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Article Marketing Matrix

Get Instant Access To This Easy to Follow Money Making Method Showing Exactly How Super Affiliates Make Thousands of Dollars Every Month With Article Marketing and…Learn How to Generate Unlimited Free Website Traffic & Thousands of Backlinks on Auto Pilot…Even After the Panda Update!

Don’t Waste Another Minute or Dime Reading Outdated Article Marketing Traffic Strategies - They Simply Do Not Work!…If You Want To Make Money With Articles The Article Marketing Matrix Is How!

Want to Make Serious Money at Home? Want to Generate Tons of Free Traffic and Commissions? Want to Get #1 Rankings in Google? Want to Create a Long Term Residual Income? If you answered yes, you need to continue reading.
Affiliates still make thousands of dollars a month with article marketing, but you need to know Article Marketing Has Drastically Changed since the latest search updates! If You Don’t Stay on The Cutting Edge You Will Fail!
In case you didn’t hear Google recently updated their search algorithm to eliminate all content farms and poor quality articles and websites from their search results! NAMED “THE PANDA UPDATE” - THIS UPDATE HAS SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGED THE WAY ARTICLE MARKETING HAS TO BE DONE IN ORDER TO BE PROFITABLE!
The Article Marketing Matrix has proven to increase profits and has received excellent feedback from the Internet’s Top Marketing Experts. While working only a few minutes per day, many newbies and expert marketers are getting explosive traffic increases, in spite of the Panda Update. This easy to follow Profit Making Method not only shows in detail how to automate many tedious tasks of article marketing, but shows precisely how to generate thousands of visitors a month and Rank #1 in Search Engines with unheard of strategies for surpassing the competition!
If you want to earn big money with your articles you need to trash those outdated strategies like article submission software, or private label rights content. Don’t believe all the hype. People earn thousands of dollars every month using the Article Marketing Matrix Method!

Tired of Hearing About How Much Money You Can Earn With Article Marketing But You Haven’t Been Able to Successfully Reap
the Rewards Yet Yourself?

You are about to learn the easiest way to make money by getting targeted traffic quickly & getting top search engine rankings even if you don’t want to write articles! You are about to discover everything you need to know about how to start from scratch and set up a profitable campaign.

“The Article Marketing Matrix Explains Exactly
How Super Affiliates Are Generating Huge Income Online With Articles”
Anyone who writes articles needs to know that people earn large amounts of money everyday using certain strategies and tricks to get their content seen using secret linking techniques and tools. 99.99% of the article marketing e-books online focus on the same 3 things, which are finding the right keyword, using a submission software to submit your article to thousands of sites, especially, and finding good affiliate products to promote using a nice landing page or squeeze page to capture emails.

While all that sounds great, it is NOT how people are REALLY making thousands of dollars a month. Those were all great strategies 5 years ago, but thousands of people, including professional affiliates, and multi-million dollar companies did the same thing and now the internet has been saturated with billions of pages that compete against your 1 lonely article campaign.

You Are About To Learn How All of Those Past Strategies Are A Waste of Time and Money
& How You Can Take Advantage of The Latest Search Engine Changes!
Many of the top search engines, especially Google have discovered ways to eliminate all the “content farms” and poor quality blogs and articles that used to make people a lot of money!
This is great news for people using the Article Marketing Matrix methods since a lot of competition has been ELIMINATED, and all those people that are spamming the internet using outdated software are now stuck making no money and scrambling for an answer!
Ever since Google made its algorithm change (aka the Google Panda Update) back in February 2011, the web has been abuzz about how it’s making article marketing less relevant, how article marketing is dead…

Just like in marketing, distribution counts. Do you know the newest and best places to distribute your content? You can have the best article or blog post or video, but if no one knows about it, what good is it?

Article Marketing Is Not Dead & Never Will Be
Content marketing is the internet! The internet will always be where people come to find content.
Those who invest in it now will always leapfrog over the competition. In fact, Google’s whole
algorithmic change was meant to give good content more room to shine at the top.
You are also about to discover that search engines are not the only source of massive traffic for your articles.
You’ve probably read that article marketing is one of the Simplest, Easiest and Most Affordable ways to make money on the Internet! Well that is the most common myth about article marketing! Yes it can be free, and yes you can make long term residual income, but if you do not know what you are doing in terms of linking, design of your campaigns, and uncommon places online to get massive exposure, it will be very difficult for you to earn any money.
You are about to discover the most amazing strategy for article marketing beyond 2011, that will put you on the cutting edge of this business with potential to earn thousands of dollars every month forever.

Do you want someone to take you by the hand and show you how do it step by step?

We’ll here it is…
Introducing “The Article Marketing Matrix - Million Dollar Method”
The Article Marketing Matrix gives you everything you need to get started quickly and easily, and shows you how 1 super affiliate earns hundreds or thousands of dollars a day with articles.

