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Silicon Valley Millionaire Reveals the Best Way Left for the Little Guy to Get Rich!
“Discover How Anyone in 15 Minutes can Create an iPhone App Without Hiring a Programmer and Sell it on iTunes to Make Thousands or Possibly Millions of Dollars”

Plus … Find Out How iPhone Apps can Drive Unlimited FREE Traffic to Your Existing Business and Generate Higher Conversions Than Email! — With iPhone App Marketing, You Don’t Need Email Lists, SEO or PPC!

3 NEW Ways to Generate Cash Profits:
Create Mobile and iPhone apps, sell on iTunes, on the Internet and through Mobile Marketing.
Create apps to sell informational ebooks, reports, software or instruction, services, existing products or even make money from your Hobby!
Create phone apps to reach your customers on their mobile phone.

From: Jim Galetti &
The Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & App Builder360
Call 1-800-263-5547 Anytime
Dear Friends,
Here’s a fun fact most people don’t know. Apple has paid out $2 Billion to people who are selling iPhone apps through their iTunes store.
Being that there are 5 billion smart phone users in the world today and only 2 Billion total on the internet, it’s easy to see why Forrester Research predicts the app market will grow to a staggering $38 billion market by 2014. (The Gartner Group predicts $58 Billion for this same period.) Why is it vital you know this?
There’s BIG money … potentially millions at stake in selling Mobile and iPhone apps, (getting involved in Mobile Apps and Mobile Marketing) if you have a good one, this is a virtually overnight opportunity.
Maybe you remember in the 90?s Silicon Valley produced hundreds of new millionaires … well now Apple, Mobile, and the iPhone App industry is doing the exact same thing!
And with your permission, I’ll show you exactly how to join this EXCLUSIVE group of people who are making a killing selling apps, without hiring a single programmer or knowing anything about coding, or even fancy technology.
This is Unquestionably the Fastest, Easiest, and Most Profitable Way You’ve Never Heard of to Make a Fortune……BECOME AN APP TYCOON!
In just one day, you can build an app that sells like gangbusters online and in the Apple iTunes store, you can make insane amounts of money, 90% of it is being in the right place at the right time, with the right opportunity. Or you could leverage an app to double or triple the amount of ebooks, reports, info-products, software, merchandise and services you currently sell.
Even if you’re a realtor, financial planner or small business owner, Mobile apps can save you thousands in advertising expenses, and help you generate unlimited new customers FREE, at the very same time increasing the dollars, per customer, you may be currently generating with an existing product or offer.
Even if you’re a Realtor, Financial Planner or Small Business Owner iPhone apps can save you thousands in advertising expenses, and help you generate unlimited new customers FREE.
Imagine no more …
Agonizing over building complicated search engine campaigns
Wearing yourself out running a pay-per-click campaign that costs a fortune
Gambling your money with banner ad and contextual advertising
Stressing out over building an email list that isn’t interested in your emails
Blowing wads of cash on direct mail campaigns that generate lousy 1% responses
Paying outrageous advertising rates to run print ads that nobody responds to
Within the next couple of years, having an iPhone app for your local or ecommerce business will be as common as having a website or Facebook fanpage. That’s because most people have their smart phone on them all the time. Thus you can reach them any time of the day!
But maybe you don’t have an existing business or product. Fine. Now is the time to build your own app, and sell it on the Apple store and hit the jackpot before this window of opportunity slams shut!
Exciting True Stories of People Who Are Making A Killing Selling iPhone Apps and How Apple Brings the Buyers Directly to You!
“$250,000 in 2 Months!”
One of the very first people to strike gold was Steve Demeter. He brainstormed a game he called Trism and then hired a programmer for $5,000 to develop it. Bingo! It was an instant hit and he raked in a quarter of a million dollars in 2 months! (Disclaimer: As of today, you don’t have to hire a programmer or do any coding.)
“$5,980,000 From One App!”
