77 Low Cost Ways Proven To Attract Customers In Any Economic Climate

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The Customer Attraction book will give you the strategies you need to start attracting more customers to your business immediately. If you don’t want to spend a small fortune on advertising…this book was written exactly for someone like you.
“Finally you can start attracting more new customers without having to spend a fortune on marketing and advertising!” - Michael Alos
What’s Inside the Book?

*77 innovative ways to promote your business and increase sales using low cost strategies.
(Pages 7 - 97)

*2 Secret and ‘Stealth’ strategies for finding new customers that I guarantee your competitors don’t know about. (Page 86)

*How to make powerful offers to instantly attract new customers to your business. (Page 23)

*How to sway even the most skeptical prospect into buying your product or service. (Page 20)

*Innovative ways to other people to market your products at no cost to you. (Page 38)

*A practically no cost way to make all your employees happy, while getting them to sell more. (Page 48)

*The biggest mistake that small businesses are making that’s costing them thousands-of-dollars and how to correct it. (Page 103)

*The little known secret top online retailers are using to increase their profits on the Internet and how you can do the same. (Page 26)

*The most important element to attracting more new customers than you’ll ever need. (Page 66)

*How you can “give something away” to generate large numbers of leads. (Page 42)

*How to guarantee 10%, 25%…or 50% more sales by asking a simple question. (Page 68)

*These 3 little words that will change how you market your business and attract new customers. (Page 70)

*How to get FREE money and marketing support from your suppliers. (Page 89)

*The most important element in any advertisement which when included, you force your prospects to read your advertisements. (Page 66)

*Why putting your telephone number in any advertisement is costing you new customers. (Page 65)

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