Automated Web Business

Automated Web Business


WARNING!!! Don’t Continue Building Your Internet Business Without Reading This First!Put Your Business On Auto-Pilot. Learn The Secrets To Automating Everything So You Can Have More Time . . .

Don’t You Want To Have:
A business that runs smoothly?
A business that works even when you’re asleep?
The ability to do things even without doing it?
A way to manage things even if you’re not there?
A way to get information out automatically?
More time to do what you want when you want?

Automated Web Business

From The Desk Of: Menno Spijkstra
In the old days when you want to send out a broadcast you had to have lots of envelopes, lots of stamps, and the manpower needed to fold, write the address, lick and send each letter out.

It was time consuming and required manpower – manpower that can be expensive, especially if you’re sending to a lot of recipients.

The advent of email made things a whole lot easier because you can write and send out to as many people as you want for free. You just need to know their emails addresses instead of their street address but the process is still the same – you still needed to put each address into a file and into the address bar of your email program.

While it did not take as much time as “snail mail” it can still take time to accomplish everything.

And while you’re busy doing this you don’t have time to do other things pertinent to your online success.

That’s Where Automation Comes In

By putting certain things about your internet business on auto-pilot you relieve yourself from having to do these things manually – like sending out email broadcasts or indexing a new subscriber’s email address or sending out the product to the customer while almost instantaneously sending them the product they bought from you.

Best part is you can do all this even when you’re asleep – without having to hire extra manpower to do it.

Now ask yourself – do you think you would be able to do all these on a full-time basis, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

I wouldn’t think so, that’s why you need to put your business on automatic mode.

Why do it the old fashioned manual way?

Automation Is Key

Even when I say automated it’s impossible to really put your whole business on auto-pilot. In one form or another you still need to have an input.

Even those that claim to be on auto-pilot are able to do so because they have other people doing the management for them – it’s true that they don’t have much to do but then again other people are doing the decision making for them.

But it sure is a big help to have many things done automatically so you don’t have to waste time doing it.
Automatically file a new subscriber’s contact information and send them the promised free report download link as a thank you for signing up.
Send an email broadcast on a specified time and date – even if you’re not going to be accessing your email on that specific period.
Subscribers receive your newsletter on a regular basis without you having to figure out at which point of the newsletter timeline they came in at.

Process customer payments and send the product to the customer almost simultaneously.
Process refunds without having to do anything
Be able to do all these and more even when you’re asleep
That’s what automation can do for you. You may have doubts even if I’m telling you all this and with good reason. Why should you believe me after all.
Automate and Do Business Even When Asleep

Here’s What You Will Get:

Video 1 (05:18 in Length)

Ways on how you can automate your internet business.


Video 2 (16:48 in Length)

How to manage your email list.


Video 3 ( in Length)

How to set up a good technical support system for your customers.


Video 4 (08:117 in Length)

How you can benefit from payment processors.


Video 5 (08:58 in Length)

What Content Management System is best for your online publishing business.


Video 6 (05:04 in Length)

How to build a solid customer database.


Video 7 (08:17 in Length)

Guide to automating your online advertising.


Video 8 (11:49 in Length)

How to grow and manage your online business.


Here’s What You’ll Get With Every Copy
I won’t be there with you one-on-one. Even if I would like to do that, time and geographic distance won’t allow me. But if there’s a will there’s a way and I have found a way.

I’ve put all I know about automating your internet business into a set of videos so you can have a session with me on how you can get the benefits of putting your business on autopilot.

By getting the 8-tutorial videos that is “Automated Web Business” you can
Learn how automation can help you manage your subscriber list.
Learn how automation can help you send out your all important broadcasts when you want it to some or all your subscribers.
Learn how automation can help in your customer support.
Learn how automation can help in the processing of payments and product send-outs.
Learn how automation can help you generate reports on your customers and sales.
All this and more so you can improve the quality of your offering to your subscribers and customers.

Automate Your Online Business – Make Money In Your Sleep!

You can work far less in your online business when you learn how to use automation tools such as the List Management Tools. Proper usage along with the tremendous power of Auto-responders can help you keep in contact with your prospective customers.

With it you can create and maintain a relationship with your customers over time by giving them valuable information that can help them succeed.

Internet Marketing Coach Adam Boyce on Automation

Here, internet marketing coach Adam Boyce talks about an important tool in your entire online marketing campaign that can help you automate your online business so it can make you money even while you sleep.

Yes Menno, I’m already convinced. Add Automated Web Business to My Cart!

The Importance of Automation

Get These Benefits When YOU Get Your Copy
TIME! By automating your online business your biggest benefit is that you will have lots of time – time to do more things and do those things you love to do.
You get to streamline your operation and make it efficient so you don’t waste any time.
Respond and interact with your prospects and customers faster. Because it gets automatically done there is no more lag time. Once a prospect signs up or once a customer buys your product he or she gets the free report or the ebook as soon as they finish with the transaction
More importantly you’re able to relax and leisurely enjoy not only the fruits of your labor but also of thinking up of other ways for you to expand your virtual real estate empire.