Forget the old washed up lessons teaching you to find dull and boring private label rights articles and rehash them, and forget about wasting hours and hours writing tons of articles and calling yourself a bum marketer, because that is just what you will be if you continue to follow in their footsteps. The new innovative strategies you are about to learn are going to kick all those bum marketers alike in the butt!

What matters is that you have the vision and desire to succeed at article marketing! Most people who use traditional methods know that they are in a losing battle.

Ready for more? You see…of course any article marketing campaign needs some of the basics, and we won’t take that away from you. In fact the Article Marketing Matrix has one complete section which is absolutely perfect for the newbies, who must have the basic foundations including everything you need to know to get set up starting from scratch! You can be working at home starting today, & you can easily be making tons of money with articles!
But here is where Article Marketing Matrix kicks butt! These are only a few of the Gems you will get access to!
You’ll also learn the secret linking method that only the Super Affiliates
are using to get thousands of affiliate clicks every day in spite of the Panda Update!
You will receive concrete examples of products and services that sell, with a detailed blueprint of how to make money with those products.

You will receive a complete Easy to Follow Campaign Checklist and the newest templates, articles, software, messages and sales copy that works!

You will learn how to set every thing up from scratch…you will learn exactly how to start a campaign using the latest tools needed to drive thousands upon thousands of clicks to your money pages
Whether you want to build your list, promote your own product or service, or promote someone else’s product, the Article Marketing Matrix is a must see for you!


The Foundations for Newbies
The Mechanics of Article Marketing New and Old Explained
First you’ll learn the foundations of article marketing. You’ll learn everything you need to know, plus more about what works and what does not work! But most importantly you will discover some more uncommon ways to get your articles to generate tons of money for you. Basically what every marker must know! You will learn detailed strategies on how to make money with article marketing, and the basics about Search Engine Rank, Keywords, why certain software products are bogus, etc!

You’ll learn how Article Marketing can get you exposure for your product, an affiliate product,
or to build an email list!
Advanced Linking Strategies & Tools Of The Trade
21st Century Article Marketing Toolbox
Throw away all your outdated article submission software, spinning software and keyword finders, those products are completely useless, expensive and quite frankly a waste of time and money! Everyone knows it including Google who recently changed their algorithm to eliminate poor quality links! You’ll learn what free tools to use beyond 2011 to help you gain leverage when writing, and how to properly use these tools to skyrocket your sales!
Article Marketing Matrix Method
21st Century Article Marketing Funnel System
You will discover the innovative linking strategy of the Matrix which is designed to act like an article marketing funnel which has proven to drive thousands of people to your sales page over and over again forever without ever having to worry about getting sandboxed by Google!

As you may know finding profitable affiliate programs to promote can be difficult. We will also expose several affiliate programs we use to make money, and rest assured there is still plenty of money to be made from these affiliate products.
You’ll learn how to use your articles as a presell tool to drive thousands of visitors to your website, landing page or squeeze page! You receive step by step instructions and a detailed diagram of How to Set up Your Article Marketing Matrix!
We will show you how to find profitable affiliate programs, and provide a step by step process to increase the conversion rates of the readers buying your product!

You will also learn the latest advanced tips, tricks, techniques and shortcuts that will excel you past the old article marketers using outdated methods.
Residual Income and Long Term Business Strategy
This is where the Article Marketing Matrix far exceeds the norm.
You are going to learn how to set a long term business that will continue to pay you forever! Article Marketing in the past involved learning how to write a great article with a nice resource box, then using software to submit your articles to thousand of directories most often for free!
Of course, that no longer is effective…and we will show you why, as well as introduce new automation strategies that do work. Here you will learn how to use tools so that one article can in fact make you money without blasting the internet with duplicate content.
You will also receive all the website and article templates you need, and thousands of sample articles so that most of the work is already done for you. Learn how to sit back and spend one hour doing what takes most people 10-20 hours to do.

The Ultimate Secret Toolbox For Ranking #1 on Google
Ever wanted to know How to Get 100 000 Views to 1 Article?
Here you will get all the industry secrets that no one is telling you about - sorry can’t tell you anymore - you just have to believe.

This information is great for people who are clueless on how to profit from Article Marketing Beyond the Panda Update, as well as those who have tried everything but just can’t seem to get the results they need!

You will discover time-tested tips, tricks and techniques that you can use to turn your articles into cash as well as new and innovative techniques that has earned super affiliates thousands in Adsense revenue, affiliate sales, and product sales.

Stop spending countless hours trying to put into motion old strategies only to compete against millions of others who are getting penalized by Google!

You will see that by implementing a few leveraging techniques you can have thousands of visitors without even writing an article and without using old hash up PLR content.

