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And, in my case, I discovered it was actually quite easy to get your guy back and make him ever more loving and faithful than before the break up. It’s just a question of knowing how to push the right buttons - and…

… not making the fatal error of thinking guys respond the way we do. That’s a really BIG mistake!

So allow me to take you by the hand and help you turn your life around

Because there’s no earthly reason why you should waste another minute wondering what to do for the best, when I already have all the easy to follow, proven secrets you need.

But I must warn you… without some serious guidance, there’s a very real risk of doing something which appears perfectly obvious to you, but will turn out to be absolutely FATAL for you and your hopes of getting back together (remember what I said about what a dangerous mistake it was to think guys respond the way we do?).

But, fear not, because I’ve put everything I learnt about getting my man - now my husband - back (and a lot more I’ve learned since) into my brand new book Bait Him Back.

I’ve held nothing back and - what’s more - it’s based on far more than just my personal experience.

You see, when my girl friends heard about my break up they were shocked.

That’s because - on the surface - we seemed like the perfect couple (which goes to show how much we girls have to learn about the opposite sex).

There’s a lot going on inside the male skull we could never figure if we view it from a girl’s perspective.

That’s the most valuable lesson I learned and that’s what I constantly explained to my girl friends.

Because, once they saw us back together - and happier than ever - they started to come to me for advice.

In the end, I had so much valuable intel to share it became a bore to keep repeating myself.

So I wrote it all down…

Then I added some extra juicy nuggets…

Finally, it blossomed into a complete “get your guy back permanently” program.

Now I’m probably the world’s most reluctant author, because my break up and my solution was personal and private.

Since then, I’ve become increasingly aware of just how much unnecessary heartbreak there is in the world. So I want to do my bit.

I don’t expect to win the Nobel Peace Prize for increasing understanding between the sexes, but I am quietly confident I can quickly help you rebuild your shattered relationship.

So let me give you a tiny glimpse of the healing balm, gentle help, (and one or two dirty tricks) waiting for you inside my program…


  • Moving you back from the brink (how to create the right mindset, make you strong again and ready to get him back) pay close attention to page 2
  • The one FATAL mistake you must guard against when talking to friends (do this and you’re finished for good, if he finds out) be sure to read page 32
  • Why letting him go can be the smartest move you could make (even though it’s only temporary) all is explained on pages 27 to 30
  • Why it’s a mistake to think your break up is different (don’t fall into the trap of thinking remedies that work for thousands of girls won’t work for you, because you’re probably wrong) myth shattered for good on page 6
  • How to discover if your man is really committed to you (this is a first vital step to building a stronger future relationship) make a careful note of pages 23 and 24
  • The 13 toxic reconnection BLUNDERS to avoid at all cost (make even ONE of these simple mistakes and your chances of getting him back will be destroyed completely) so read pages 40 through 42 several times
  • How to read your guy’s mind and give him what he wants (you’ll be amazed at what you discover here) secrets revealed on page 59
  • Discover the REAL reason he left you (because very often things aren’t what they seem) the code-busting answers await you on pages 10 to 12
  • Six innocent traits women exhibit which really turn off our guys (any one of these could have been the spark that triggers a break up) be sure to check out page 64 and 65
  • The secret of what to do if he’s already dating someone else (this formula is a snap to use and never fails!) problem solved on page 44
  • 3 copy-and-paste emails that win him back (the easy and safe way to get him to read, respond, and reply wanting to give you another shot) copy-and-paste pages 78 and 79

And getting him back is only half of what my program is all about. Once you’ve got him back you have to keep him…

  • How to get him to commit to you 125% (getting your guy back is only the beginning - you then need to cement the relationship and make it future-proof) so don’t miss the awesome tips on page 57 and 58
  • Turning back the clock - for good (how to recreate that “just started dating” feeling and keep it going for good) astonishing secrets await you on pages 49 through 51
  • How to be the woman he really wants (and it’s probably NOT what he thinks he wants) get to the truth on pages 61 to 63
  • The sizzling secrets only a married woman would know (and which you can now use to keep the “honeymoon” going for ever) be sure to bookmark pages 52 through 54
  • How to “cheat-proof” your relationship (understand how men are hard-wired to wander - and what you can do about it) check out this vital information on pages 44 and 71
  • It all adds up to a simple, step-by-step, paint by numbers program to get your guy back where he belongs PERMANENTLY. But…

I know what you’re thinking

Already you can see what a powerful program this is to get you into the right mindset, mount a faultless campaign to get him back, and then create a newer, better, stronger relationship from the ashes of the old, that will blossom and stand the test of time… but one thing is nagging at the back of your mind.

