Does Diabetes Scare You? It Terrifies Me

This post is for everyone who is currently suffering from diabetes type 1. It’s important that you pay attention to what I am about to say because you never know – maybe it will mark a turning point for you too. Each day, I feel compelled to share my experience and how I managed to reverse diabetes type 1. That’s the reason am writing to thousands of those who want to listen to my testimony.

diabetes and glucoseYou see, type 1 is the most common form of diabetes. It’s insulin-dependent, and that makes it the most dangerous of the two. I hear people referring to it as juvenile simply because it’s more common in children and even teenagers though one can get it regardless of their age.

Again, the reason scientists haven’t discovered a tangible cure up to now is because this type sets in when the body’s immune system considers insulin-producing cells as foreign materials. So it goes ahead to destroy them!

It’s not fun to inject yourself with insulin every day. And even if there were tablets to take, they wouldn’t be efficient enough to melt into the bloodstream since they would be broken down in the stomach like food. That’s the reason those who don’t know say there’s no cure to type 1, and that one should, therefore, keep injecting themselves with chemicals.

Today, am introducing you to the Diabetes 60 System, a guide that I first read about on a website, just like you’re doing right now. I have realized that there are plenty of reviews that talk about this program. However, nearly 60% of those writing about it have absolutely no idea as to how it works, yet they make you believe they’ve used it before and that they’ve seen results with it.

Don’t be fooled, this is just one of the few trusted reviews of Diabetes 60 System you’ll find online, and here’s what you need to know:


It’s a diabetes cure program that was developed by Dr. Ryan Shelton, and you could see results with it in as little as three weeks onward.

Unlike a physical product that you’d order online, this is a product that’s in a form of an e-book – a step by step guide that teaches you the secrets to combating this disease.

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Weight Loss is All About Honesty With Yourself

This is going to sound really strange, but I think these workouts and change in mentality because of the Fat Diminisher System (and a few other things) are making me think like a guy.

I am like, right I need to do this item of stuff when I get back to England. And I need to do this many push-ups. And I missed some calories here, I can fit in here, or I went over budget here so I will scale back tomorrow. Crazy stuff.

Thigh-ShapingToday I hit the 40 pounds total lost from the first time I used MFP, and most of that is from the Fat Diminisher program for sure!

I have been feeling a bit like a fraud this week. I try to stay at deficit and most days I do. But the Cheetos have been calling me with their siren song, and I have been fudging the portion sizes a bit this week.

Seems like every time I turn around at work someone is bringing in cookies, or a potluck, or a “working lunch” at Los Azteca’s restaurant. It has all been rather hard on my willpower. Tomorrow I have a potluck for “Boss’s Day”.

I made a cheesecake with fat-free cream cheese, Splenda, and fat-free cool whip. And I Used my canned cherry sauce made with Splenda, and a can of lite cherry pie filling to top it with. One of the other supervisors warned me “None of that healthy crap Carmen”. So I just won’t tell her it doesn’t have a ton of calories.

Hopefully, there will be something I can eat at the potluck. I need to get back o basics here and get back to exercising so I can reach my goals. We can do this ladies. Go Venus!

When I find myself drawn to food that won’t help me reach my goals I ask myself do I need this? Am I hungry or bored? Then I read the ingredients which usually turns me off. Next I empty the bag or box into the trash. There’s something therapeutic about dumping the contents out of the bag or box into the trash can. Then I toss the bag/box into the recycle.

I have a very hard time wasting any food so for me actually to toss it in the trash is a huge statement. I’m sending my subconscious the message that I value myself too much to feed my body unhealthy food.

As for potlucks, I only bring what my body deserves. This way I know that I will have a healthy meal no matter what happens to be there.

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Get the Feminine Fit Look You Always Wanted

OK, finally having a few minutes to get back to my thoughts! I wanted to share that I am in a similar place to you with the training. I have also experienced being a higher LBM female with about 16 years of consistent regular weight training (plus several years of inconsistent training) and found that I prefer a leaner look on me. Gaining bloat and BF gives me a thicker look that I dislike on me.