Imagine struggling to meet your mortgage note and barely being able to cover medical bills while supporting a new baby. That’s exactly the situation Ethan and Nicole Nicholas found themselves in. Ethan worked for Sun Microsystems and he was hoping the annual employee bonus would cover his mountain of bills. But to his dismay, his employer neglected to pay the yearly bonus. Instead of wallowing in despair, Ethan brainstormed for solutions and remembered the story of how Steve Demeter made a killing selling an iPhone app. Ethan then came up with an idea for an app and spent 6 weeks straight, burning the midnight oil and sometimes rocking his baby with one arm while using his free hand to write code. And boy did it pay off! He sold over five million dollars worth of his app at just $2.99 a pop!
“Google Buys iPhone App Developer”
It’s the dream of many small business owners or inventors to get bought out by a Fortune 500 company. That’s what happened for Kostas Elefheriou after he created an app called iSteam. Ideas for apps that sell like gangbusters can come from the zaniest places including the bathroom where Kostas got the idea for his app.
“Husband and Wife Team Hits Mega-Bucks Payday!”
Would you take the risk of quitting your day job in hopes of striking it rich? Most people wouldn’t but a husband and wife took the gamble and it paid off in spades. They quit their day jobs and immediately set out to develop an iPhone app called Harbor Master. After they released this game at just 99 cents per download, it soon became a top download on iTunes.
“Sold Over 1 Million Copies”
Even the silliest iPhone apps can bring you millionaire status. One such game called Cut the Rope sold over one million copies across the iPhone and iPad platform in just 10 days. The developer sold it for 99 cents on the iPhone and for $1.99 on the iPad.
“$1 Million in 3 Months”
Chances are, you may have heard of the iPhone game Doodle Jump. Two brothers created this app and it’s one of the biggest iPhone app sensations ever. It was released in December of 2009, and by early March it sold over a million copies.
“$5,000 to $10,000 Per Day”
Is it really possible to develop an app that’s downloaded one million times in two weeks? Bart Decrem created the classic, Tap Tap Revenge and in just two weeks, he entered the millionaire leagues. He’s made so much money, he won’t reveal the exact amount he’s making, but with a wry smile, he’ll tell you that making ten thousand dollars per day is definitely possible.
“$10,000 Per Day”
One man by the name of Joel Comm decided to create an iPhone app that simulated flatulence sounds. As you might have guessed it was an instant hit and routinely pulls in ten thousand dollar paydays.
$2,000 Monthly From an iPhone App
Selling an Info-Product
If you have an eye for details, you may have noticed these success stories center around iPhone apps that are games. Games are obviously the most exciting apps to talk about, but you can make a bundle selling information products too.
In fact, a friend of ours got the idea to develop an iPhone app that shows you how to use the Kindle tablet. That one simple idea is pumping $2,000 into his bank account like clockwork. You can do this too.
Sure, that’s no million dollar pay-day, but money like that could cover the mortgage note on a beautiful home, or a luxury car or even a boat.
The possibilities are fun to think about!
Let’s suppose you had an iPhone app developed. Great. But how and where do you sell it?
It’s really quite simple. You simply submit your app to the iTunes store (we can do it FREE for you), set your price at 99 cents per download or up to $14.95 or even Free (revenue can come through advertisers) and then the iTunes stores does the rest. If your app sells, Apple will take 30% and cut you a check for 70% of the profits.
How much easier can it get to make serious coin?
As you can see, this is dramatically easier than all those complicated, and expensive search engine marketing or doing affiliate marketing yourself!
Most of the Internet marketing schemes you see are outdated and frankly, those markets are over-saturated.
It’s almost impossible to rank in the search engines for “money keywords” when people who’ve ranked for those keywords since 2003, have built a better quality linking structure and have endless pages of SEO compliant content. And to use pay per click to promote your product, you’re looking at spending your kid’s college tuition to stay visible on page 1 for the best converting keywords.
Even if you came up with an ebook that was a best-seller on Clickbank, in all probability, within a couple of months, someone will knock it off and suddenly your profits will be a fraction of what they once were.
Luckily, the good folks at Apple and the iTunes store try to keep those Shenanigans down to a minimum. For you, this means once you come up with a winner, you can enjoy the ride for years to come!
If you already have an existing business, you might be interested to know that the