You will gain INSTANT access to the same well-kept secrets Super Affiliates have been using to build and expand an Internet Empire!
Actual Testimonials:

“I finished reading it late last night. My immediate, honest opinion is that it is, without question, the best ebook of its kind I’ve ever been asked to review. Not only do you go into detail, you also lead people very clearly and concisely through every step. It is excellent value for money…” Annie - Warrior Forum - Advanced Warrior

“I’m going through Article Matrix and it is AWESOME! I would say that it is THE ‘bible’ for article marketing - anyone who gets it will be an established article marketer if they follow all that you have written. I’m up to page 18 and already it’s like sitting down to a gourmet meal, and everything I’ve read is QUALITY. I love the wisdom between the lines. It’s like being in a classroom, and students should pay attention - because you know what you are talking about. It’s very good. Thanks again for a fantastic product, it is going to change people’s perspective on Article Marketing. I think that it represents a total course on how to set up an online business and make money.” Brian - War Room Member
So How Much Does It Cost?
Well, realize that in one tutorial we will show you how we set up one campaign in one hour which can easily earn us $60 a Day nearly on auto pilot, and that’s just a bonus. We also provide in depth information on how to set up endless campaigns that can create an 15 000 visitors a month easily per campaign! With only 2 campaigns created using this method, you could have a career working at home, and many people have 10 to 15 campaigns they are managing daily!
This collection of information could easily sell for $197 like most marketing products being sold online. In fact if you asked a super affiliate to provide this information to you, you would probably need to give him or her royalties.

We also have included over $1000 in free bonuses! (below) For the amount of money you can earn with only 2 campaigns using these methods, and the bonuses, we could currently charge $200 per sign up. These 21st century strategies are worth thousands of dollars to people who know how to use them properly.

With that in mind we have decided to make the price fair. The total investment for the entire package including the bonuses is $39.95. The money you’ll earn as a result of these innovative Article Marketing secrets can often cost over $50 every month in fees and some products that are inferior to this can cost over $500 easily.
Here you will learn step by step how some super affiliates use Article Marketing to make thousands of dollars every month.
Click Below to Begin and Get Instant Access!

Any business you enter into will cost you money for start up. The best thing about this business is it does not cost you thousands to start making a ton of money. Once you sign up you can easily earn your money back on a day or two. All you need to get started is to read through each tutorial and do each step in order as it is laid out for you. Best of all your entire initial start-up is a measly $39.95

But there’s still more. Lots more…

Act today and receive these 5 bonuses worth over $1000

We want to make buying this product even easier for you by adding these must haves for any affiliates or online marketers!
3 Secret Money Making Method Ebooks ($240 Value)
1. The Ultimate Guide to Writing Profitable Articles Start learning the secrets that few people know when it comes to spreading profitable articles all over the web!
2. Article Marketer Sharp Shooter Method Learn a secret strategy of making large amounts of money with laser targeted articles.
3. Traffic Overdrive
Start right away in building up your income online with advanced Super Affiliate Traffic Secrets!

17 Highly Profitable Landing Page Templates ($900 Value)
These 17 Free website templates in highly profitable niches including WordPress, Joomla, & HTML! These templates can easily be uploaded to your own server and in a matter of seconds you can have highly optimized and profitable web pages to direct your traffic to from your article marketing funnel.
Immediately upon signing up to the Article Marketing Matrix you can download these awesome website templates and begin making money in extremely profitable niches.

9000 Articles ($300 Value) Instantly get access to 9000 pre written articles in all the top money making niches. You will learn ways to use these articles to create new content automatically in order to make your campaigns highly profitable. These articles can be easily rewritten automatically & you can start your initial flow of visitors with free to use content to distribute. Part of this course will teach you how to maximize results for these specific articles.

Sign Up Today and Get Instant Access To “Article Marketing Matrix” before your competitors do and Get 2 More Unannounced Bonuses!!
The Reality Bites

This is a business you can begin on a very small budget. If you are spending your last $39.95 today then rest assured most people who build campaigns using the method we expose make this amount of money back easily within 24-48 hours.

To be successful over night you will have to invest time to get going, not a lot, but it will help your quicker success.

Look at it this way, no other business has this much potential and only costs $39.95 to get off the ground!

24 hours a day you can access these tutorials immediately after your purchase. There’s simply no waiting. Sign up for $39.95.

Click Here Now To Reserve your no-risk copy of “Article Marketing Matrix”! That’s Not It!
You Also Get Our 100%
Money Back Guarantee!
Order “Article Marketing Matrix” now while it’s still available!
Just click on the Order Button below and start downloading this incredible package and start blasting thousands of people to your sites. You can access these tutorials immediately after your purchase!

No-Risk Acceptance Form!

Yes! I understand that I will be getting access to ALL the information I need to start generating targeted traffic to my online business and getting thousands of visitors, while working only a few minutes per day per campaign. Yes! I understand that I will be getting access to all tutorials immediately after payment!

Yes! I also understand if I’m not happy with the tutorials I can simply ask for a refund even 60 days from now!I understand that the price of $39.95 includes all of the above mentioned material!

To Your Article Marketing Success,
P.S. Act now! Only so many copies are available to date. Get into your niche now before it’s too late! This method can be used anywhere!

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Rate This Product
Rating: 3.5/5 (4 votes cast)
Article Marketing Matrix, 3.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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