Back2Basics with Internet Marketing

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Back2Basics with Internet Marketing

Finally! A real step-by-step guide to the
practical steps in setting up
your first business online 

This could be the most important page you ever read

From the desk of: Ian Hyman, UK

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

Are you sick of theory, scams and HYPE?

Are you a newbie or a non-techy who’s sick of learning all the theory only to be
left staring at a blank page?

What if I could take you by the hand and guide you through the practical foundations
of starting a REAL online business…I mean things like registering a domain, setting up hosting, creating a BLOG, designing a squeeze page, receiving payments online and MUCH more…

Would that help you kick-start YOUR online business right now?

Let me firstly introduce myself. My name is Ian Hyman, I am an internet marketer based
in the UK and have been online since 2005 and founder of Eminence Marketing and

I want to make one thing clear - If you already have an
established online business with multiple websites, set up
and receiving payments, a BLOG and profitable list
then this product is NOT for you.

If however you are like me when I started out and struggle
with the practical side of things like getting your first website online, setting up a BLOG and starting to build an opt-in list through a squeeze page
then this MOST DEFINATELY is for you.

When I started out back in 2005, in the first few years I ended up spending tons of my
hard earned cash on information products such as e-books and later on DVDs, learning
techniques and systems. I KNEW the theory but when it came down to it, I couldn’t put
it into action. It took months if not years before I actually set up my first website online and it felt great…BUT…then there was another problem, and another problem.

The thing was I then had to learn what a squeeze page was, how to put an opt-in form on my BLOG, how to accept payments on my website and the list went on.

I couldn’t afford to pay someone to do all this stuff for me, I was on a
tight budget to say the very least (all I really had was debt!) so I had
to learn the long and hard way, by myself.

Then I needed to learn how to attract affiliates to sell my products and it all took what
seemed like forever. I was frustrated and angry, close to giving up but the worst thing
was - once I knew how to do these things, they weren’t hard or difficult…
that is, once you know how!

Now if you can identify with any of this, I am pleased to reveal that you no longer have
to suffer in silence and spend endless hours searching for guides, information and
tutorials on how to do this. You certainly do not have to spend hundreds of dollars
to learn how…

I am offering to take you
“Back 2 Basics with Internet Marketing”

I have put together, a 10-step video tutorial series in MP4 format (playable on Windows Media Player etc) which walks and talks you through each step of getting up and
running with your online business or website. This isn’t theory or filler - this isn’t
know-how this is show-how!

I have teamed up with a good friend Antony Thomson (who used to be a teacher!) to show you exactly how to do everything right before your
eyes. All you have to do is watch…and copy!

There is no mystery as to what you getting within this package. I’m not going to spend the whole page telling you what this is NOT! Instead I am going to be up-front with you and tell you exactly what you will be getting with this, and what is in it for you…

You will discover FAST how to:

Register your first Domain Name

Get a Reliable Hosting Account

Install your first BLOG using WordPress

Edit the appearance/Theme of your BLOG

Introduction to Plug-ins, to add extra functions
to your website

Use Aweber, an Autoresponder, to set up an
Opt-in Box and integrate it with your website to build your list

Design a “Squeeze page” to collect email
addresses and build your list

Upload files to the internet

Create your first report/e-book in PDF

Accept payments for your products

Atract affiliates to sell for you

Set up multiple email accounts and websites on
just one hosting package

plus much more

How would this information empower you?

Level the playing field with the big guys?

It could even change your life…it sounds far fetched but you can’t move on with your online business when this kind of stuff holds you back. It’s a life skill you will use forever
as an internet marketer online and without it, you don’t have a business.

Ok, now you might be thinking…yes this is great but I am not technical at all - can I do this? Absolutely…if you can copy what you’re shown in these videos then you can do
all of the above and more. Remember you will be shown every step so that you can
get your business out of the blocks in record time.

So how much does it cost?

Although the value of this is virtually impossible to define as what price would
YOU put on being given the skills to potentially change your life and kick start your
new business? Surprisingly, I am NOT going to charge the earth for this, I want to help
people who have probably already spent too much on information products and
the latest fads but got nowhere. I remember being where you are now and it wasn’t
all that long ago.

There is over 90 minutes of step by step tutorials as if we were in the room with you
showing you how to do these things. The tutorials are straight to the point and do
not waste your time with irrelevant nonsense. I may be crazy but I am not going to charge a high-ticket price for this ‘virtual mentoring’ series.

You will have access to this information in a downloadable video format and can
watch them as many times as you like or feel you need to. You can also keep them
to refer to in the future as and when you need these skills.

I could charge over $100 per hour for this time if I was really mentoring you but
don’t worry I am not asking anywhere close to that as it just wouldn’t be fair. I am
offering this for a one-time payment of $97 $47
today for just $27
Less than the price of dinner in an average restaurant!

You could be watching these videos within the next 5-10 minutes if you
act now and click the button below

Still not sure? Read on…

You really can take steps to get up and running and give yourself the best possible chance of success online. Without this knowledge you really won’t get any further
online and that’s not what I want.

So, to reduce the risk for you and offer you even more comfort, I am offering you a
Full 60 day money back guarantee where if for some reason you don’t feel that the product is for you or hasn’t met your expectations I will refund your money no questions asked. You can even keep the videos and we will part friends.

So what are you waiting for? All the risk is on me.

BUT - If you are still not sure, there is more…..

If you buy today, I am throwing in two fantasic value bonuses for people who take
action and want to change their future. The bonuses included with the Back2Basics
with Internet Marketing video series are:

FREE BONUS #1 - (Value $37) - “Get the Upper Hand” Bonus Video - this is where I will personally run through the names of the websites, software and resources
I use in my business so that when your business progresses you won’t have to
waste endless amounts of time searching for who/what to use for things like outsourcing workers, installing a help desk, contact form, website development software, creating membership sites easily and quickly and much more. This is an invaluable tool to keep and refer to.

FREE BONUS #2 - (Value $27) - I am also including a very recent audio consultation where I questioned two highly successful and well known UK internet marketers John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson. I asked them questions for people like YOU - about getting started. Some of the information revealed is worth the price of this package alone.

I can’t guarantee these bonuses will be included forever so to get this fantasic package, I know you will want to hit the
Add to Cart button below

Remember you are getting:

TEN x Step by Step Video Tutorials (over 90 minutes)
to really kick start your business TODAY
Bonus Video “Get the Upper Hand” packed full of recommendations, tips and tools for software and
websites to use or go to when your business starts to
advance as you move along.
Audio Consultation with two UK expert marketers
John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson
60 Day Money Back Guarantee - Iron Clad

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