the iTunes store gets about 160,000,000 visitors monthly
and that number is growing exponentially. There are more than 50 iTunes stores worldwide and this gives you incredible distribution opportunities.
This means if you build a category app, you can practically own that niche and pocket the profits from the people searching that niche!
Yes, it gets even better. That’s because you can use special advertising features built right in so your app gets more attention and downloads. Plus there are a myriad of other ways to get thousands of people downloading your app, including a special social media marketing system to launch an unstoppable viral marketing campaign. (We show you how, Automatically!)
How Being at the Right Place at the Right Time
Made Me $20 Million
Hello, my name is Jim Galetti,
I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of me. To drive home the point of how important it is to take advantage of an incredible opportunity when it presents itself, let me tell you my story. I think you might find it entertaining and relevant.
Remember earlier how I mentioned during the mid to late 90?s the Dot Com Boom created a lot of new millionaires? I’m one of them.
Seventeen years ago, I got married to my wife and we rented a modest, one-bedroom apartment. Even though it was home to us, I just couldn’t see myself living there for long, it just didn’t feel right. I felt like I should be more and have more.
On the drive to and from work, I’d fantasize about walking on the beach, living in a spacious home with lots of rooms, and owning lots of cars, lots of acreage, and having lots of kids. It was my way of escaping.
Occasionally on weekends I’d take my wife to tour homes in the $2,000,000 to $5,000,000 range. At the time it seemed funny to entertain fantasies of living in a home like that. But my dreams, and hard work in Silicon Valley paid off. In a few short years, I owned 2 properties, one on the beach, and one to live in. Both of my properties are valued at $6,500,000. I’ve come a long way since that one-bedroom apartment. So how did it happen?
Frankly, if I would have been anywhere else in the country other than Silicon Valley, I probably would have never had this good fortune; probably not on this level. During the 90?s venture capitalists were tripping over each other to invest literally millions into software and Internet related companies. Silicon Valley was where the action was.
We were there, our family collectively founded, funded and launched the first public company on the Internet and built several companies following this initial success, creating companies that exceeded $700 Million market cap values. By being at the right place and right time and taking advantage of an opportunity, I became $20 million dollars richer.
The Dot Com Boom has long since past. Today there’s a new opportunity, and it’s the iPhone app industry, which is projected to grow into a $38 billion dollar industry by 2014, with additional market authorities projecting $58 Billion for this very same period.
With a little creativity and taking some action, you can join in on the incredible money being made by selling and creating Mobile apps for just about anything, and let iTunes do the work.
If you have an existing business, I can show you how to be one of the first to develop an app for your niche and own that category and use that app to drive rivers of customers and leads to your business without spending a dime on advertising. With an app you can reach well over 90% of all mobile users.
The Dot Com Boom has long since pasted. Today there’s a new opportunity, and it’s the iPhone app industry, which is projected to grow into a $38 billion dollar industry in four years.
With a little creativity and taking some action on it, you can join in on the incredible money being made by selling apps on iTunes.
This is the right time and right place … but will you be there or will you sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else make truckloads of money?
If you have an existing business, I can show you how to be one of the first to develop an app for your niche and own that category and use that app to drive rivers of customers and leads to your business without spending a dime on advertising. With an app you can reach well over 90% of all phone users.
NEW iPhone App Software
Builds Professional-Grade, Killer Apps for You
in as Little as 15 Minutes!
Introducing App Builder360. This is a push-button easy software program that instantly builds apps for you! This product is a game-changer. Before, iPhone apps were the exclusive domain of Fortune 500 companies and deep-pocket marketers. Now, absolutely anyone can have an app!