Save Time And Be More Efficient

Get Rid Of These Concerns
With “Automated Web Business” you’ll be able to relax, figuratively and literally. You don’t have to worry about many of the tedious stuff – you simply focus on making money online.

At the same time you get rid of the following:
Feeling frustrated because you’re not finishing everything you want to do
Sleepless nights wondering if you sent out the broadcast on time
Crying yourself to sleep because things doesn’t seem to be working
Feeling frustrated because you feel you’ve missed something
Being jealous of other internet marketers who seem to be doing well
Being jealous of other internet marketers because they seem to be getting the customers
Being sad and miserable because you and your site are in the dumps
Being clueless about why this is happening
Hating yourself and your life for making such a stupid move
Longing to get back to the world you left to pursue your dreams
Being lost and feeling trapped in the internet marketing world
Being tired and exhausted for working hard but not getting anything out of it
Being doubtful and suspicious of what you are doing online
Most of all the worries you have for your financial well being
When I say you feel as if a big weight has been lifted will not be an exaggeration.

You can relax and dream MONEY!

Automation Can Streamline Everything For You

By automating many of the tasks in your online business you will see your efficiency and productivity shoot up. You will be left with the important task of tweaking your site and your products and services to better match your market’s needs, wants and motivations.

And because you’re more efficient you become less tired and can focus more on generating sales and income for you.

You’re Running Out Of Time!

Especially if you’re still collating your subscribers list manually and sending it out in batches. 24-hours will not be enough to send broadcasts, process payments, send out the products and still keep your sanity.

Before you know it you will be so left behind that you won’t be able to catch up – not to your work and definitely not to your competitors who have all gone the automation route.

If you feel I’m offering you less, check out the 5 Amazing Bonuses that you can take home for FREE:

BONUS #1 - Viral Marketing Campaign ($21 Value)

Offer Expires Soon!

Learn powerful techniques in viral list building, affiliate marketing and brand name building while leveraging on the internet.

BONUS #2 - Gain and Retain More Customers ($19 Value)

Offer Expires Soon!

When you finally get people into your site, keep them there!

BONUS #3 - Healthy Computing ($15 Value)

Offer Expires Soon!

Does your job make you sick? Try these easy steps to STAYING HEALTHY while working in front of your computer!Get this Special Limited-Time Bonus and protect yourself from injuries and disorders many heavy computer users get!

BONUS #4 - Running a Safe Online Business ($22 Value)

Offer Expires Soon!

Teach your Customers and Subscribers the Basics of Running a Safe On-line Business in 7 Days with a Brand New Private Label E-Course!

BONUS #5 - Backend Fortunes ($25 Value)

Offer Expires Soon!

Learn quick and easy ways to build a profitable opt-in list.

Let’s Recap The Whole Package

Automated Web Business $49
Viral Marketing Campaign $21
Gain and Retain More Customers $19
Healthy Computing $15
Running a Safe Online Business $22
Backend Fortunes $25
Total Value $151
Yours Today Just $27
You Save $124

My No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Simply download your copy of Automated Web Business right now for just $27. Then take a FULL 60 DAYS to read it and digest all of the information found inside.

If Automated Web Business isn’t everything that I say it is; if it isn’t everything that you WANT IT TO BE, just let me know anytime within 60 FULL DAYS and I’ll give you your money back.

That’s how convinced I am that Automated Web Business is definitely gonna make you reach your goals. As you can see this is a no-brainer. The risk is 100% on me!

That’s Why You Should Do This!

Don’t be stuck sending “snail” mail and using a 4-column record book to record your list and sales. OK maybe not that way back in the past but if you’re not automating your business you’re stuck with nowhere else to go but down.

Be able to do the things that needs to be done – even while you’re asleep.

For only $27 be able to interact with your prospects and customers 24/7 and get time for the more important things – like having a life.

Claim Your Copy of Automated Web Business Right Now for Just $27!


YES, Menno! I’m Ready To Try Automated Web Business And Take Advantage of All The Features and Benefits that you described above.

I understand that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I can get Automated Web Business plus all the 5 bonuses for just $27.

And I also understand that my order is 100% risk free with your 60 days, 100% money back guarantee.

As soon as your payment is authorized (this usually takes less than a minute), you will be given instructions on how to download Automated Web Business and the accompanying bonuses.

Grab your own copy and take home the 5 absolutely free products. My 100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee let’s you get all the benefits while I take all the risks. If “Automated Web Business” is not everything you want it to be, I will refund your money swiftly without any hassles.

Menno Spijkstra, Internet Marketer

Time is money and if you’re wasting time you’re wasting money. Save time and reserve it for the more important things.

Don’t get left behind. Automation is here to stay and you can automate your online business with “Automated Web Business” – for only $27!

I’ll make it easier for you to decide - if at anytime within 60 days you feel “Automated Web Business” is not for you let me know and I will give you your money back. I won’t even ask you the reasons, it’s that simple – I’LL TAKE ALL THE RISK!

Claim Your Copy Of Automated Web Business Now!

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