You’re probably thinking: it’s worked for others but…

How do I know it will work for me?

Simple. Take the program for a private test drive. That way, you’ll be able to entirely satisfy yourself that it will work for you, too.

If after 56 days (that’s eight weeks) you still haven’t got your boyfriend back, I’ll return your entire investment.

So you have nothing to lose but those cold, lonely, sleepless nights and those extra pounds on your hips from eating all that comfort food.

So now you know I’m taking ALL the risk on this, here’s something else that’s probably on your mind. The amount you need to invest to get your life back on track.

Well, you can relax.

When I started to give advice to my girl friends I would have them round to my place, share a pizza, talk over their problem and create a battle plan.

That helped me create an even better product, because I was able to get a lot of valuable interaction and feedback, which I’ve now incorporated into my program to make it more effective.

But I could hardly invite all the good folks that would really benefit from my experience and advice round to my home because the neighbors would complain and I don’t have that much time.

So the logical step would be to invite you to join me for a “get your guy back fast” seminar. But I realize you want a fast solution, not to sit on a plane, flying in for a $1,000 a seat seminar.

So I’ve made the entire program instantly downloadable. That means, seconds after your investment is processed, you can download the entire program and immediately start to rebuild your shattered life.

Just imagine the relief you’ll feel, as my secrets unfold. A feeling of immense calm will wash over you, as you realize that you now have all the solutions you need to get him back fast and then create an even stronger relationship for a golden future together.

And - compared with a $1,000 seminar - there’s a massive cost saving, all of which I’m happy to pass on to you.

So, instead of paying $1,000 for a seat at my seminar, plus the cost of the travel and hotel, you can download the entire program and start putting it into action in the comfort of your own home for just $37.

All I ask in return - and this is not a condition… merely a favor - is if you feel so inclined, let me know how you get on.

You see I feel very passionate about my program and know it will help you and I absolutely love hearing success stories. So don’t be shy.

Time is not on your side, because men can be very childish (but you knew that already), so he’ll be on the lookout for another mate, right away… it’s a macho thing - to prove he still has what it takes to get a girl.

Which means…

This is one of your “Crossroad Days”

Most days are routine. But there are a few key days in your life - I call them “Crossroad Days” - which have the power to change your life forever.

The crossroad days when you have to decide what college course to take or what job offer to accept… deciding who to date - and who to spend the rest of your life with.

This is definitely a crossroad day.

Because you already know the longer you leave it, the less likely you’ll get him back and you now have everything you need, in my program, to get him back quickly - before he’s gone for good.

So, it’s your call: you can choose to let him slip out of your life for good… even though you risk nothing - yet have everything to gain with my program.

Or you can make the SMART choice.

Because there’s little doubt, if you take these valuable secrets and run with them, they will bring your man back to your side lightening fast.

Then, one day, soon… maybe when you have another crossroad day, choosing your new dream home together - or, perhaps as you sit together, relaxing as you both watch the sun set over the ocean as you sip a pre-dinner cocktail on your honeymoon, you’ll look back to this moment and think: “Yes, Jenna was so right: that really was the day when I started to get my soul mate back and set course for a wonderful life together!

I guess we both agree your choice today isn’t hard at all. I’m looking forward to helping you become one of my most successful students,

Jenna James

P.S. The only way to lose on this offer is to pass it by. Because you risk nothing by taking a full 56 days to check it out. So, if this program isn’t everything I’ve said - and more - simply send me a quick email for a prompt and cheerful refund and we’ll remain friends. Fair enough?

P.S.S. Time is running out fast. So the sooner you get started the sooner you’ll be back in his arms… Go ahead now, whilst it’s hot in your mind. With my unbeatable “Either you get him back or your money back” guarantee, you have nothing to lose… except your sleepless nights and painful memories.

Yes, Jenna! I want to get my boyfriend back - FAST!

Bait Him Back - How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Forever

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If you have experience with this product, or know something people might find important please feel free to share in a comment below. Let us know if you think this this product is a SCAM or The Real Deal.

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Mew Maurer April 9, 2021 at 11:49 am

Facing you ex with a brand new you is a big help on getting her back fast! Do not beg, just do it normally and in a nice way! Do not let her down or disappoint again whatever it takes! Believe in your self and as well as on her.


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