App Builder360

lets you tap into any of the 5 billion smart phones in the world today and gives you the ability to create apps that you can sell through Apple’s store. App Builder360 is an equalizer.
You don’t have to hire programmers to develop apps for you to get in on the app opportunity. App Builder360 does the work for you and there’s no possibility of a programmer never completing the project or stealing your idea and profiting from it! (Happens all the time!)
This exciting app builder lets you create as many apps for almost whatever you want. The possibilities are exciting to ponder. Whether you’re looking to go into selling apps find your fortune or you want to use one to supplant your SEO and PPC campaigns, you can do it! Why go broke spending money on obsolete traffic generation methods when you can use apps to bring you FREE traffic?
Professionals and the Younger Generation are Relying More on App Driven Phones and Pads to Access the Internet!
Build Your App Now For Only $99.95!
$59.95 monthly, only when your app is completed and AppBuilder360 receives your approval to submit your app to iTunes. Fee Includes, all app hosting and maintenance fees, training, and back office updates!

Suppose you own a small business like a restaurant or you’re a realtor. You can instantly send coupons, new home listings and easily build relationships with customers and generate referrals. With email, your message gets lost amongst dozens of junk emails or trapped in SPAM filters.
But with a Mobile app, you control the content and delivery. Send a promotion or offer, a coupon to customers, or simply request feedback, immediately, this creates additional income that just keeps adding up. Statistics show that approximately 97% of smart phone users open up messages. (Can you get that high of an open rate with email?)
Mark my words, within five years, having a Mobile app will be an absolute must just like having a website. Everything is becoming app-driven that’s why having an app will be as common as having a Facebook connect icon on your web pages.
And just like the recent social media revolution, you want to get in early, and claim your niche before others do. Those who get in first have the advantage, just like the early American settlers who came first, and got the best plots of land. You want to do the same with getting an app developed and distributed. Own your niche, own your category, with one or more apps and monopolize the profits
Get your app on people’s phones before your competitor does!
Here’s another vital point to consider. Most people today have their phones on them. Whether they’re in the office, on the road, at a restaurant or relaxing at home, their phone is almost always within reach. More people are relying on smart phones to access the Internet in lieu of desktops. This presents an incredible opportunity that most people aren’t aware of!
$2 Billion paid by Apple to App Owners!
Take a look below, and begin to think about your own personal opportunities, to develop killer apps with App Builder360, the success of apps will blow your mind.
What kind of money are these apps making?
For example the “Paper Toss” App generates $500,000 a month, with a Free app. This number represents advertising revenue alone, in one month.
Here’s an important distinction. You can create an app and offer it FREE in Apple iTunes, you generate profits through advertisers who place their adds in your apps. Don’t worry, you don’t have to beg businesses to advertise through your app, advertising is built in to App Builder360 and is automated.
App Builder360 has an advertising plug in called Ad Whirl, which is compatible with all mobile ad networks. Simply sign up for a free account and they’ll sell and serve your ads for you and you’ll get paid on every click, just like Google AdSense!
As for paid apps, let’s take “Doodle Jump” above, so simple and downloaded 4.7 million times, at $.99!
Think about your first app, and creating a monthly income. The key is to keep cranking them out. That’s exactly what you can do with App Builder360
As far as I’m concerned this is by far the easiest money I’ve ever made!
To date, we have a #1 trivia game ranking app for iPad and a #7 trivia game ranking app for iPhone. Our apps have been featured in over 30 iTunes stores worldwide. We’ve mastered the download spike. In fact we achieved …
5,000 Downloads in 2 Days!
We’ll show you exactly how to do this too. Plus we’ll show you how to integrate our social media marketing system which works like gangbusters to expand distribution of your app. How effective is our social media marketing system?

“5,000 Facebook Likes in 1 Week”
Consider this: In less than 2 weeks, we attained 5,000 likes to our Facebook Fan page. We’ll show you how to do the same.

Using our synergistic marketing system, we’ve attained 100,000+ downloads of free and paid apps within the past 12 months alone. One of the assets we’ve built in the past 6 months is a list of 30,000 targeted registered users, with name, age, email and cell phone numbers. Can you see the backend marketing possibilities here? (Again – we show you exactly how to do it.)
We didn’t have to rent an office, nor hire employees, or contract with an SEO/PPC firm or ad agency or beg banks for a business loan. We conceived an app that people would love to download, we created it using our proprietary software and submitted it to Apple and used our proven social media and app marketing formula for greater distribution and downloads. Easy!
As an exclusive owner of App Builder360, you can do this too! There’s absolutely nothing technical about it. Everything’s laid out in plain English, in step-by-step format. It’s truly push-button easy.
Create Apps so Versatile that People Will Swear You Paid a Programmer $3,000 to Develop it!
Simply watch our “how-to” video and in as little as 15 minutes, with a few clicks, you can create apps that are just as functional and versatile as if you had hired a programmer for $3,000 to build one for you. And you can prove it yourself without risking a single penny!