I stopped training legs heavy earlier in the year and have dropped all kinds of lunges and I rarely do squats, step ups, or regular dead-lifts. I’ve been doing less arms lately and going lighter but more often in general with my Venus workouts. I think maintaining muscle and maintaining decent leanness while eating as much as I can, RTD-style, is working OK at this point for me. There is still a balancing of eating enough but not too much, but that tension will always be there from now on, and my weight loss will always fluctuate a bit depending on what is happening in my life at the time.

I’ve come to accept that as I know you have, but I still work to fight the “I feel fat” days even as they become fewer and I feel more accepting of my weight and measurement range. I prefer my look at the low end of my range, but I can’t live there constantly. So be it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about LBM/fat pounds vs body fat percentage according to Venus Factor in advance of my upcoming DEXA, and at this point, I am not convinced that my body “knows” what my BF percentage is but I think it probably can tell when I have too few pounds of fat sitting around and fewer free fatty acids available when it needs them, and that is when it starts nagging me to eat a bit more.

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How to Reach You Weight Loss Goals With The Venus Factor

The sad truth is that most people fail at their fat loss goals. They end up yo-yoing — or even worse — they give up.

According to Forbes magazine, only 8% of people actually achieve their fitness goals. (Yikes!)

Those stats aren’t in your favor, and that’s why I needed to send you this article today…

I would like you to obtain the physique you’ve always dreamt of. You can find yourself off the diet plan roller-coaster and obtain available as well as live life to the fullest extent.

Simply these three essential secrets thought in The Venus Factor system could make or break your ability to succeed. And also I’m going to share all of them with you at this time, ’cause, who wishes to delay on a sexy body, am I right?

Key #1 – Nutrition

Eating right is the first key for achieving awesome fat loss results and feeling great about yourself. You know that, but there are so many diets out there that it gets confusing. Trust me, I was there before and know exactly how you feel.

Let’s keep it simple. Instead of debating the perfect diet, just get rid of the obvious junk. Cut out sugar, processed foods, anything with trans fats, and sugary drinks for all but one day each week.

Do that and you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling better.

Key #2 – Exercise

mqdefault-300x168Again, you know that exercise is critical for a sexy body and great energy levels. That’s why there are thousands of exercise programs on the market. But, don’t let an over-abundance of choices stop you from picking one program and sticking with it for at least 30 days.

Sure, there might be some programs that are better than others. Personally, I like using CT-50! However, the best exercise is the type you enjoy enough to do CONSISTENTLY.

Consistency is almost magical when it comes to getting great results. To calm you mind learn how to meditate. Find free Nashville meditation classes.

Set a simple goal — like exercising 3 days a week — and you’ll likely be more successful than the guy who starts out with the crazy goal of 6 days a week. If you want to add more days later, go for it. But, start small and doable.

Key #3 – Recovery is an important part on The Venus Factor Program

Without it, you’ll sabotage key 1 and 2. You see…

You don’t get the lasting benefits from exercising during your workouts — the benefits come when you recover. Likewise, you have to diet to lose weight, but dieting changes hormone levels and makes it harder.

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Capture His Heart Again by Michael Fiore and Claire Casey

It’s called Capture His Heart Review and it’s a training Michael Fiore put together a while ago that teaches you the 7 secret “signs” that a guy is really into you (or not.)

One of my favorite parts of the video is when he explains the difference between what men mean by the word “Love” and what women mean by the word “Love” and why this difference of definition creates a Grand-Canyon-sized gap between us . . .

And a lot of broken hearts. And a lot of angry women and confused men.

Now, full disclosure, at the end of the video he tells you all about “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Will Never Tell You” program . . .

It’s a good one that’s changed a lot of women’s lives.

And if you want to really understand men then you should make sure you listen to everything I say about it.

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