The process is simple. Decide what kind of an app you’d like to have. And then let App Builder360 do the rest for you. And if you want your app in the Apple store, we’ll submit it for you, absolutely FREE!
How to Make iPhone Apps to Sell on the iTunes Store Or for Selling Your Existing Products or Service
Discover exactly how to create a full-time income developing and selling apps through the iTunes network of over 50 stores
How to virtually guarantee your app will be accepted by Apple before you develop it
The most profitable categories to develop apps for that have the highest probability of giving you millionaire status
Discover our proprietary creative process for conceiving winning apps so you can crank out new apps like an assembly line
How to spot bugs and potential weak spots on your new app before you release it to be downloaded
How to use our step-by-step time-proven method to distribute your app to thousands of people in just a few short weeks for FREE
How to develop FREE app downloads that people will love to download so you can upsell them a paid app
How to use free apps as a marketing hook to generate buzz and traffic for your existing business
Includes built-in GPS so your customers can find your business
Tie in to Facebook, Twitter and email to create viral marketing campaigns
Attain instant access at anytime of the day to customers so you can build customer loyalty and brand equity
Your app lets customers view information about your business instantly
Let’s your customers share your information on their Facebook and Twitter accounts!
Send coupon offers, special alerts and promotions
Instantly provides customers up-to-date details about events through an information tab feature
Gives customers multiple ways to connect with you including contact pages, direct calling, GPS directions and email capability
Multiple ways to customize and personalize your iPhone to fit your brand
We submit your app to the iTunes App store FREE !
You get lifetime support and maintenance of your app
Get updates and improvements to App Builder360 as they come so you can enjoy robust functionality and versatility
Get a powerful content management system that makes updating your app a snap
You get a web portal to edit and manage your app
Your app comes with an email capture page
Comes with a plug in called Ad Whirl that let’s you serve ads on your app. You get paid for every click, just like Google AdSense. This lets you offer your app for FREE so you can get massive distribution while profiting from ad clicks!
Get instant access to a library of 300+ professionally designed iPhone app icon and button images! This theme library lets you customize your app features, look and feel!
And Much, Much, More!!
Even Creating One Lousy App Could Make You Richer Without Breaking a Sweat!
Let’s say you don’t have a creative bone in your body. Fine. But you went ahead and used App Builder360 to create an app which we then submitted to the Apple Store for you.
You wouldn’t have to stop there. That’s because with App Builder360 you can mass produce apps, some of which will get lots of downloads while others will be duds. But in doing so, you could create multiple streams of income that last months or years!
This is something you can do for years if you wish, even while using App Builder360 to market your existing products or services. The possibilities are unlimited.
There’s nothing technical about it. You can use App Builder360 to create almost any kind of app you desire. However, there is one important side note. App Builder360 cannot create sophisticated animation games like Doodle Jump. We do offer a more advanced option so you can do that if you wish.
Imagine what it would mean for your lifestyle if you had recurring income rolling into your bank account.
That’s money you don’t have to lift a finger to earn. You do the work once, and get paid for months till the downloads stop. (You could always use our download spike method to get people downloading again.) This is undoubtedly the easiest business available today!
You could use the newfound profits to cover your kid’s college, pay off debt, and secure your retirement nest egg!
You simply won’t find another opportunity on the market like this. Other programs that talk about making money with apps simply refer you to hire a programmer.
I guarantee, once you start using apps to market your current business or to sell apps on iTunes, it’ll be an exciting adventure. Overnight, you’ll have an unfair advantage over much of the business world.
Remember, if you have an existing business be it an ecommerce site or you’re a self-employed professional, you want to get your app on people’s phones before someone else does!
Now You can Have Your Very Own App and Laugh All the Way to the Bank, Without Hiring a Programmer!
The good news is, you don’t have to risk having your idea stolen or ending up with an app riddled with bugs. Nor do you have shell out thousands of dollars to a programmer for a single app. Instead, for a one-time amount of just $99.95. Then, only when your app is completed and AppBuilder360 receives your approval to submit your app to iTunes it is only $59.95 monthly – Includes, all app hosting and maintenance fees, training, and back office updates! App Builder360 will allow you to build your mobile app with ease!
Your investment amounts to just pennies per day over the course of a year. Remember – apps will soon be as common as Facebook connect icons so you’re going to get years worth of use out of App Builder360.
Plus Get $822 in Bonus Gifts …
Yours as My Thanks for Trying App Builder360

BONUS #1: Social Media Launch Pad. (A $149 Value.)
When you order today, you’ll get my complete social media marketing system. This system works in tandem with App Builder360 so you can quickly get hundreds, even thousands of people downloading your app. This system is guaranteed to work like a charm to drive motivated buyers to your business. This system uses a mix of Facebook, Twitter and special emails. Imagine driving traffic to your business without spending one red cent on advertising! This is a FREE traffic method and will save you thousands on SEO and PPC costs. Here’s an added advantage. You can use this time-proven free traffic formula for your existing business! It’s like getting two products in one!

BONUS #2: Push Button Notifications. (A $499 Value.)
Sending emails comes with problems. You never know how many of your emails arrived in your customer’s inbox. Many end up tripping the SPAM filters. Then you have to worry whether your customer will see your email amongst dozens of SPAM emails. And third, if you didn’t write a good subject line, no one opens your email. This exclusive bonus provides your app with the special capability to send notifications direct to your customer’s phones through your app they downloaded. Instantly with a push of a button you can reach the smart phones of thousands of customers without issue. 97% of them will open your message. Now – you don’t have to build email lists anymore because this is a better way to reach customers!

BONUS #3: App Store Optimization and Rank Booster. (A $174 Value.)
In this ebook, you’ll discover exactly how to optimize your listing in iTunes so it gets noticed and more importantly your app gets downloaded. Included in this ebook, you’ll see our proven system for driving thousands of downloads. Plus you’ll learn what we call, The Secret of Spike. It’s a special technique we perfected that recently generated over 5,000 downloads in 48 hours!
Plus, You can Test-Drive Everything RISK-FREE With
Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Order now and get instant access to App Builder360, so you can get started right away.
Then, take a full 60 days to look it over … play around with the program if you like … and then start creating killer apps that people will love.
If you don’t agree App Builder360 is worth many times what you paid … if you can’t see how using it helps you win new business, improves client relationships and helps you reach customers faster and let’s you create apps you can sell on the iTunes store for mega profits …
Simply email or call within 60 days and I’ll promptly refund every penny you paid – no questions asked and you’ll be out nothing. And we’ll part as friends. Fair enough?
So there’s absolutely no way you can lose – it’s a win/win either way!
Now, there’s an important decision to be made …
You could, for example, choose to do nothing … go on from here alone … and miss out on the accelerated profit effect for your existing business or miss out on the exciting app business opportunity.
Or, since there’s absolutely no risk – since you’re guaranteed in writing that App Builder360 will do everything we claim it does and more – you can choose to take action now and cash in on the handsome profits to be made.
There simply are no other choices.
I sincerely hope you decide to give us the chance to blow you away with the exciting opportunities that App Builder360 gives you.
In just 5 minutes from now you can get the password to our member site so you can access App Builder360, plus $822 worth of bonuses — Social Media Pad, Push Notifications, and the ebook, App Store Optimization and Rank Booster.
By the end of tonight – you could be grinning ear to ear over your new moneymaking, business-building App!
Now, it’s decision time. The choice is yours: Here’s the link – you know what to do …
Build Your App Now For Only $99.95!
$59.95 monthly, only when your app is completed and AppBuilder360 receives your approval to submit your app to iTunes. Fee Includes, all app hosting and maintenance fees, training, and back office updates!


Your for more success and happiness,
Jim Galetti
The Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Group

P.S. Remember – you can try App Builder360 without risking one red cent, for 60 days.
If your app doesn’t get accepted into the app store … OR … if it doesn’t help you crank out more profits for your existing product or service, then let me know and I’ll promptly refund the purchase price.
In today’s tough economy, you really can’t afford to miss out on the profound advantage having an app for your business gives you. It puts you direct on your customer’s phone, with instant access to them 24 hours a day …, which is better than what any SEO campaign could do.
On that basis, why not order now while it’s still fresh in your mind?
Secure Order Form
YES! I want App Builder360 so I can build my own app(s) to sell on iTunes and generate automatic cash profits … AND … be able to use my new app(s) to generate substantial profits selling my existing product or service. This will give me a light year advantage over my competitors who don’t have their own apps! No programming, no coding, no tech stuff required, just an exciting way to create killer apps that pump profits into my pocket.
I understand I will be receiving the App Builder360 that let’s me create my app with no programming skills. I will also get lifetime support and maintenance of my app, and my app will be submitted by your team to the iTunes Store absolutely FREE. My investment for this entire app builder program is a one-time $99.95. Then, only when your app is completed and AppBuilder360 receives your approval to submit your app to iTunes it is only $59.95 monthly. Fee Includes, all app hosting and maintenance fees, training, and back office updates! Plus – I’ll get $822 worth of Bonuses, including: Social Media LaunchPad, Push Notifications, and App Store Optimization and Rank Booster.
I understand I am free to examine everything for a full 60 days, and if I’m not completely satisfied, I will receive a full refund of the purchase price – with no questions asked. I don’t even need to give a reason. I also understand as soon as I place my secure order, I will be given instant online access to all of the material so I can begin using it right away.

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